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Chapter 118 - Swallowing Worms Alive: The Weird Poison Identifying Pill

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 118: Swallowing Worms Alive: The Weird Poison Identifying Pill

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “This Poison Earthworm’s level is too low. There wouldn’t be this reaction if you could find one at the third level,” Zi Shang said coolly. He had already provided a solution, yet he was still blamed for not finding the right thing.

    “Are you sure that there’s a third-level Poison Earthworm in this world?” Ye Jiuge had already asked the people from the medicine store, and they said that the Poison Earthworm’s lifespan was only 15 days so that they couldn’t advance.

    “I’ve seen it in the demonic race,” Zi Shang offered mysteriously.

    However, that Poison Earthworm had advanced to the third level after obtaining a remarkable opportunity. Finding one in such a lowly place as the Lei Kingdom would indeed be impossible.

    “Demonic race… why didn’t you just say the Celestial race?” Ye Jiuge rolled her eyes.

    Zi Shang wouldn’t admit that his idea was impractical. After thinking for a bit, he said, “Actually, you can use this worm in another way.”

    “What way?” asked Ye Jiuge.

    “Make that Imperial Consort Xi swallow the worm. It will wriggle inside her stomach as soon as she encounters poison. After spitting the poison out, the chances of her being poisoned will be lessened.”

    Zi Shang thought this was a good idea. Although Poison Earthworms had a short lifespan, they were cheap, so it was easy to keep eating them. One every 15 days wasn’t a problem.

    “Do you think I can make her swallow this worm?” Ye Jiuge was feeling nauseous just thinking about it. Imperial Consort Xi wouldn’t even be able to comprehend such a thing.

    “I’ve given her a method. It’s her business if she wants to use it or not,” said Zi Shang indifferently. How could there be a convenient way to identify poisons while also feeling comfortable?

    “Is there really no other way?” asked a reluctant Ye Jiuge.

    “You could learn about refining weapons, but it would take you three years,” said Zi Shang.

    Three years? I’m afraid the Imperial Consort Xi will die a hundred times in three years.

    “Who cares if it’s disgusting or not when her life is at stake? If it’s useful, then it’s alright.” Zi Shang disliked this compassionate side of Ye Jiuge.

    “Ok,” Ye Jiuge helplessly replied. She looked at the fat, white worm on the table and went straight to find Bai Songling.

    “Oh? Isn’t this a Poison Earthworm? Why did you bring it here?” Bai Songling doubtfully asked after recognizing the worm in Ye Jiuge’s hands.

    “Ahem, ahem!” After coughing twice, Ye Jiuge said, “Didn’t you ask me how I would help Imperial Consort Xi identify poisons? The Poison Earthworm is the key.”

    “Tell me the details!” Bai Songling’s expression immediately turned serious. After hearing Ye Jiuge’s method, his handsome face twitched a little, and he couldn’t help but ask, “Did you just say swallow?”

    “Yes.” Ye Jiuge nodded, her face serious.

    Bai Songling swallowed and asked, “She must swallow it alive? Can’t she boil it or fry it?”

    “No. It won’t have any effect if it’s dead,” replied Ye Jiuge. She had to feel the worm wriggling inside her stomach!

    Bai Songling looked at the Poisonous Earthworm then back at Ye Jiuge before asking, “Do you really want me to take this to Imperial Consort Xi?” He was afraid that Imperial Consort Xi would throw this worm in his face!

    Ye Jiuge silently placed the Poison Earthworm in Bai Songling’s hands. Anyway, she’d done her job and came up with a solution. Convincing Imperial Consort Xi was up to them.

    “Alright, I’ll try to see if it really works!” Bai Songling sighed and accepted his fate. It was already good enough that Ye Jiuge had come up with a solution. They couldn’t be picky.

    “Brother Bai is really brave!” said Ye Jiuge admiringly. She encouraged him with a thumbs-up.

    “Stop making fun of me!” Bai Songling stared at Ye Jiuge with a disgruntled expression. Although he moonlighted as a coroner, it didn’t mean he could tolerate such squishy, disgusting things.

    Ye Jiuge looked at Bai Songling’s brave appearance, almost as if he were a martyr. She kindly comforted him, “You don’t have to be so miserable. This Poison Earthworm is commonly used in medicine. You must have eaten one before, so there’s no difference.”

    “I want to wash them. Is it alright if I use wine?” Bai Songling felt that eating them after washing them with wine wasn’t quite so disgusting.

    “Yes.” Ye Jiuge nodded.

    Actually, the Poison Earthworms had a very tenacious vitality. Killing them before their lifespan ended was very difficult, so a strong wine wouldn’t do any harm. Bai Songling took out the strongest wine he could find, picked up two Poison Earthworms that he thought were the cleanest, and soaked them in the wine. Then, he swallowed them whole with his eyes closed.

    Ye Jiuge looked at Bai Songling’s squirming Adam’s apple and couldn’t help asking, “How’s the taste?”

    “Like wine!” cried Bai Songling.

    “Is there any uncomfortable feeling besides the taste of wine?” That was the main point.

    “Well, I just feel miserable and disgusting.” Bai Songling shook his head. Who would feel good after swallowing a live worm?

    “Nausea can affect the test, so let’s wait and slowly talk about something else. By the way, did the Bai family find the Fire Dragon Herb?” asked Ye Jiuge.

    “No.” Bai Songling shook his head and said, “The warriors sent by the Bai family have not sent back news for a long time. I’m afraid they’ve already died on the road.” Death was really a simple thing on a thousand-mile mountain road.

    “Don’t be too pessimistic. Maybe they’ve been delayed by something, and they will still report back.” Ye Jiuge led Bai Songling onto other topics. After he slowly relaxed, she secretly crumbled a bewildering medicine in her hands.

    Bai Songling immediately frowned and looked around, then, doubtfully, he asked Ye Jiuge, “Do you smell anything strange?”

    “No!” Ye Jiuge blinked and innocently shook her head.

    “No, there’s a strange smell!” Bai Songling covered his nose and mouth, then looked at Ye Jiuge’s fingers with sharp eyes and shouted, “Have you used poison?”

    “I just crushed a bewildering medicine. Did you smell it?” Ye Jiuge raised her eyebrows. She thought she had to wait for the medicine’s effect to be fully released before Bai Songling would notice it. She hadn’t expected it to happen so soon.

    “It stank to death.” Bai Songling immediately vomited after saying this.

    Ye Jiuge moved away from Bai Songling, but she felt no sympathy at all when she saw him vomiting. Instead, she felt delighted because this tasteless and colorless medicine was the most difficult one to detect. Bai Songling’s prompt reaction showed that the Poison Earthworm was indeed very effective, which made her feel relieved. As for persuading Imperial Consort Xi, Ye Jiuge had her own ideas. “I don’t think it’s necessary to tell the truth to Imperial Consort Xi. Just put this Poison Earthworm into this empty pill and let the Imperial Consort Xi take it.”

    Sometimes lying was necessary.

    “Good idea.” Bai Songling wiped his mouth and nodded. This lie must be kept hidden from Imperial Consort Xi for the rest of her life.