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Chapter 106 - Magical: The Pill Made from the Black Fat Rat’s Saliva

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 106: Magical: The Pill Made from the Black Fat Rat’s Saliva

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    “His Highness asked me not to send him away. Furthermore, I am worried about you.” Ye Jiuge had known Dongfang Que for quite some time already; she knew that he was not pretentious. If he had asked her not to send him away, he meant it.

    “His Highness, the Dongling Prince, is merely being polite. How can you take his words seriously? I am doing just great, and I don’t need you to worry about me.” Qing Mama was so furious that she almost vomited blood again.

    Qing Mama thought, Why is the Eldest Miss such a blockhead? She has finally restored her looks, and this is the perfect opportunity to get to know all the handsome and capable young men. How can she push one away? If she continues acting like this, how can she find a good husband?

    Ye Jiuge did not know that Qing Mama was trying to matchmake her with Dongfang Que. She thought that Qing Mama’s injury had worsened. As such, she hurriedly rose and said, “Rest well. I will go and help you produce some hemostatic pills.”

    Having said this, she left before Qing Mama could say anything else.

    Ye Jiuge arrived at the Pill Production Room to see that the fire under the small bronze cauldron was dying. She remembered that she had initially been producing hemostatic pills, which would come in handy when the moment came for her to examine the grade of the pills that came out of the cauldron.

    Ye Jiuge opened the cauldron mindlessly, and a faint fragrance diffused across the entire Pill Production Room.

    She thought to herself, Hm, this smell…Can it be a superior grade pill?

    Ye Jiuge’s spirits rose as she began to pick up the pills. Suddenly, a fat, black shadow flew, swift as lightning, to the side of the cauldron. The Black Fat Rat had awoken from its slumber. It puffed its cheek, and its face immediately turned into the shape of a blowfish.

    “What are you doing?”

    A bad feeling rose in Ye Jiuge’s heart as she quickly reached out to grab the rat. However, with a plop, the rat had already spit out a mouthful of colorless, odorless saliva into the cauldron.


    Without even bothering to reprimand the Black Fat Rat, Ye Jiuge hurriedly picked up the pills from the cauldron. However, the hemostatic pills, which were supposed to be red, had turned white. Only a single pill was deep crimson.

    Ye Jiuge glared viciously at the unhygienic Black Fat Rat. It had cost her a cauldron of pills. The rodent had yet to realize that it had caused an enormous mess. It reached out its tiny paws and called out to Ye Jiuge, “Pipi!”

    It looked like it was asking for its reward.

    “Are you going to swallow the saliva that you spit out? How disgusting!” Ye Jiuge looked at it with disdain.

    “Pipi!” The Black Fat Rat stomped its foot and puffed its cheeks. It seemed to be saying that it would fight her to death if she dared to withhold its reward.

    “Here, here, here!”

    Ye Jiuge did not want the cauldron of pills filled with its saliva anymore, and she shoved all of them toward the Black Fat Rat. However, the Black Fat Rat was ethical. It only took the dark red pill. Using its two tiny paws to hold it, the rat puffed its cheeks and began to gnaw on the pill. It did not touch the rest of the pills.

    Seeing that the Black Fat Rat was eating happily, and the fact that it had always behaved like a local tycoon, she involuntarily suspected that there was something special about the pill. She picked up one of the white pills and scrutinized it using her Spiritual Eye.

    Although the surface of the pill was plain and ordinary, the distribution of the medicine inside was very even. The most magical thing was that there was not a hint of poison. It was frighteningly pure. After all, it was known that all medicine had a bit of poison in it, naturally. A pill was graded on its proportion of residual impurity. The smaller the amount of impurity in a pill, the stronger the effects of the medicine, and the higher the grade of the pill.

    However, even the best Alchemists were unable to produce pills that were entirely free of impurity. The cauldron of pills that the Black Fat Rat had produced was incredible.

    Ye Jiuge thought: How did it manage such a feat? Does it have something to do with the saliva?

    The more Ye Jiuge thought about it, the stranger she felt. Seeing that there was still a small bit of the deep red pill in the rat’s paws, she quickly snatched it.

    “Pipi!” The Black Fat Rat was so furious that it started jumping around. It showed its tiny white incisors to Ye Jiuge. It seemed to be screeching, “I will bite you to death for daring to steal my pill!”

    “Let me take a quick look. I will return it to you shortly.” Ye Jiuge scrutinized the deep red pill and realized that it was completely different from the white pills. It was made entirely of poison from the pill-making process, and it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a “Poison Pill.”

    It seemed that all the impurities in the cauldron of pills had concentrated in that single pill.

    Ye Jiuge thought, Maybe this little fellow really is some rare magical beast?

    Ye Jiuge looked at the Poison Pill and then back at the silly looking Black Fat Rat. She could hardly believe that it was a magical beast.

    “Pipi!” The rat reached out its meaty paws as if to say, “If you are finished examining it, then give it back to me!”

    Ye Jiuge was unable to tell anything else from her examination of the pill, and she could only return it to the Black Fat Rat. The rat quickly slipped away and burrowed its way to the back of the table. As it chewed, it snuck a peek at Ye Jiuge, as though afraid that she would rob it of its food.

    Ye Jiuge rolled her eyes at the rat before she took the rest of the hemostatic pills. Although Qing Mama’s injury had stabilized, the damage to her five viscera and six bowels could not recover entirely immediately. She needed a long period of rest to recover.

    When Ye Jiuge entered the house again, Qing Mama had just coughed up a mouthful of blood onto a handkerchief. When she saw Ye Jiuge enter, she hurriedly kept the handkerchief and said with a smile, “I have just coughed up another mouthful of clotted blood. I feel better in my chest now.”

    “Do you really feel better after coughing up blood?” Ye Jiuge knew that Qing Mama must be trying to comfort her.

    The Su Clan’s Old Master’s palm, which had landed on Qing Mama, had not been light. At her age, how could she be okay?

    “I am fine. I just need a few days of rest,” Qing Mama shook her head and said.

    “I just produced a cauldron of hemostasis pills. Try one.” Ye Jiuge took out a jade bottle and poured out a milky-white pill.

    “I am already fine. Why do I need to eat a pill? Eldest Miss, you should keep it for yourself instead! Oh, Lord Bai and Lord Wan will be out frequently, and they will need these pills the most. They would be delighted to receive them from you.”

    Qing Mama felt that it would be a waste for her to consume one of the pills. After all, she would not be leaving the residence, so she could recuperate gradually.

    Ye Jiuge knew that Qing Mama often felt that she, being a servant, was not worthy of eating a quality pill. She was very stubborn in this regard. As such, Ye Jiuge said, “I was experimenting with a newly-developed recipe, so I don’t know how effective this cauldron of pills will be. I would like you to test them for me.”

    “Experimentation? Sure!” Qing Mama immediately nodded in agreement.

    Ye Jiuge was worried about the pills’ effectiveness, and she gave Qing Mama two of them.

    Without any hesitation, Qing Mama swallowed them. Immediately, she could feel two cool, fresh springs rising from her Elixir Field. Her five viscera and six bowels, which were hurting before, now felt fine—they did not hurt at all.

    “Eldest Miss, your pills are so powerful.” Qing Mama, at her age, had sustained countless injuries. As such, she clearly knew that she would need at least a month or two of bed rest.

    However, she had not expected to regain her health just from eating two of the Eldest Miss’s pills. The Eldest Miss’s pills were so much better than even the best quality ones from the medicinal stores.

    “It is good that they are effective.” Ye Jiuge was very satisfied with the pills’ effects. She decided that she would use the small bronze cauldron to produce detoxification pills for Imperial Consort Xi.

    However, she worried that the Black Fat Rat would be unable to spew out a second mouthful of saliva in one day. Therefore, she decided to produce the pills the next day.