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Chapter 111 - Taking the Initiative: Zi Shang’s Method

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 111: Taking the Initiative: Zi Shang’s Method

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    Ye Jiuge did not expect Zi Shang to wake up at that moment. She stared blankly for a moment before questioning him.

    “Tell me, what have you done to Old Man Su?”

    “Nothing much. I just sealed his five senses,” Zi Shang answered calmly.

    “Your method is so vicious!”

    Ye Jiuge was speechless. She knew that Zi Shang was ruthless, but she did not know that he could be so cruel. A person whose five senses were sealed could not react to his surroundings. Although he could not speak, move, or feel anything, he was still conscious. The feeling was terrifying, like falling into the deep, dark sea. Ye Jiuge believed that, at that moment, Old Man Su was going crazy.

    “I have already been merciful to him.” If they were among the Demon Clan, he’d have a million ways to make Old Man Su wish he were dead.

    “Then, I shall thank you on his behalf!” Ye Jiuge said sincerely.

    “Are you not going to reward me for helping you vent your anger?” Zi Shang materialized and caught Ye Jiuge in his arms.

    “Did I beg you to go?”

    Ye Jiuge was very cold-hearted and pitiless as she pushed him away. Zi Shang had acted on his own initiative, causing her to sleep poorly the previous night. Now, he had the gall to ask for a reward. Giving him two slaps would be more appropriate.

    “Little Jiuge, could you bear to?” Zi Shang replied, raising his long eyebrows.

    His dark purple eyes were like amethysts hiding in mines. They shone with a mysterious light, gazing deeply into Ye Jiuge. When Ye Jiuge saw that Zi Shang’s thorn apple-like face, usually tender and beautiful, had turned a little pale, a hint of guilt rose spontaneously in her heart. After Zi Shang had passed the cultivation technique to her, he’d fallen into a deep slumber for a few days. Now, he must have expended even more Demonic Power to deal with Old Man Su. No matter what, he had done this for her, and it wasn’t appropriate for her to be so heartless toward him.

    “Take your reward.” Ye Jiuge reached out her forefinger and offered generously, “Suck as much blood as you want!”

    Gazing at Ye Jiuge’s slim, white finger, the corners of Zi Shang’s mouth curled into a smile. He looked as beautiful as the blooming cactus during the night. This was the first time that Ye Jiuge had freely offered to let Zi Shang suck her blood. Although it wasn’t the reward he wanted, it was better than nothing!

    Zi Shang took Ye Jiuge’s forefinger into his mouth. His sharp snake fangs bit down, and he began to suck gently. For a moment, Ye Jiuge worried that the demon would misbehave. However, it made her slightly uneasy when he did not. She tried to make conversation.

    “Do you have a way to make me stronger?”

    The incident with Old Man Su was a wake-up call. Although Ye Jiuge was considered powerful among Beginner Spiritual Practitioners, others were stronger. She must continuously improve.

    “Yes, if we have Dual Cultivation, I can increase your cultivation exponentially at once.”

    While Ye Jiuge’s finger was in his mouth, Zi Shang’s eyes remained fixed on her. They were enticing.

    “Another way!” Ye Jiuge knew that this pervert was full of evil thoughts.

    “I don’t have any other ideas.” Zi Shang released Ye Jiuge’s finger and started stroking her hair. He said, “You don’t have to worry too much. I will never let you face that kind of situation ever again.”

    “I beg you, let me handle them myself!”

    Ye Jiuge did not want Zi Shang to flip out and cause a massacre suddenly. Such a disaster would cause the human race to hunt her down and kill her. Zi Shang was unhappy that Ye Jiuge mistook his goodwill for ill intent. His hands wrapped around Ye Jiuge’s slim waist; he was ready to teach her a lesson.

    “I’m warning you, don’t mess with me.” Ye Jiuge raised her knee to push against Zi Shang’s lower abdomen. She would never let him have his way easily, like last time.

    Their standoff was setting off sparks flying in all directions when a tender voice came from their legs, “Pipi!”

    Ye Jiuge lowered her head and made eye contact with a pair of large, bright, and intelligent eyes. The Black Fat Rat took out two red fruits from its small bag. It looked at Zi Shang with the intention of currying favor with him. It seemed as though it was offering sacrifices to a deity.

    “What’s this?” Ye Jiuge looked at the fruit. It emitted a faint fragrance. Intuitively, she knew that it was something good.

    “Sacred Vitality Fruit. It can rapidly recover all kinds of power,” Zi Shang answered. At that moment, it was exactly what he needed. This little thing is quite attentive.

    “Pipi!” The Black Fat Rat pushed the red fruit toward Zi Shang.

    Its servile behavior annoyed Ye Jiuge. Zi Shang pointed with his finger, and the two red fruits floated in the air and flew into his hands. The Black Fat Rat gave a slight sigh. Then, it puffed up its chubby chest and stared at Ye Jiuge with contempt and a hint of delight. It behaved as if it were telling Ye Jiuge that it had found its patron.

    “What should I do? I want to give it a beating.” Ye Jiuge’s hands itched. The last few days, she had been taking care of the creature. It hadn’t paid its food expenses, and now it was sucking up to Zi Shang. Did it not know who its owner was?

    “Do whatever you want!” Zi Shang popped the fruits into his mouth.

    The Black Fat Rat looked like it had been struck by lightning. He agreed to protect me after receiving my fruits. Where is the essential trust between beasts?

    Ye Jiuge snatched the Black Fat Rat by the nape of its neck and raised it to her eye level. “Black Fatty, are you aware of who your boss is?”

    “Pipi!” The creature gave a grievous cry as it clutched its small bag in distress. It could not bear to take anything out.

    “Forget it; I don’t want your protection fee. Later, when I am producing pills, help me to purify the pill poison just like you did yesterday.” Ye Jiuge felt that it was better to be more practical.

    “Pipi Jam!” The Black Fat Rat pushed out its thick chest again to signify that it still had a lot of saliva.

    “Get lost!”

    Ye Jiuge released it, and the Black Fat Rat quickly scurried off.

    “Where did you get this fifth-stage Spiritual Rat?” Zi Shang asked.

    “Fifth-stage Spiritual Rat? Are you talking about Black Fatty?” Ye Jiuge expressed her doubts. How can that stupid thing possibly be a fifth-stage Spiritual Rat?

    As far as she knew, Spiritual Beasts were much rarer than Demonic Beasts. Animals that had developed intelligence were bright and witty. Spiritual Beasts of the first to third stages were uncommon. Those of the fourth to sixth stages were born with an innate skill or magical power. Powerful Spiritual Beasts of the seventh stage could even transform into humans. They could easily crush those of the same level from the Demon Clan and the human race.

    “Yes. Although it may not appear so, that creature is indeed a high stage Spiritual Beast.”

    Zi Shang had flown into a rage when he had first read Ye Jiuge’s memory of the Su Clan’s Old Master. As such, he was uncertain about the origin of the Black Fat Rat and the small bronze cauldron.

    “It brought along its small, damaged cauldron when it sought refuge with me.”

    Ye Jiuge filled Zi Shang in on what had happened in the Demonic Beasts Forest. Then, Zi Shang scrutinized the small bronze cauldron, but he could not understand what was special about it.

    “I’ve never seen the material used to craft this medicinal cauldron on this continent before. It’s not ordinary. However, it’s been badly damaged. By restoring it to its original state, we should be able to guess its origin,” Zi Shang said.

    “Who cares about its origin. It’s fine as long as it’s useful.” Ye Jiuge was too busy to investigate the origin of a rat and its small, damaged cauldron.

    “Okay!” As these were mere worldly possessions, Zi Shang couldn’t be bothered—so long as they posed no harm to Ye Jiuge.

    “I’m going to produce pills now. Have a nice and cold wait over there!”

    Ye Jiuge pushed Zi Shang away and prepared to produce the pills needed to expel the poison from Imperial Consort Xi’s system.