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Chapter 109 - Partner: Wan Ziyang’s Invitation

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 109: Partner: Wan Ziyang’s Invitation

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    When Ye Jiuge arrived at the Justice Department, she asked to see Wan Ziyang. The guard at the gate went inside to report. Ye Jiuge did not expect Wan Ziyang and Bai Songling to come out and welcome her personally.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, why didn’t you tell us in advance that you would be coming?” Bai Songling asked.

    “I heard that the Justice Department asked my Father to come and identify the corpse, so I am here to take a look. Where’s my Father?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    When he heard this, Bai Songling made a strange face and said, “Did you not hear that something has happened to the Su Clan?”

    Did something happen? Ye Jiuge thought: the Su Clan’s Old Master can’t be dead, can he?

    “I heard that Su Clan’s Old Master drank too much last night. Then, suddenly, he was unable to wake up. The Su Clan consulted countless Spiritual Doctors, but to no avail. Your Father has already rushed over there,” Bai Songling said, rejoicing in the Su Clan’s misfortune.

    They had both heard of how the Su Clan’s Old Master had brought Su Yufeng back to the Ye Clan’s residence to bully Ye Jiuge the previous day. Therefore, they had intentionally wanted to use the Su Clan’s guard’s dead body to make a fuss. However, before they could act, something had happened to the Su Clan’s Old Master.

    “I see!” Ye Jiuge gave a slight sigh of relief. It was good that he wasn’t dead.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, the Su Clan’s Old Master fell unconscious after going to your place to make a scene. I am afraid that the Su Clan will blame this on you. Be careful,” Wan Ziyang said.

    He had been investigating the Su Clan, and he knew that they were shameless scoundrels. It was likely that they would falsely accuse Ye Jiuge.

    “Counter soldiers with arms and water with a dam.” With Zi Shang around, the Su Clan was in trouble—not her.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, you don’t need to be too worried. The cause of the Su Clan’s Old Master’s illness has yet to be determined. I expect that the Su Clan will have no time to deal with other things,” Bai Songling comforted her.

    “Yeah.” Ye Jiuge was glad that the Su Clan’s Old Master was merely unconscious. If he were to die suddenly, the Su Clan would surely bite indiscriminately, like wild dogs.

    “This is not the place for that discussion. Shall we go to the Yuwu Teahouse?” Bai Songling had some questions for Ye Jiuge.

    “Sure.” Ye Jiuge wished to seek their help about something as well.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, please return to your carriage first. I need to go back to give some instructions so that the corpse can be returned to the Su Clan.” Bai Songling laughed and added, “Which will cause even more trouble for the Su Clan.”

    “Okay.” Ye Jiuge nodded.

    After Bai Songling and Wan Ziyang had given their instructions, they headed to the Yuwu Teahouse together. Bai Songling waited for the shop assistant to deliver their tea and snacks.

    After speaking about some other matters regarding the Su Clan, he asked Ye Jiuge, “Oh, Lady Hongxiu conveyed a useful piece of information yesterday. She said that Elderly Lady Xu has disappeared and cannot be found anywhere in the Harem. She suspects that something may have happened to Elderly Lady Xu. Eldest Miss Ye, have you heard anything about this?”

    Ever since Ye Jiuge had revealed that Elderly Lady Xu was a Sorcerer, Lady Hongxiu had been keeping an eye on Elderly Lady Xu’s every move. Immediately after she had disappeared, Lady Hongxiu had sent the message. Bai Songling realized that the day Elderly Lady Xu had gone missing coincided with the day that Ye Jiuge had entered the Demonic Beasts Forest to gather medicinal ingredients. As such, he had some suspicions.

    “I have not heard about this before. Do you think that the Empress may have sent Elderly Lady Xu away to do something?” Ye Jiuge asked without much thought.

    She was not worried that anyone would suspect her. After all, the level of her cultivation was plain for everyone to see. Nobody would believe that she could kill Elderly Lady Xu. She just needed to hide her demonic weapon, the Lightning Snake Magical Whip, carefully.

    “Hearing you say this made me think of something. The Justice Department just received news from Hepu County this morning. Around ten days ago, they found a female corpse with all her blood sucked out. However, the relay station for mail horses was suddenly destroyed on the day that the news was sent, so our Justice Department only received it today.”

    Bai Songling had initially planned to head over to Hepu County with Wan Ziyang to take a look.

    “Do you suspect that Elderly Lady Xu is the cause of this female corpse?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    “I don’t think so. The crime in Hepu County was likely carried out by the same perpetrator as the case in Heyang County. Previously, when this happened in Heyang County, Elderly Lady Xu was at the palace. However, even if it wasn’t Elderly Lady Xu, the murderer must be related to her. I can’t say for sure, but they could be allied with Su Junqing. I just can’t fathom why they have appeared in the Lei Kingdom.” Bai Songling had lately been pondering over this question.

    “The Su Clan, the Empress, and the Crown Prince—they are all connected to the Sorcerers. This must mean that the Sorcerers desire something from them,” Wan Ziyang added.

    Ye Jiuge thought of the treasure map. Suddenly, a strange feeling came from the table and chair to her left, as though someone had accidentally bumped into her seat. Ye Jiuge knew immediately that Ye Yu had arrived. She could even feel his rapid breaths, and she reckoned that he had also thought of the treasure map.

    Ye Jiuge was about to think of an excuse to leave. However, she did not expect Wan Ziyang to notice Ye Yu’s anomaly. He shouted at the corner behind Ye Jiuge, “Who’s there?”

    Bai Songling’s reaction was quick, and a green light flashed in his hands. Immediately, a green vine reached out.

    “Don’t! He’s one of us!” Ye Jiuge raised her hand to block Bai Songling’s vine.

    Wan Ziyang, who was preparing a fireball, immediately stopped in his tracks. He asked hesitantly, “One of us?”

    “Ye Yu, show yourself!” Ye Jiuge turned toward the corner and said.

    The shadow in the corner became distorted, and Ye Yu’s figure appeared.

    “Someone from the Ye Clan?” Ye Jiuge had not expected Wan Ziyang to be able to recognize Ye Yu’s background immediately.

    “Brother Wan, how do you know?” Ye Jiuge asked strangely.

    “The Crown Prince and the Su Clan have been searching for him. We’ve heard all about it.”

    After all, due to their profession, Bai Songling and Wan Ziyang had more access to information than ordinary people.

    “Why are the Crown Prince and the Su Clan looking for him?” Ye Jiuge asked. She was testing to see if Bai Songling and Wan Ziyang knew about the treasure map.

    “You will have to ask Mr. Ye that,” Wan Ziyang said. It appeared that he was unaware.

    Ye Yu was silent. He had utterly ignored Wan Ziyang and Bai Songling.

    “Cough, cough. It is fine if Mr. Ye is unwilling to say. I have previously heard that the Ye Clan’s Invisibility is outstanding. Today, after seeing it in person, I must say that it is indeed impressive.” Seeing that things had become awkward, Bai Songling tried to smooth the situation over.

    “You flatter me,” Ye Yu responded with three words, but only out of respect for Ye Jiuge.

    Wan Ziyang looked Ye Yu up and down. Suddenly, he said, “Are you interested in investigating a Sorcerer’s whereabouts?”

    Wan Ziyang’s reputation preceded him. Frequently, before he could rush over to the scene of a homicide, the physical evidence was usually already destroyed. He needed a partner to work with him in secret.

    Bai Songling had often used to work with him. However, recently, there were many pressing matters in the Dongling Prince Mansion, and Bai Songling could not leave. Wan Ziyang was not satisfied with the abilities of the rest of the people from the Justice Department. He hoped that Ye Yu could help him.

    “Not interested!” Ye Yu rejected him coldly. He did not wish to be involved with the Justice Department.

    “If we can catch the Sorcerer, perhaps we will be able to find evidence that Su Junqing is practicing Black Magic.” Wan Ziyang looked toward Ye Jiuge as he said this. He could see that Ye Yu trusted Ye Jiuge very much.

    If Ye Jiuge were willing to help speak for him, it was very likely that Ye Yu would agree.