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Chapter 104 - Counterattack: The Su Clan with No Heirs

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 104: Counterattack: The Su Clan with No Heirs

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    The Su Clan’s Old Master was so angry that his face turned red. He felt that he had been utterly embarrassed. He did not dare fight Gong Xifan, and he could only throw the Lightning Snake Magical Whip viciously to the side of Ye Jiuge’s legs.

    “You little c*nt, I will remember this!” he bellowed, then shook off Ye Shanshan’s hand, turned, and left.

    “Grandfather, wait for me!” Ye Shanshan hurriedly chased after him.

    Ye Jiuge’s lips curled into a smile as she squatted down to pick up the Lightning Snake Magical Whip. Then, she dipped it in some blood, wrote a few lines in massive letters on the Su Clan guards’ corpses, and flung them toward the large residences.

    “Jiuge, what are you doing?”

    Ye Yuxuan was startled. He quickly tried to stop Ye Jiuge, but it was too late. All the corpses had flown far away, and the last one landed just outside the Ye Residence. With a thud, it crashed down right in front of the Su Clan’s Old Master’s horse-drawn carriage.

    The Su Clan’s Old Master leaned out of the carriage to look. He almost blacked out from anger. He saw the large words scribbled on the body of his loyal guard!

    “For snatching other people’s family property, may you die a terrible death without any heirs!”

    “Grandfather, are you alright?” Ye Shanshan was shocked and quickly rubbed his chest gently to help guide his breath.

    The Su Clan’s Old Master finally recovered, but his eyes were red with fury. He was ready to rush back into the Ye Residence to settle accounts with Ye Jiuge.

    “Grandfather, forget it, forget it. There will be more opportunities to deal with her later. There is no need to act rashly in front of the Gong Clan and the Dongling Prince.”

    Ye Shanshan clung tightly to the Su Clan’s Old Master. Behind closed doors, it was alright to deal with Ye Jiuge by any means. However, the Dongling Prince and someone from the Gong Clan were now in the house. For now, her Grandfather would not be able to achieve anything in the Ye Residence.

    Although the Su Clan’s Old Master was impetuous, he was no fool. He knew in his heart that his granddaughter was right. By laying hands on Ye Jiuge, he had given people the pretext for gossip. According to his understanding of Gong Xifan’s personality, the Spiritual Master would publicize his scandal everywhere.

    It would not be wise to rush back into the Ye Residence!

    The Su Can’s Old Master’s chest heaved slowly before he finally suppressed the rage in his heart. Fiercely, he ordered the coachman, “Go!”

    “What should I do with the body?” the coachman asked gently and cautiously, his face pale. He had not expected the bodies of the valiant and spirited guards, who followed alongside the Su Clan’s Old Master, to come flying out of the Ye Residence like this.

    “Bring it along.” The Su Clan’s Old Master forced his words out between gritted teeth.

    The coachman immediately picked up the guard’s body. He did not dare place it inside the carriage. He could only wrap it in cloth and put it under his seat before driving back to the Su Residence.

    Su Junqing was still receiving the guests who were arriving to congratulate the Su Clan’s Old Master on his cultivation advancement when he heard that the Old Master had returned. He quickly rushed out to welcome him. Unexpectedly, he smelled faint traces of blood coming from the horse-drawn carriage. He raised his eyes and saw that all of the guards who had escorted the Su Clan’s Old Master that morning had disappeared. The Su Clan’s carriage returned alone.

    Su Junqing hurriedly rushed forward and saw the Su Clan’s Old Master leap off the carriage with a darkened expression. Ye Shanshan also looked dejected.

    “What happened?” Su Junqing had a feeling that something had gone awry.

    Didn’t they say that they were going to settle accounts with Ye Yuxuan and Ye Jiuge? Why do they look like they’ve been mistreated?

    “Hmph!” The Su Clan’s Old Master did not wish to lose face in front of his beloved grandson. With a flourish, he entered the house.

    Ye Shanshan moved closer to Su Junqing and told him what had happened at the Ye Clan’s residence.

    “Dongfang Que brought someone from the Gong Clan to rescue Ye Jiuge?” Su Junqing frowned. Things are going to be difficult now that the Gong Clan of Baimu City is involved.

    “Indeed!” Ye Shanshan thought of Ye Jiuge’s beautiful face and said jealously, “I don’t know what seductive method she has used to make Dongfang Que infatuated with her.”

    Dongfang Que used to be the dream lover of all the noble ladies in the capital. Although the disaster had taken away his ability to walk, he still had his cultivation and the Bai Clan’s support. As such, he was not significantly worse off when compared with the Crown Prince.

    “Oh, where have all the guards gone?” Su Junqing asked again.

    “They’re dead.” Ye Shanshan swallowed hard. She was still shocked by Ye Jiuge’s fierceness when she had slaughtered the guards.

    “Dead? How did they die, and where are their corpses?” Su Junqing asked in quick-fire succession.

    “They were killed by a single lash from Ye Jiuge.”

    Ye Shanshan told her cousin everything. That spiritual whip is incredibly powerful. If only Grandfather had taken it and gifted it to her.

    When Su Junqing heard that the corpses of the guards had words written in blood on them before they were thrown away, his eyelids twitched. He said to Ye Shanshan, “Hurry up and go back. Ask Uncle to find the guards’ remains as soon as possible and send them back here.”

    News of today’s incident, Grandfather causing a scene in the Ye Clan’s residence, will spread in the capital quickly. He must minimize the loss.

    “But today is the day of Grandfather’s cultivation advancement, and Mother has asked me to accompany him.”

    Ye Shanshan pouted. It was a big day for the Su Clan, and respected and prominent figures would be attending. She had been confined for a long time and wanted to show her face at the banquet. She did not wish to go back home.

    “Grandfather has lost face because of you two. Do you really want to stay and make him angry?” Su Junqing’s expression darkened.

    Initially, he had not approved of Grandfather bringing Su Yufeng back to make a scene. He knew that many people had been watching Ye Jiuge recently, and it was not wise for Grandfather to involve himself right now. However, Grandfather was impetuous. When Su Yufeng had complained tearfully, he had rushed there impatiently. He had not anticipated suffering such a significant loss.

    “I wasn’t the one who did it to him,” Ye Shanshan mumbled to herself. If someone is to blame, it’s Ye Jiuge. Why is the blame being pushed to her?

    “You still dare to speak nonsense? Hurry up and go!” Su Junqing’s face was frighteningly grave, and his tone chilly. “If there is even one guard’s corpse missing, you and your mother need not return to our Su Clan.”

    Su Junqing’s coldness terrified Ye Shanshan. She did not talk back to him, and obediently climbed onto the carriage and returned to the Ye Residence.

    Meanwhile, at that very moment, Ye Yuxuan had extended a sincere invitation to Gong Xifan to chat with him in the main residence.

    “Alchemist Ye must be busy with other things, I shall not disturb you anymore.” Gong Xifan spoke as if he were thinking of something else.

    At once, Ye Yuxuan’s face changed. He knew that Gong Xifan was alluding to the guards’ corpses, which Ye Jiuge had flung away. If he did not find the bodies and recover them quickly, considerable trouble would ensue. The Ye and Su Residences’ reputations would stink.

    “Alchemist Ye, seeing that there is some relationship between our Gong Clan and you, I advise you to cherish your reputation like the birds cherish their feathers and beasts their fur. Don’t tarnish your reputation because of someone irrelevant.” Gong Xifan paused before he continued speaking, calmly, “After all, this residence previously bore the name of Yun. You may have forgotten that, but we have not!”

    When he heard that, the blood drained from Ye Yuxuan’s face. Although he stood under the hot sun, he felt as though he’d been stripped of his clothes and thrown into a world of snow with the freezing wind piercing his bones. He had completely lost face.