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Chapter 114 - Revelation: The Truth About the Miscarriage

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 114: Revelation: The Truth About the Miscarriage

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Ye Jiuge looked at Imperial Consort Xi’s skin, which had turned as red as a cooked lobster, and finally recalled the thought that had flitted across her mind earlier.

    There is something wrong with Imperial Consort Xi’s fingernails!

    Imperial Consort Xi’s brilliant red-colored fingernails had turned a strange, dark green color. They emitted a faint fishy smell—the unique smell of a Green Toad.

    Needless to say, this must have been the doing of the Spiritual Doctor who had been prescribing her fake medicine. He had used the Green Toad’s poison as nail polish for Imperial Consort Xi. The Green Toad and Fantasy Beauty poisons counteracted each other’s effects. When Imperial Consort Xi consumed the antidote for Fantasy Beauty, the Green Toad’s poison was immediately activated.

    However, since the amount of Green Toad poison afflicting Imperial Consort Xi was minute and diluted with nail polish, Ye Jiuge had neglected it. Ye Jiuge opened her Spiritual Eye to observe Imperial Consort Xi’s body; the Green Toad’s toxins had completely clogged her spiritual channels. If they were not cleared soon, Imperial Consort Xi would die.

    “Imperial Consort, hang in there!” With a solemn expression, Ye Jiuge took out the Lightning Fire Needle. As fast as she could, she applied it to Imperial Consort Xi’s body.

    Ever since she had released the Godly Heartwood’s seal to save Dongfang Que, the Lightning Fire Needle had acquired a hint of the breath of life. Since then, its effectiveness had increased exponentially. The red-colored needle with a trace of violet was like a raindrop in Ye Jiuge’s hand as it landed on Imperial Consort Xi. Every one of her jabs accurately pierced the patient’s acupuncture points.

    Ye Jiuge removed a droplet of dark green blood. Imperial Consort Xi felt the blazing fire burning hotter as Ye Jiuge applied her needle. The pain was worsening, and she was losing her mind.

    Ye Jiuge’s expression was grave, and her heart burned with anxiety. The Indigo Jade Water Plant’s anesthetic effect would not last for long. If she could not force the Green Toad’s poison out soon, Ye Jiuge feared that Imperial Consort Xi would not be able to endure what came next. Everything depended on her will, not the Indigo Jade Water Plant’s effects.

    All of Ye Jiuge’s Spiritual Power was operating frantically. The Lightning Fire Needle in her hand was like a shadow flashing by. In the blink of an eye, the needle landed eighty-one times on Imperial Consort Xi. Her entire body was now covered with dark green droplets of blood. The infected blood soaked the hem of Ye Jiuge’s dress, and a fishy stench diffused the bathroom.

    Elderly Lady Zhou watched anxiously from the sidelines. Instinctively, she realized that something was wrong. The Imperial Consort’s expression, notably, was worsening. Elderly Lady Zhou had never seen the Imperial Consort in so much pain. She seemed to have given up hope of survival. And she was right to. Under the pain of torture, Imperial Consort Xi had already surrendered her will to live.

    What is the point of pressing on? The detoxification has failed, and she will return to days of pure misery. She may as well die.

    Elderly Lady Zhou was startled. She hurriedly kneeled beside Imperial Consort Xi and cried out, “Imperial Consort, please don’t give up!”

    Imperial Consort Xi shook her head as if to say that she could not persevere.

    “Elderly Lady Zhou, think of a way to help her hang in there,” Ye Jiuge quickly instructed. She was so close to forcing the Green Toad’s poison out of Imperial Consort Xi.

    Elderly Lady Zhou raised her voice and shrieked mournfully, “Imperial Consort, have you forgotten how the Empress hurt you? How can you abandon me without taking your revenge?”

    Imperial Consort Xi was still shaking her head. She won’t be able to take revenge; Que’er will have to avenge her.

    Elderly Lady Zhou’s face paled. After hesitating momentarily, she cried out in a shaky voice, “Imperial Consort, even if not for your sake, you have to avenge Little Master! He was killed by the Empress before he could even grow up in your womb. If you go now, how can you face the Little Master in the Netherworld?”

    What? What Little Master?

    Imperial Consort Xi rolled her head toward Elderly Lady Zhou as if urging her to get to the heart of the matter.

    “During the period after the Imperial Noble Consort’s death, didn’t you feel dizzy and nauseous? You couldn’t eat anything? Eldest Miss Ye said that was because you were pregnant. Later on, when you bled, you were miscarrying, not discharging the poison.” Emotion choked Elderly Lady Zhou as she spoke. “It’s all my fault. Why didn’t I realize that you were pregnant? Why did I allow the Empress, that vicious woman, to harm Little Master?”

    Hearing this, blue veins stood up on Imperial Consort Xi’s palm as she gripped the bedsheet beneath her. Her long fingernails scraped the bed board, emitting a sharp, intense sound. She was so angry that her longest nail broke into two pieces.

    Ye Jiuge took the opportunity and applied the Lightning Fire Needle to Imperial Consort Xi’s last few acupuncture points. A stream of dark green poisoned blood spurted out and quickly turned bright red.

    She had finally succeeded! Ye Jiuge almost blacked out and collapsed to the ground. Quickly, she supported herself on the sides of the bed. She had used too much Spiritual Power. Additionally, she had opened her Spiritual Eye for too long and overexerted herself.

    “Imperial Consort, Imperial Consort, are you alright?” Elderly Lady Zhou wanted to clean up the Imperial Consort’s body, but she had no clue where to start. She feared that she would touch the Imperial Consort’s wounds.

    “The Imperial Consort is fine. Wipe her body with hot water then feed her two Vitality Strengthening Pills,” Ye Jiuge closed her eyes and instructed Elderly Lady Zhou weakly.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, are you alright?” Elderly Lady Zhou realized that something was also wrong with Ye Jiuge.

    “I’m fine. Just a little tired. Go and serve the Imperial Consort. I will be alright after resting a while.” Ye Jiuge used her last bit of energy to walk over to the chair. She finally felt a little better when she sat down.

    Elderly Lady Zhou used six full buckets of hot water to clean Imperial Consort Xi’s body. After helping her mistress change into a clean bathrobe, she quickly fed her two Vitality Strengthening Pills. A hint of color was restored to Imperial Consort Xi’s ghastly pale face. Her elegant and thick eyelashes blinked a few times before she opened her eyes slowly.

    “Imperial Consort, how are you feeling?” When Elderly Lady Zhou saw Imperial Consort Xi waking up, her heart, which had been in her mouth this whole time, finally felt relieved.

    “Just now, you said that I was pregnant. What do you mean?” Imperial Consort Xi’s gaze was as sharp as a sword as she stared firmly at Elderly Lady Zhou.

    The servant’s face paled. It was as though someone had poured a basin of cold water on her head. Looking into Imperial Consort Xi’s bloodshot eyes, she trembled and said, “When Imperial Noble Consort passed away, you felt nauseous and vomited because you were actually pregnant…”

    Before Elderly Lady Zhou could finish speaking, Imperial Consort Xi sat straight up. Abruptly, she lifted her hand and slapped Elderly Lady Zhou.


    Elderly Lady Zhou’s wrinkled face careened to one side. The old servant was unharmed, but the blow sent Imperial Consort Xi reeling. She landed heavily on the bed and writhed like a fish that had leaped onto the shore, left only with pain and misery at its deathbed struggle.

    “Imperial Consort, go ahead and hit me. Or scold me. Please don’t keep the anger bottled up in your heart.”

    Elderly Lady Zhou kneeled beside Imperial Consort Xi’s bed and wept in sorrow.