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Chapter 102 - Humiliation: Kneel and Be Slapped

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 102: Humiliation: Kneel and Be Slapped

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    “Mother, this is not the first time that Eldest Sister has talked back to you. You’ve always tolerated it for Father’s sake. I feel so sorry for you,” Ye Shanshan said. Then, she turned and knelt before the Su Clan’s Old Master, sobbing, “Grandfather, please redress her grievances!” Her pathetic appearance made it seem as though Ye Jiuge had committed some wickedness beyond redemption.

    “Good, good, good!” The Su Clan’s Old Master pointed at Ye Jiuge and shouted angrily, “You little c*nt, you rely on your grandfather’s power and have no respect for your father and mother. If this continues, you will eventually become an evildoer! Today, on behalf of Great Master Yun, I shall discipline you—you disloyal and unfilial thing!

    He lifted his palm to slap Ye Jiuge. However, Ye Jiuge did not think that the Su Clan’s Old Master would lower his status by acting against her, one of the younger generation. It was too late for her to take out her Lightning Snake Magical Whip. She could only concentrate all her spiritual power in her hands and prepare to resist his attack.

    Just then, Qing Mama’s skinny figure rushed forward in front of Ye Jiuge and shielded her.


    The Su Clan’s Old Master’s palm, glowing with a faint golden phosphorescence, landed heavily on Qing Mama. Her body went flying like a kite with its string cut before landing heavily. Her face was white as a paper, and her lips turned pale. With a cry, she vomited a few mouthfuls of red blood. Beside her, Zhen Zhu was out of her wits with fear and collapsed on the ground. Ye Jiuge rushed to Qing Mama and checked her pulse. She realized that the blow had dislocated Qing Mama’s five viscera and six bowels. Her injuries were dire.

    With a solemn expression, Ye Jiuge took out her Lightning Fire Needle and sealed Qing Mama’s major acupuncture points to stop the bleeding. Then, she took out a Vitality Strengthening Pill and fed it to Qing Mama to stabilize her injury.

    “Hmph, now I know why Ye Jiuge, this little c*nt, is so arrogant and willful. These d*mned slaves must be starting a rebellion alongside her.” The Su Clan’s Old Master had wanted to discipline Ye Jiuge; he was most displeased when the old slave blocked his attack.

    Hearing his words, Ye Jiuge’s eyes blazed and emitted an intense hatred. She reached for the Lightning Snake Magical Whip in her belt.

    “Eldest Miss, don’t.” Qing Mama used all her strength to hold Ye Jiuge’s hand. Her cloudy eyes were filled with pleading. “Don’t let my beating go to waste.”

    Ye Jiuge’s body trembled. Glistening teardrops of humiliation flittered past her eyes, but she finally unclenched her fists with gritted teeth. Qing Mama was right. Ye Jiuge was no match for the Su Clan’s Old Master, and it was not smart to fight him right now. She could wait. One day, she would make this rude and unreasonable old fool pay!

    Ye Jiuge forcefully expelled the foul air from her stomach and lifted up Qing Mama. Then, she said to Ye Yuxuan, coolly, “Father, I understand my mistake now. Can you dismiss me?”

    “It’s good that you’ve comprehended your error. You may go!”

    Ye Yuxuan knew that Ye Jiuge treated Qing Mama like family. The Su Clan’s Old Master had indeed disciplined Ye Jiuge by beating Qing Mama. As such, Ye Yuxuan nodded and allowed her to leave.

    “Father, you dote on Eldest Sister too much. If things continue like this, she will have no regard for the law or natural morality,” Ye Shanshan said unhappily. She was unsatisfied that her father had let Ye Jiuge leave without hurting or tickling her.

    “Shanshan, don’t say anymore. So long as Jiuge knows her mistake, it’s fine,” Su Yufeng said. She held Ye Shanshan’s hand and spoke again with a deeper meaning, “We couldn’t let her kneel and admit her mistake, could we?”

    “Why not? Every time I say something wrong and make Father angry, you punish me by making me kneel and apologize. Why can’t Eldest Sister kneel?” Ye Shanshan pouted and complained to the Su Clan’s Old Master, “Grandfather, don’t you agree that Mother is too partial toward Eldest Sister?”

    “Shanshan is right. Simply pronouncing the sentence ‘I understand my mistake’ is not enough. The girl should kneel and apologize to Yufeng.” The Su Clan’s Old Master nodded in agreement.

    “She should kowtow and apologize to you as well. Just now, Eldest Sister contradicted you. Although I was outraged to hear it, I did not risk saying anything to her.” Ye Shanshan covered her face and aired some of her grievances, “Last time, I only spoke a few sentences to Eldest Sister, and she slapped me until my face was swollen.”

    “She had the gall to do that to you?” The Su Clan’s Old Master’s thick eyebrows knitted in a frown. He said fiercely to Ye Yuxuan, “It seems that this little c*nt must be taught a lesson. Let her prostrate and apologize to Yufeng, Shanshan, and me. Then, drag her out and flog her fifty times…”

    Before the Su Clan’s Old Master could finish speaking, Ye Shanshan added impatiently, “And slap her another fifty times.”

    “Sure! Slap her another fifty times. Let this be a lesson for her.” The Su Clan’s Old Master nodded as though such punishments were simple and matter of fact.

    “Isn’t that too much?”

    Ye Yuxuan glanced to his left then his right, feeling awkward. If he were dealing with the Ye Jiuge of the past, he would have carried out the sentence without any hesitation. However, during these few days, he had remembered Yun Qiaoqiao’s kindness. Because of his daughter’s resemblance to her late mother, Ye Yuxuan could not bear to lay hands on Ye Jiuge.

    “What? You are too soft-hearted. That is why this little c*nt has no regard for the law or natural morality.” The Su Clan’s Old Master was getting impatient. He barked to his guards, whom he had brought with him, “Get to work and bring that little c*nt to me.”


    The Su Clan’s guards were loyal to their Old Master, and they acted without any hesitation. Ye Yuxuan frowned. He wanted to stop the Su Clan’s guards, but Su Yufeng held him back.

    “Old Master, Father has just exited his spiritual retreat. You know about his temper. If he gets angry, he might hit you too,” Su Yufeng said in a low voice.

    Ye Yuxuan froze in his tracks. The Su Clan’s Old Master was already irritable. If he were to become enraged, he would lose all restraint. It was entirely possible that the Su Clan’s Old Master would beat Ye Yuxuan as well.

    Ye Jiuge watched the Su Clan’s guards rush toward her. She turned to Ye Yuxuan and asked, “Father, do you really plan on letting the Su Clan’s men run amok here?”

    “It is only because you have disrespected your seniors. The Su Clan’s Old Master is going to teach you a lesson now.” Ye Yuxuan avoided Ye Jiuge’s gaze.

    “Old Master, how can you treat the Eldest Miss like this?” Qing Mama yelled sternly. Her hair was a mess. In her own clan’s territory, the Eldest Miss was forced to kowtow—flogged and slapped by the Su Clan. This was the equivalent of beating her to death.

    “This sly, old servant has spoken way too much. Give her a hundred slaps first.” Su Yufeng’s eyes narrowed and flashed with coldness.

    “Yes!” The Su Clan’s guards raised their hands and reached for Qing Mama.

    A cold glint burst from Ye Jiuge’s eyes, and her body radiated a murderous intent. With a flip of her hand, she took out the Lightning Snake Magical Whip and transferred all the spiritual power in her body to the weapon. The Lightning Snake Magical Whip turned into a purple lightning snake. With the sound of thunder and a cold, imposing manner, it lashed viciously toward the guards.

    Pang, pang, pang!

    As the Su Clan’s guards went flying, they let out a blood-curdling screech. They landed on the ground and retched mouthfuls of fresh blood containing shattered pieces of their internal organs. Then, they stopped breathing and collapsed to the ground.