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Chapter 110 - Convinced: Ye Yu Agrees

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 110: Convinced: Ye Yu Agrees

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “I wish to speak to Ye Yu privately for a while,” Ye Jiuge said coolly.

    “Sure.” Both Wan Ziyang and Bai Songling left the private room immediately.

    “Eldest Miss, you do not need to say anything. I will not go with them,” Ye Yu said without even waiting for Ye Jiuge to speak. He hated Su Junqing—not the Sorcerers.

    “You are not willing, even if it could save your sister?” Ye Jiuge sighed.

    Out of fear that it could affect his cultivation, she had not told Ye Yu before about Ye Yunzhi. However, Wan Ziyang was right that it was tricky to deal with Su Junqing. It was unlikely that such an arrogant and brainless Sorcerer would just drop by. If they could find him, they would be able to obtain more clues.

    “Eldest Miss, what do you mean?” Ye Yu’s heart pounded.

    “I apologize for keeping this a secret from you.” Ye Jiuge then told him about what had happened in the underground room. Then, she said, “If what the Sorcerer said was true, then Su Junqing has already sent your sister to a Sorcerer who is more powerful than him.”

    Ye Yu’s face turned pale immediately. The red mole on his forehead seemed to have lost its vibrancy. His body trembled, and his breath became erratic. A thread of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

    Ye Jiuge immediately helped Ye Yu into a seat. When she checked his pulse, she realized that his Method was revolving in the wrong direction. He seemed to be straying from the right path. Ye Jiuge hurriedly applied her needle technique to help Ye Yu adjust his breathing.

    Ye Yu opened his mouth and spewed out a mouthful of fresh, red blood before he could breathe normally. It was a good thing that he’d had some success with his cultivation recently. Even though his mind was in chaos, he’d been quickly able to protect his Elixir Field, and his cultivation was not damaged.

    “I did not dare tell you earlier because I was afraid that you would not be able to take it.”

    Ye Jiuge sighed involuntarily. It was already tricky dealing with Su Junqing. Now that Ye Yunzhi had landed in the hands of a Sorcerer who was stronger than Su Junqing, it would be even harder to save her.

    Ye Jiuge thought: Adding to the difficulty, we know nothing about who this Sorcerer is—let alone where he is. We know nothing about him.

    Ye Yu sat in a daze momentarily before he began to speak slowly. “Tell Wan Ziyang that I am willing to go and investigate the Sorcerer with him.”

    His sister was his only relative in the whole world. Even if she had made an irrevocable mistake, he should be the one to punish her on behalf of their clan, and not let her be tortured by Sorcerers. No matter how hard it was going to be to save her, he would.

    “Okay.” Ye Jiuge had known that Ye Yu would agree, and she went outside the room to call for Wan Ziyang.

    Wan Ziyang did not know what Ye Jiuge had told Ye Yu. However, judging from his pale face and dull eyes, Wan Ziyang knew that it must have been something incredibly painful. He thought about himself, and he felt a sympathy for Ye Yu—like how fellow sufferers empathize with each other. The subtle hostility that he had felt earlier was mostly dissolved.

    “Brother Wan, when do you plan on setting off to investigate the Sorcerer?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    “As soon as possible!” Wan Ziyang said. He did not have to worry about the Justice Department in his absence with Bai Songling in charge.

    “Let’s set off in half an hour,” Ye Yu said coldly.

    “So soon?” Bai Songling grimaced.

    Wan Ziyang was the Justice Department’s backbone. After his sudden departure, Bai Songling would have a busy time.

    “Sure. Once we have packed our things, we shall leave immediately.” Wan Ziyang nodded. He greatly admired Ye Yu’s swift and decisive manner.

    “Oh, that’s right. Brother Wan, this time, when you are investigating the Sorcerer, you don’t have to keep it a secret. It would be great if you could spread the news. The wider the better,” Ye Jiuge said.

    “Why?” Confused, Wan Ziyang asked.

    “If you don’t make a huge fuss, how can Su Junqing pay for his crime in the future?”

    The corners of Ye Jiuge’s mouth curled up into a smile, but her eyes were frighteningly chilly. She could not kill the members of the Su Clan—it was too problematic. She had to think of a way that would make their suffering even more painful than death.

    If the Su Clan’s Old Master were to know that Su Junqing, the grandson whom he doted on and trusted most, was a Sorcerer whose hands were covered in blood and who trafficked young girls through brothels, he would surely jump out of bed, even if he was unconscious!

    Wan Ziyang thought about it momentarily before he nodded slowly and said, “I understand.”

    Previously, they had suppressed the news out of fear that it would sow panic among the masses. Unlawful individuals would be able to make use of the opportunity to create chaos, swindle the commoners, and rob them of their wealth. However, Ye Jiuge was right. If they did not make a big deal out of the matter, even if they could find evidence against Su Junqing in the future, it was very likely that Su Junqing would be able to escape. The water that bears the boat is the same that swallows it up. To defeat the Su Clan utterly, they needed to make use of public opinion.

    As Wan Ziyang and Ye Yu had to rush to Hepu County to investigate, they planned to leave first. Bai Songling was responsible for sending Ye Jiuge back.

    Before he left, Ye Yu revealed something. The Su Clan’s Old Master did not fall unconscious while drinking; he had been on the toilet. Apparently, feces had landed on his entire body, and he had almost suffocated to death.

    Smiling widely, Bai Songling said to Ye Jiuge, “This is indeed a piece of good news, even if it spoils one’s appetite.”

    “I think that I won’t eat for the entire day.” Ye Jiuge laughed. Then, to Bai Songling, she said, “Brother Bai, I hope that you can help me to investigate someone?”

    “Who?” Bai Songling asked.

    “The Seventh Concubine from the Ye Residence. Her name is Mu Xianglan, and she is twenty years old. She is a Wood Elemental Beginner Spiritual Practitioner.” Ye Jiuge told him about the Seventh Concubine’s background carefully.

    “Why are you investigating this Seventh Concubine?” Bai Songling found it strange. He thought: Does her Father’s concubine have a conflict with her?

    “I suspect that she is a spy that the Empress planted in the Ye Residence.” Ye Jiuge then told him about how the Seventh Concubine had been monitoring her secretly.

    “The Empress has reached too far if she will not even leave alone another clan’s Inner Courtyard. Don’t worry, I will make sure that the truth comes to light.” Bai Songling immediately set his heart on the matter when he heard that it was related to the Empress.

    “Many thanks!”

    Ye Jiuge knew that it was the right move to find Bai Songling. His hatred for the Empress was just as intense as Ye Yu’s hatred for the Su Clan and Wan Ziyang’s for the Sorcerers.

    After bidding farewell, Ye Jiuge got into the horse-drawn carriage. She saw that Yu Die and Hua Die had been sitting inside obediently. They did not gossip or meddle, and their behavior was excellent. Ye Jiuge was satisfied with their performance, and she decided to put in a good word for them in front of Qing Mama when they returned.

    When she returned to the Zilin Residence, she saw Qing Mama walking in the courtyard.

    Immediately, she frowned and asked, “Who allowed you to come out?”

    “I am becoming moldy from lying down, and I wanted to take a walk outside.” Qing Mama gave a smile, trying to curry favor with Ye Jiuge.

    “Better moldy than to have an incompletely cured illness. Do you still need me to teach you that?” Ye Jiuge was furious.

    “I am sorry. I know my mistake now.”

    Qing Mama grimaced. She was usually the one to nag others. This time, Ye Jiuge had taken the opportunity to reprimand her firmly. Qing Mama wanted to howl in the bitterness of her distress.

    Yu Die and Hua Die covered their mouths and laughed secretly behind Ye Jiuge’s back.

    Ye Jiuge turned and instructed them, “Bring Qing Mama back inside to rest.”

    The two young maids quickly rushed over and affectionately supported Qing Mama with their arms. With a smile, they said, “Qing Mama, let us help you in!”

    Then, Ye Jiuge headed to the Pill Production Room.

    The Black Fat Rat was still sleeping in her animal-skin bag. The chubby rodent had been asleep for the majority of the day. Its laziness was almost in the same league as Zi Shang’s.

    “You are brazen for comparing me to a rat!” Zi Shang’s listless voice rang out.