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Chapter 231.3 - Mysterious Intruder

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     The silence did not last for very long. Just as they have taken a few steps forward, a violent tremor rocked the ground they were on, and a huge crack appeared on its surface.

    Qing Yu was in mid step and still had one foot lifted up in the air when the ground suddenly split wide open, very nearly making her step into empty nothingness to fall in. She had just managed to steady herself when another violent tremor shook, and the two people fell straight down the chasm.

    They spun dizzyingly, but both of them were fortunately able to react fast enough, quickly righting themselves. Descending at a very fast speed, they came to land firmly on their feet.

    Lu Ji was still able to remain calm and composed because she was confident of her own powers. However, when she looked at the young lady beside her, she did not see the slightest hint of panic or fear either, her moves nimble and agile when they landed. Against her frail and harmless outward appearance, her skills were in a completely different world.

    Her gaze could not help but deepen as she suddenly recalled Lian Ji’s words.

    [This young lady was something whom even the Overlord treats differently and hence there must be something exceptional about her. She isn’t a person that any of them can afford to anger and she must remember to keep a respectful distance.]

    “What is going on here?” Qing Yu raised an eyebrow and stomped her foot on the ground. It was hard sandstone beneath her feet.

    Raising her head to look up, she could not see the slightest sliver of light. A corner of her mouth twitched involuntarily. How far down have they fallen below the surface?

    It was clearly still bright and sunny outside but it looked like they have fallen down a bottomless pit, so dark that a person would not be able to see their hands before their face. If she did not possess night vision, she would have been completely blind at that moment.

    [So what caused that violent tremor just now?]

    She was deep in thought when the ground beneath her feet shook again, this time the shaking accompanied by an earth shattering rage filled roar, so loud that their ears hurt.

    Qing Yu was a little taken aback before she turned towards the golden haired youth, her face highly suspicious. “Didn’t you say that there was absolutely no sign of life in here? That roar sounded very much like it had come from a spirit beast.”

    Zang Mai expressed innocence and shrugged his shoulders to say: “I really did not sense any sign of life earlier. That roar from a spirit beast tells us of two possibilities. One, we are far too deep underground and this place has a shrouding effect around it, that stopped me from detecting this place. Two, that roar had not come out from a spirit beast itself but was just a kind of powerful spirit aura left behind from a spirit beast before it died, to intimidate intruders into retreating.”

    After hearing him out, without knowing why, Qing Yu seemed to feel….. that the second option was more plausible.

    [But, intruders?]

    [Could it be….. Someone had come into this place before her?]

    When that thought came into her mind, she immediately said to Zang Mai: “Little Burrow, lead the way. See where that sound came from.”

    “Yes Mistress.” The youth said, and his body went walking off in a certain direction. “Mistress, follow closely behind me.”