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Chapter 108 - Discovery: The Spy in the Ye Residence

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 108: Discovery: The Spy in the Ye Residence

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    Ye Jiuge could not wait until the next day, so she used the Ye Clan’s distinctive secret signal to call for Ye Yu.

    After approximately the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, a soft knock came from outside Ye Jiuge’s window. When she opened the window, nobody was outside. Anyone else would have been scared to death. However, Ye Jiuge merely said, “Come in.”

    Something flitted past the window. Then, Ye Yu became visible in Ye Jiuge’s house, revealing his beautiful face.

    “Eldest Miss, why did you call for me?” Ye Yu had recently been cultivating, and Ye Jiuge had not summoned him for some time.

    “Go and keep a close watch on the Su Clan. If anything happens, inform me immediately!” Then, Ye Jiuge added solemnly, “Keep an eye on the Su Clan’s Old Master in particular.”

    Ye Yu was a little surprised. Although he had been on a spiritual retreat, he knew that the Su Clan’s Old Master would hold a banquet in honor of his advancement to the Spiritual Master stage. Eldest Miss Ye seemed to be implying that someone there would cause trouble.

    However, seeing Ye Jiuge’s serious expression, Ye Yu did not dare ask any questions. He nodded and replied, “Sure. I will go now.”

    “Be careful. Don’t let them discover you,” Ye Jiuge said.

    Although Ye Yu had significantly increased his cultivation, the Su Clan’s Old Master was, after all, a Spiritual Master. Caution was vital for him.

    “Eldest Miss, please rest assured. I know what to do.” Having said so, he turned invisible and disappeared into the night.

    That night, Ye Jiuge tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep well. In her heart, she repeatedly called for Zi Shang, but there wasn’t any response.

    Ye Yu did not return for the entire night, and Ye Jiuge did not know anything about the situation at the Su Residence.

    Ye Jiuge could not sleep anymore, even before daybreak. When she got out of bed and looked at her reflection in the mirror, she found that her complexion was terrible. Dark circles had formed around her eyes, as if someone had punched her.

    When Zhen Zhu entered with a basin of water, she was shocked to see Ye Jiuge so depressed and listless. She immediately asked, “Eldest Miss, what happened to you? Did you not sleep well last night?”

    “I am fine.” Ye Jiuge received the warm, soft cloth from Zhen Zhu to wipe her face.

    She was anxious about the Su Clan, and she had been considering whether to ask Dongfang Que to help her investigate or find Wan Ziyang.

    Zhen Zhu thought that Ye Jiuge was worried about the spy in the Ye Residence, so she said, “Eldest Miss, I went to the Cleaning Room yesterday to inquire. During this period, Yuan Yang, the maid from Seventh Concubine’s residence, has frequently come to the Cleaning Room, making discreet inquiries. She often asks about our Zilin Residence. The maids from the Cleaning Room suspect that Yuan Yang is the one who has been rummaging through our residence’s trash.”

    “Seventh Concubine?” Ye Jiuge’s brow raised. She had not expected this.

    Ye Jiuge thought: Why would Seventh Concubine—a concubine—set against her? Why not vie for power and love with Su Yufeng? Could she be a spy that the Empress has been planted in the Ye Residence?

    “I heard that Seventh Concubine has made great progress in her cultivation recently, and she is planning to hit the Intermediate Spiritual Practitioner stage,” Zhen Zhu said.

    “She is advancing again?” Ye Jiuge was startled.

    She remembered that, when Seventh Concubine had married into the residence two years ago, she had just advanced to the Beginner Spiritual Practitioner stage.

    Although her cultivation had increased with the help of Ye Yuxuan’s pills, she should still be some way from advancing to the Intermediate Spiritual Practitioner stage. Unless she had some superior-grade pills that could increase her cultivation quickly. However, knowing Ye Yuxuan’s stinginess, he would never give them to Seventh Concubine. It seemed that there were still many secrets surrounding her.

    Just as Ye Jiuge was deep in thought, the voices of two young maids came from outside the door: “Eldest Miss, Yu Die and Hua Die have something to report.”

    Ye Jiuge mused, “Yu Die, Hua Die?”

    Ye Jiuge recovered from her daze and thought about it momentarily before she remembered that the two maids were indeed from her residence.

    They were the descendants of the Yun Clan’s veterans, and they had a decent aptitude. Qing Mama had recently allowed them to begin cultivating their bodies.

    “Let them in!” Ye Jiuge instructed Zhen Zhu.Read latest chapters at

    “Yes!” Zhen Zhu curtseyed and led in the two maids, who were approximately twelve years old.

    Yu Die wore green clothes. Her eyes looked intelligent without arrogance, which made her look steady and earnest.

    Hua Die was dressed in pink, and the corners of her mouth curled into a smile. She looked like a clever girl.

    Both had Flawed Spiritual Roots. Although they weren’t able to advance to the Spiritual Practitioner stage, they could still cultivate their bodies.

    “Greetings to you, Eldest Miss!” The two maids knelt and bowed to Ye Jiuge.

    “Get up!” Ye Jiuge indicated to Zhen Zhu to help the two young maids up. Then, she said, “This form of etiquette is not followed in our Zilin Residence. The two of you are still young, and there is no need for you to kneel frequently. It will be bad for your knees in the future.”

    “Yes.” Yu Die and Hua Die curtseyed properly. They were delighted.

    They had heard that the Eldest Miss was magnanimous, and they could tell that it was true.

    “What is the matter that the two of you would like to report?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    “Eldest Miss, we heard something earlier from the Gatehouse. A corpse suddenly dropped from the sky into Lord Xu’s house on our street. The family members were so frightened that they immediately contacted the authorities. The corpse has already been sent to the Justice Department, and the officials have asked the Old Master to go over and take a look.”

    Needless to say, the corpse had been one of the Su Clan’s guards.

    “This Lord Xu is fascinating.” Ye Jiuge laughed involuntarily.

    The entire street had probably heard every word of her argument with the Su Clan’s Old Master.

    The rest of them had returned the corpses of the Su Clan’s guards out of respect for Ye Yuxuan. Lord Xu was the only one who had sent the body to the Justice Department. It was clear that he wanted to add to Ye Yuxuan’s troubles.

    “I have heard that Madame was so mad that she could not get out of bed. She has recently been taking medication to protect her unborn child,” Hua Die said.

    The corners of Ye Jiuge’s mouth curled up. She had no sympathy for Su Yufeng at all.

    She had caused trouble immediately after her return. It served her right to fall ill from her anger.

    “Zhen Zhu, ask the Carriage House to prepare a carriage for me. I’ll head to the Justice Department.” Ye Jiuge believed that Wan Ziyang would not leave the matter of the Su Clan’s guards at that.

    She wanted to go over there to provide him with some advice.

    “Yes!” Zhen Zhu nodded. Then, she asked, “Eldest Miss, will you be bringing anyone with you?”

    When Yu Die and Hua Die heard this, their eyes lit up immediately.

    “Let them follow me!” Ye Jiuge preferred not to bring anyone along. However, after some consideration, she felt that it was essential to develop some capable and trustworthy aides.

    “Thank you, Eldest Miss!” The two young maids immediately bowed to Ye Jiuge in joy.

    “Eldest Miss, should we tell Qing Mama about this?” Zhen Zhu lowered her voice and asked.

    “Yes,” Ye Jiuge replied.

    These maids were under Qing Mama’s charge, and they needed to inform her.

    “Yes!” The two maids could already imagine Qing Mama’s nagging. Their shoulders slumped as they left.

    Ye Jiuge found this funny. It seemed that she was not the only one who was afraid of Qing Mama’s nagging!

    It was only when Ye Jiuge was ready to leave that Yu Die and Hua Die came out from Qing Mama’s house.

    It seemed that they had been drilled. Their faces, initially joyous, were now steady and unsmiling. They did not dare speak a single sentence.

    Ye Jiuge was very satisfied with this. After all, they were outside the residence, so it would be beneficial for them to behave more sensibly.

    She led the two young maids into the horse-drawn carriage and set off toward the Justice Department.