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Chapter 115 - Snakes and Scorpions: The Beauty’s Poison

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 115: Snakes and Scorpions: The Beauty’s Poison

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    “My child, my child!”

    Imperial Consort Xi’s cheeks streamed with tears. Choked with emotion, she let out miserable sobs. Her entire body trembled, and she felt as though her heart had been cut into pieces. This pain was much more excruciating than that of the poison.

    The child that she had wished for had been in her womb, and yet she had not realized it. Her child had disappeared from this world without a sound. He had not been given a name or a memorial tablet, and nobody had cried or grieved for him. Worst of all, she’d only learned of the matter after sixteen years had passed. What right did she have to meet her baby in the Netherworld?

    At her side, Elderly Lady Zhou sobbed too hard to speak. Mournful and sorrowful emotions filled the bathroom. Ye Jiuge sighed. She did not know how to comfort Imperial Consort Xi and her servant. Her gaze swept the bathroom and observed a mirror, which Elderly Lady Zhou had prepared, in the corner. She must have wanted her mistress to see her reflection after the poison was cured.

    It was an exquisite mirror. The back of it was made from rosewood, and it was engraved with the folding pattern of a lotus. The mirror was made of polished crystals, and it was brilliant enough to clearly reflect a person’s image. Ye Jiuge took the mirror to Imperial Consort Xi and said softly, “Imperial Consort, the things of the past cannot be remedied; we can only look forward. No matter what you wish to do, now, you can do it.” Having said so, she set the mirror upright in front of Imperial Consort Xi.

    Imperial Consort Xi lifted her eyes and saw the reflection of a beautiful woman. Her skin was spotlessly white, like a piece of jade. Her eyes, bright like autumn waters, brimmed with painful tears, but they were undeniably gentle and touching. Not only had her looks been restored, but she was even more beautiful than she had been sixteen years ago.

    “Fantasy Beauty’s poison has an enormous effect. If one can overcome the pain of Lingering Death, one is reborn.” Ye Jiuge believed that the Empress would kick herself if she could see Imperial Consort Xi now.

    “Reborn?” Imperial Consort Xi mumbled to herself.

    The beauty’s gaze in the mirror firmed. Her eyes burned with hatred, and a bitter expression covered her beautiful face. She was like a scorpion with a venomous sting, ready to attack. Ye Jiuge was startled by this; she feared that Imperial Consort Xi would not be able to hold her emotions in check and that she would enter the palace to fight the Empress to the death.

    However, Imperial Consort Xi soon recovered her regular expression. Her plump, red lips curved into a graceful smile. “Dongfang Yan, Xue Mingzhu, I am back.” Then, Imperial Consort Xi’s eyes closed, and she fell unconscious.

    “Imperial Consort, what’s wrong?” Elderly Lady Zhou hurriedly straightened her body and looked worriedly at Ye Jiuge. She asked, “Eldest Miss, please take a look at the Imperial Consort.”

    Ye Jiuge checked her pulse. Imperial Consort Xi had merely fallen asleep from exhaustion. “The Imperial Consort is fine,” she said. “She will be alright after sleeping.”

    Elderly Lady Zhou sighed with relief. Her legs gave way, and her body collapsed onto the ground.

    “Elderly Lady, get up please.” Ye Jiuge lifted up Elderly Lady Zhou and said, “The Imperial Consort still needs you to serve her. If you collapse, she will have nobody to rely on.”

    “Eldest Miss, you are right.” Elderly Lady Zhou wiped her eyes and took a deep breath. She buried all the sorrow, pain, and exhaustion in the depths of her heart. If she had not been cultivating so that her body was healthy, she feared that she would not be able to withstand her rapidly fluctuating emotions.

    “Elderly Lady, please take Imperial Consort Xi to rest. I will go and speak to His Highness to ease his worries,” Ye Jiuge said.

    Now that Imperial Consort Xi’s poison had been expelled, she needed to recuperate.

    “Sure. Eldest Miss, there is still some hot water left as well as new clothes. Please change out of your things as well!” Elderly Lady Zhou offered, seeing that the hem of Ye Jiuge’s dress was covered with blood. Ye Jiuge’s figure was similar to Imperial Consort Xi’s, so she should be able to wear her clothes.

    “Ok, I will change later.” Ye Jiuge realized that she smelled of Imperial Consort Xi’s infected blood.

    “Then, I shall take my leave.” Elderly Lady Zhou said. She cocooned Imperial Consort Xi with blankets and carried her back into the house.

    Ye Jiuge wiped down her body. She picked a pale purple dress and changed into it before walking out of the courtyard, where Dongfang Que and Bai Songling were waiting. They raised a lantern when they saw her coming toward them in new clothes with an exhausted expression. “Did something go wrong?” they asked anxiously.

    “Yes. There was a setback during the detoxification process, and I almost failed. It’s my fault for not examining her more carefully before beginning.”

    Ye Jiuge explained about the Green Toad’s poison. Since she had focused mainly on Imperial Consort Xi’s injury and the Fantasy Beauty, she had accidentally overlooked the second poison.

    “The Empress is cautious and vicious. Her poisons are extremely rare, so it is understandable that you missed it,” Dongfang Que said.

    He was not merely trying to comfort Ye Jiuge; he’d been poisoned by the Empress before, so he had a clear understanding of her methods. Just when a person thought that he had cured the poison in his body, he discovered that another toxin had broken out.

    “Yes, Eldest Miss Ye. It is a good thing that it was you who treated the Imperial Consort’s poison. Someone else might not even have had the opportunity to remedy the problem.”

    Although Ye Jiuge did not say anything about the detoxification process, Bai Songling could tell from her pale face and exhausted appearance that it must have been challenging and dangerous.

    “Just now, to help the Imperial Consort persevere, Elderly Lady Zhou told her about her miscarriage. I fear that she will be in a terrible mood during this period. Please take note of it,” Ye Jiuge instructed.

    Although the poison in Imperial Consort Xi had been expelled, the follow-up recuperation was important as well. If she did not take good care of her health, there could be repercussions.

    “Don’t worry, I will take good care of her.” Dongfang Que treated Imperial Consort Xi like a family member, and he would be diligent and attentive.

    “That’s great. I’ll head back now. Notify me if Imperial Consort Xi needs anything.” Ye Jiuge was so exhausted that she barely had any energy to speak. She wanted nothing more than to return to the Zilin Residence and have a good sleep.

    “Songling, escort Eldest Miss Ye home!” Dongfang Que instructed Bai Songling.


    Bai Songling led Ye Jiuge out of the Dongling Prince Mansion and personally escorted her to the Ye Residence’s back door. Ye Jiuge climbed over the walls. She fell asleep immediately and only woke up at noon the next day. Qing Mama came in a few times and saw Ye Jiuge sleeping soundly. She could not bear to disturb her, so she instructed Zhen Zhu to stand guard outside the door and inform her immediately when the Eldest Miss stirred.

    When Ye Jiuge woke up, Qing Mama did not ask her anything. She prepared a good meal and served it to her. When Ye Jiuge was halfway done eating, Zhen Zhu entered. In her hands, she held a black invitation card. She said, “Eldest Miss, Lord Wan’s residence just delivered this.”

    Ye Jiuge put down her bowl and chopsticks. She accepted the card and took a look. It was from Bai Songling; he was inviting her to the Yuwu Teahouse that afternoon.

    Has something happened to Imperial Consort Xi?

    Ye Jiuge was not in the mood to eat anymore. She changed her clothes and prepared to head out.