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Chapter 116 - Returning to the Palace, Imperial Consort Xi’s Stubbornness

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 116: Returning to the Palace, Imperial Consort Xi’s Stubbornness

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    “Eldest Miss, no matter how important this appointment may be, you can’t neglect your body!” Qing Mama couldn’t help but say.

    She knew that the Eldest Miss, Lord Wan, and Lord Bai had some important business and weren’t making small talk. No matter how important this business was, it shouldn’t be that exhausting.

    “It’s alright. My body is fine,” said Ye Jiuge. She wouldn’t die if she skipped two meals.

    “You are not an Alchemist from the Justice Department, so why do they come looking for you for everything?” Qing Mama asked angrily.

    Every time the Eldest Miss came back from the Yuwu Teahouse, she was either outside collecting medicine or doing alchemy in the Pill Production Room. No matter how foolish she was, she knew that Wan Ziyang and Bai Songling came to the Eldest Miss for alchemy. At first, they’d looked like two good potential husbands. Now, it seemed that there wasn’t anything good about them.

    “Helping them is helping me, ok? You don’t need to care so much about this.” Ye Jiuge changed her dress and went in the carriage alone.

    Bai Songling was waiting at the Yuwu Teahouse. When he saw Ye Jiuge, he said apologetically, “Eldest Miss, I’m truly sorry to bother you.”

    “You are too polite, Brother Bai. Is there something wrong with Imperial Consort Xi?” asked Ye Jiuge.

    “Yes…the Imperial Consort said that she will return to the palace now.” Bai Songling sighed repeatedly.

    “Now?” Ye Jiuge was shocked.

    Imperial Consort Xi had only finished expelling the poison last night and still did not even have the strength to speak. Why did she want to return to the palace now?

    “Yes, His Highness has been arguing with her for a long time, but she still insists on returning to the palace immediately. His Highness had no choice but to seek your help.”

    Imperial Consort Xi had woken up that morning and started making trouble. They’d barely managed to delay her until Ye Jiuge’s arrival. They were worried that all this might affect Imperial Consort Xi’s rest.

    “Ok, I’ll go with you and take a look.” Ye Jiuge knew that provoking Imperial Consort Xi was child’s play.

    Imperial Consort Xi was so eager for revenge that she couldn’t wait anymore. However, entering the consort’s chamber with this body was extremely dangerous.

    After hurrying to the Dongling Prince mansion, Ye Jiuge couldn’t even take off her coat. Elderly Lady Zhou quickly dragged her toward the courtyard, saying, “Eldest Miss, please go and persuade the Imperial Consort. His Highness isn’t able to stop her anymore.”

    Ye Jiuge walked quickly toward the courtyard and saw Dongfang Que blocking the entrance and Imperial Consort Xi standing right in front of him. Her hair was coiled up in a traditional bun held in place by a blue-golden phoenix hairpin. She wore a pink dress embroidered with black-golden phoenixes with red phoenix flat shoes. Her determination to return to the palace immediately could be discerned by her outfit, which consisted exclusively of clothes made for the harem.

    The make-up on her face couldn’t cover up her paleness, and her straight back shivered as she said to Dongfang Que in a cold voice, “Step aside, don’t make this Majesty repeat herself.”

    “Imperial Consort, I can’t let you return and bring death to yourself.” Dongfang Que shook his head.

    He’d spent half the day advising her, listing all the advantages and disadvantages. But the Imperial Consort simply wasn’t listening, so all he could do was block the entrance.

    “You don’t need to worry about this Majesty’s life and death. You’ve blocked the entrance for some time, but you can’t block it for a lifetime. If this Majesty is hell-bent on leaving, your blockage won’t mean anything,” said the Imperial Consort in harrowing tone with a ruthless expression.

    The Dongling Prince mansion wasn’t impregnable. As long as she screamed, a spy could hear her and carry this information back to the palace. Then it wouldn’t matter if Dongfang Que blocked her. Dongfang Que knew this too, so he didn’t dare be too forceful. He urged, “Imperial Consort, even if you want to go, you should let Eldest Miss Ye treat you before leaving.”Read latest chapters at

    “There’s no need. This Majesty remembers Jiuge’s favor and will repay it when she has the chance.”

    The Imperial Consort had no desire to see Ye Jiuge because she reminded her of the pain of losing her child. This pain tormented her deeply and hadn’t allowed her even a moment’s rest. All she wanted to do now was return to the palace so she could make her enemies taste the same pain.

    Having made up her mind, she no longer hesitated and walked toward the door. If Dongfang Que still dared to stop her, he shouldn’t blame her for her ruthlessness.

    “Imperial Consort!” At this time, Ye Jiuge quickly entered the courtyard.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, you’ve finally arrived.” Dongfang Que finally relaxed.

    “Jiuge!” the Imperial Consort looked at Ye Jiuge and firmly said, “You don’t have to persuade me. No matter what you say, I will return to the palace.”

    “Imperial Consort, I’m not here to persuade you.” Ye Jiuge had already prepared a pep talk on the way. But seeing that the Imperial Consort had made up her mind, she realized that it would be better to change her method.

    “You can go back to the palace if you want, but the harem is different than the prince’s mansion. If the Queen poisons you again, I won’t be able to rush into the harem to save you, even if I had extraordinary powers. Please, wait for a few days until I find a way to identify the poison so you can bring it with you to the palace. Would that be possible?”

    “Yes, Imperial Consort, we should go back to get revenge, but we shouldn’t get caught up in that evil woman’s plan before we know how we will exact our revenge,” Elderly Lady Zhou jumped.

    She had been by the Imperial Consort’s side for many years and knew her personality very well. If people advised her to rest, she definitely wouldn’t listen, for she had already put her life aside long enough. However, if it was in the name of revenge, she might listen.

    After hesitating for a moment, the Imperial Consort said to Ye Jiuge, “When you think of a method, you can come to the palace and tell me.”

    “Imperial Consort, do you really think I can just go home and think of a method while you’re already at the palace?” Ye Jiuge asked helplessly.

    She had already imagined a scene where the Imperial Concubine was poisoned by the Empress as soon as she returned to the palace.

    “Imperial Consort, making preparations won’t delay the work. The arrangements in the palace are not yet complete. Now is not the best time for you to return,” Dongfang Que also tried to persuade her.

    The Imperial Concubine was silent. It seemed she hadn’t given up completely.

    Ye Jiuge thought for a moment then slowly said, “Moreover, it’s too cheap for you to return like this. I say the Emperor should roll out a red carpet for three miles and personally go to the Emperor Temple to meet you. Only in this way can the Empress’ reputation be severely damaged.”

    The red carpet was only rolled out for three miles when the Empress returned to her chambers. If the Imperial Consort Xi returned in such a fashion, she would truly step on the Empress’ toes.

    The Imperial Consort’s eyes brightened as she slowly nodded and said, “You’re right, Jiuge.”

    There had to be a beautiful beginning to her revenge. She could wait a few more days if it meant seeing the Empress’ ugly face.

    “Imperial Consort, I will escort you back to the Emperor Temple tomorrow and send someone to inform my royal father about your recovery.” Dongfang Que was relieved after finally seeing the Imperial Consort’s change of attitude.

    “This Majesty will personally write a letter, and you will send it to the Emperor. Also, you will escort this Majesty to the Emperor Temple tonight,” Imperial Consort Xi said decisively.