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Chapter 231.2 - Mysterious Intruder

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     [Tsk, just can’t figure her out. She’s so beautiful looking, why must she like women? With her looks and level of cultivation, one really wouldn’t know what kind of a woman would be able to catch her eye.]

    The forbidden grounds looked no different from the last time she came into this place. It was said that many people had come the last time seeking to get their hands on the Sacred Buddha Palm Lotus but most of them had died in here.

    “Little Burrow, help me sense if there is any aura fluctuations nearby.” Qing Yu said.

    Zang Mai acknowledged and his beautiful gold and silver eyes immediately clouded over with a white glow before recovering back to it original state a little while later.


    The youth shook his head with a frown. “I did not sense anything. And….. not to mention aura fluctuations, I did not find any signs of life at all.”

    “How did it become like this?” Qing Yu asked in surprise.

    She clearly remembered that when she came here the last time, she was attacked by a whole bunch of maniacal spirit beasts.

    [No signs of life?]

    She would naturally trust Little Burrow’s words completely as this fella’s senses had always been much sharper than hers, so he could not have been mistaken about this.

    Zang Mai was also looking rather doubtful as he shook his head to say: “Mistress, we have better be a little more wary. Devilry’s definitely afoot when things turn strange.”

    Qing Yu’s face was grave as she nodded.

    On another side of the forbidden grounds at that moment, the air rippled strangely and two people suddenly set foot into the place.

    One of the two people was a young man who looked to be in his twenties, but his face was ominously expressionless and the aura emitting from his body felt highly sinister and oppressive, heavy and suffocating.

    “You’re sure this is the place?”

    “The Lord’s divining skills have never been wrong and if we are able to complete the mission this time, our Lord would definitely win high merit for it.”

    “Let’s split up and move separately.”


    After wandering around for a good while behind Qing Yu, Lu Ji could not help but open her mouth to ask: “Miss Qing, what do you really want to do coming into this place?”

    Qing Yu remained silent for a moment before she replied: “My mother’s soul fragments are in here and I need to bring her out.”

    The young lady’s aura suddenly turned gloomy, causing Lu Ji to be taken aback. After a while, Lu Ji raised her head and looked at the young lady. “I will help you.”

    Hearing that, Qing Yu smiled slightly at the woman and replied in a soft voice: “Thank you.”

    For an instant, Lu Ji felt as if her heart had been struck by that smile.

    Her charming eyes subconsciously lowered, seemingly trying to hide how flustered she had felt for a moment.

    The silence did not last for long. Just as they had taken several steps forward, a heavy tremor suddenly rocked the ground, and a very large crack appeared.