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Chapter 103 - Reinforcements: Dongfang Que and Gong Xifan

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 103: Reinforcements: Dongfang Que and Gong Xifan

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    “Well done, little c*nt. You are bold enough to strike a vicious blow at the first sign of disagreement. Your heart is indeed as malicious as a snake or scorpion’s.”

    When the Su Clan’s Old Master saw his guards, whom he had trained with the utmost care, killed by Ye Jiuge in one move, his anger erupted like a volcano. He was so irate that his face turned red. Although they were not spiritual guards, he had meticulously selected them to boost his reputation.

    “Su Clan’s Old Master, I respect you as an elder and have been deferential to you. However, to help your daughter and granddaughter forcefully occupy my Yun Clan’s estate, you have dared to lay murderous hands on me. Let me tell you, even if you beat me to death today, the Yun Clan’s assets will not land in your hands.” Ye Jiuge used her spiritual power to speak these words, so they carried far into the streets.

    “You d*mned c*nt, what rubbish are you spouting?” The Su Clan’s Old Master was so angry that his beard trembled. He pointed at Ye Jiuge and cursed in a rage, “My Su Clan will not lose out to your family. Why would I covet the Yun Clan’s meager assets?”

    “Even with the number of properties that you own, do you have enough to bequeath to your daughter and granddaughter?” Ye Jiuge sneered. “It’s not enough to kill me. If you can, then kill my Father as well. That way, your Su Clan can occupy our properties by force in a way that is right and proper.”

    Not only did Ye Jiuge wish to kill the Su Clan’s Old Master, but she also wanted to smear the rotten old fellow’s reputation.

    “D*mned c*nt, I will tear off your mouth and see if you spout any more rubbish!”

    The Su Clan’s Old Master flew into a rage. In an instant, he reached Ye Jiuge, and his palm, which shone with a golden light, assaulted her. Ye Jiuge shook the Lightning Snake Magical Whip in her hands. With a purple shadow, it attacked the Su Clan’s Old Master. The Su Clan’s Old Master did not dodge the blow. He raised his hand and caught the Lightning Snake Magical Whip’s head. The golden light from his hand followed the whip’s path and headed toward Ye Jiuge. She felt as though a massive hammer had hit the hand which was holding the whip. The web between her thumb and forefinger went numb, and the Su Clan’s Old Master snatched her weapon away.

    The Su Clan’s Old Master was delighted with the spiritual weapon, and he spoke with reverence-inspiring righteousness, “This spiritual whip is a murder weapon in your hands. You are not worthy of it.”

    He lifted his hand to slap Ye Jiuge. This time, he was only using half of his power. Still, if his palm were to land on her, it was very likely that her face would immediately be destroyed. A furious red light flitted across Ye Jiuge’s eyes. Her Lightning Fire Needle slid out from her sleeves into her delicate white fingertips, ready to pierce the Su Clan’s Old Master’s heart.

    At that moment, the thunderous sound of a palm assailed the Su Clan’s Old Master’s back. The old man’s eyes widened, and he immediately placed one hand behind his back and faced his attacker. However, the attacker suddenly stopped to ridicule his victim, “Old Man Su, you’re a rotten old geezer; half of your body is in the grave already. You dare lay hands on a young lady, don’t you have any shame?”

    The Su Clan’s Old Master seemed to recognize the voice; it stopped him in his tracks. The red light in Ye Jiuge’s eyes retreated, and she quickly tucked away the Lightning Fire Needle. She looked toward the door and saw Dongfang Que enter in his wheelchair. His intense, black eyes examined Ye Jiuge worriedly. A Spiritual Master was beside him. The man was skinny and had deep eyes, and he gave off the aura of a high mountain. He was rather handsome, and his forehead showed signs that he had endured life’s hardships. He gave off an unusual attraction force, and it was very likely that he’d been the one to step in and stop the Su Clan’s Old Master.

    “Gong Xifan, what are you doing here?” The Su Clan’s Old Master frowned as he addressed the handsome stranger.

    Ye Jiuge was surprised to hear Gong Xifan’s name. Was this man a member of the Gong Clan of Baimu City? Baimu City was a holy city, much more esteemed than the Lei Kingdom. The Gong Clan’s current head was an Advanced Spiritual Master, one mere step away from a Great Spiritual Master. Hence, it was no surprise that the Su Clan’s Old Master would not wish to fall out with someone from the Gong Clan.

    “Great Master Ye produced a pill for my nephew, and my older brother is very grateful. Hence, if I ever passed through the capital, my brother asked me to pay a visit and give our thanks.” Gong Xifan smiled faintly.

    “Great Master Gong is too kind.”

    Ye Yuxuan hurriedly made his way forward. He felt honored to have a Spiritual Master visit him personally. However, Ye Yuxuan had not expected Gong Xifan to change the topic. Gong Xifan himself indicated as much, saying with a spurious smile, “But I did not expect to witness a great show.”

    Ye Yuxuan felt embarrassed. His father-in-law was shouting at him to kill his daughter from his late wife in his own residence, yet he had stood on the sidelines and said nothing. If word of this were to spread, his reputation would be tarnished.

    “What show? This little c*nt was disobedient, and I was disciplining her on behalf of her father and grandfather. You, on the other hand, are an outsider. Do you have so little shame that you get involved in other people’s family matters?” demanded the Su Clan’s Old Master, his eyes wide.

    “Is this your family? Your last name is neither Yun nor Ye. How did this residence’s matters become your family matters?” Gong Xifan smiled and asked.

    The Su Clan’s Old Master straightened his neck and answered, “My daughter married into this residence. How, then, are their matters not my family matters?”

    Hearing his defensive words made Su Yufeng feel that things were going awry. Indeed, Gong Xifan immediately started laughing and said, “Old Man Su, your words have widened my horizons greatly. If you had a few more daughters and married them off, wouldn’t this capital be under your rule?”

    “Pff!” Even Ye Jiuge could not control herself and laughed. She felt that this Gong Xifan was undoubtedly an intriguing individual.

    “You!” The Su Clan’s Old Master was still fuming. He was about to continue arguing with Gong Xifan, but Su Yufeng stopped him, saying, “Father, today is the auspicious day on which you exited your spiritual retreat. Don’t let my worries spoil your mood.”

    She gave Ye Shanshan a meaningful look. Ye Shanshan knew that if her grandfather were to continue arguing, he would lose even more face. As such, she rushed forward, tugged his hand, and said, “Grandfather, I heard that cousin has arranged a banquet for you with the Su Clan. It isn’t nice to keep the guests waiting, so we should head over there soon.”

    “Hmph!” The Su Clan’s Old Master glared at Gong Xifan before he unwillingly headed for the exit accompanied by Ye Shanshan.

    “Su Clan’s Old Master, please wait a moment!” Dongfang Que suddenly cried out.

    “What other matters does Your Highness wish to address?” The Su Clan’s Old Master was still polite towards Dongfang Que. After all, besides his status as a Prince, the Bai Clan, which supported him, could not be taken lightly.

    Dongfang Que looked at the Lightning Snake Magical Whip in the Su Clan’s Old Master hands and asked politely, “May I ask how that spiritual whip came into your possession?”

    The Su Clan’s Old Master wanted to retort that the spiritual whip was the murder weapon that Ye Jiuge had used to kill his guards. But Ye Jiuge rushed to say, “He stole it. The Su Clan’s Old Master wanted to kill me. He does not want to return the whip to me.”

    “Su Clan’s Old Master, I gifted this Lightning Snake Magical Whip to Eldest Miss Ye. If you really like it, I will find you an even better spiritual weapon for a gift. Is that acceptable?” Dongfang Que appeared refined and courteous, but his words caused the Su Clan’s Old Master’s expression to change.

    “Old Man Su, it is most unexpected that the first thing you did after leaving your spiritual retreat was bring your daughter back from the ancestral shrine to snatch assets bequeathed by Great Master Yun to his granddaughter. You won’t even leave her a spiritual whip. We really admire you for your heroism,” said Gong Xifan smugly as he made the fist and palm salute.