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Chapter 698 - Applying Medicine on Her Wounds

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 698: Applying Medicine on Her Wounds

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    Wen Xinya’s head was bandaged in white gauze, which accentuated the paleness of her haggard face. There were tinges of red on her pale face, which made her look like a fragile glass doll.

    Feeling sorry for her, Si Yiyan planted a kiss on her forehead.

    He then caressed her forehead again. Just like the doctor had mentioned, her fever had already begun to subside.

    Si Yiyan then applied some medicine on her wounds.

    Her jade-like skin was now covered in bruises and grotesque abrasions. His pupils constricted and stared at her smooth skin, which was the result of his tender care and affection. Whenever they got intimate with each other, he would caress her skin and admire it beneath the dim, yellow light, watching it glow like a shiny pearl. Her fair skin was pure like ivory, completely irresistible to him. Yet, she was now covered in bruises and wounds. He felt nothing except heartache.

    Si Yiyan cleaned her wounds carefully with some antiseptic solution and made sure to be as gentle as he could, for fear that he would hurt her.

    “Ouch!” Wen Xinya seethed in pain and instinctively began to quiver while clutching the snowy sheets tightly.

    Si Yiyan’s hand trembled and he stared at the abrasions on her arm, which were so deep that her flesh was exposed. She was no longer bleeding and the blood had already dried up and stuck to her flesh. He knew that the stinging pain would be unbearably excruciating when the antiseptic solution came into contact with her wound.

    He comforted her softly and said, “Be good, bear with it. Your wounds will get infected if they’re not cleaned properly. It won’t hurt in a while.”

    The tension in Wen Xinya’s body was released after hearing his words. Her pale lips quivered and a frown creased her forehead.

    Si Yiyan then focused on cleaning her wounds.

    Unable to take the pain, Wen Xinya began wincing and mumbling, “It hurts, it hurts…”

    Si Yiyan began to get tense again and said, “Xinya, I’m sorry. I’ll try my best to be gentle.”

    However, he still continued to cause her pain.

    Wen Xinya’s red and swollen face turned pale and she slipped into a daze while trying to bear with the pain. “Si Yiyan, I’m in so much pain…”

    Breaking out in cold sweat, Si Yiyan continuously kissed her on the lips. “It won’t hurt anymore in a short while. Be good… go to sleep and you’ll be fine after you wake up!”

    However, Wen Xinya could not process his words at all and instead continued to complain about being in pain.

    Wen Xinya suddenly grimaced, pain written all over her face.

    Si Yiyan frantically asked, “Does your head hurt and do you feel like vomiting?”

    Due to the fever, she almost slipped into unconsciousness. Hence, the doctors did not administer her with any anesthesia and her fever began to fade. She also was beginning to sober up. Hence, the injuries on her head began to hurt because of the hemorrhages which gave her nausea.

    Wen Xinya barfed and Si Yiyan hurriedly held her before placing the plastic bag below her mouth.

    Wen Xinya continued to barf hard, and whenever she did, she would be overwhelmed with pain and discomfort because of the contractions in her stomach that resulted from the fact that she had not had anything to eat for a long time.

    Si Yiyan was extremely sorry for her and wished he could take her place.

    At last, Wen Xinya stopped barfing after vomiting all her stomach acid and digestive fluids. However, she did not stop complaining about the pain!

    One hour had already passed by the time he finished cleaning her wounds and applying medicine on them. Although it was just a simple task, it took Si Yiyan lots of effort and time.

    Wen Xinya finally stopped complaining, though the frown on her forehead did not vanish.

    Noticing that she had calmed herself down, Si Yiyan sat on the chair, feeling weak and feeble while turning as pale as a sheet. However, there were tinges of purple on his face and his eyes were bloodshot. It was as if his blood vessels were spiderwebs.

    He took a deep breath, only to realize that he had broken out in cold sweat, which caused his shirt to stick to his back. He felt chilly and uncomfortable.

    He had no idea why he suddenly felt extremely cold.

    Si Yiyan looked up at Wen Xinya, only to realize that his vision had become blurry. He shook his head in a bid to clear his vision, but to no avail. He supported himself against the wall and opened the door of the ward.

    Gu Yuehan had been waiting outside the door. As soon as it opened, he exclaimed, “Ninth Young Master!”

    “Shh!” Si Yiyan hushed while placing his finger on his lips. He then scrambled out of the ward.

    Gu Yuehan’s heart almost jumped out of his chest. He looked at Si Yiyan and said, “Ninth Young Master, you…”

    Si Yiyan interrupted. “Have Old Mr. Wen and Old Mr. Mo come yet?”

    He could not take it anymore. It would be best for there to be family members by Wen Xinya’s side now that she was in a critical condition.

    Gu Yuehan frantically said, “They got here long ago. However, it was inappropriate because you’d been in Miss Wen’s ward. So, I arranged for them to wait at the doctor’s. They think that Miss Wen is still getting her wounds treated.”

    He had previously asked the doctor about Wen Xinya’s condition, to which the doctor answered that there were no serious issues with her apart from the severe head injury and abrasions. Yet, Si Yiyan was so concerned about it.

    He was suddenly reminded of the time when Wen Xinya was abducted by Fu Tianyang. Back then, Si Yiyan had also rushed to save Wen Xinya in spite of his injuries. He was determined to ensure Wen Xinya’s safety at all costs.

    The situation was exactly the same.

    It was as if Si Yiyan would share Wen Xinya’s pain all the time.

    Si Yiyan answered, “Get them to come here!”

    Gu Yuehan said in a raspy voice, “Ninth Young Master, you should also spare a thought for yourself. If your health is affected, how are you going to explain it to Miss Wen? If Miss Wen finds out about this, she’d definitely be miserable. You and Miss Wen still have a long way ahead. How could you not treasure your health?”

    Si Yiyan said, “I just wanted to make sure that she’s really alright. If she’s unwell, I’ll be unwell too. If she’s doing great, it’ll be the same for me!”

    They had a long way ahead with each other. He had kissed her forehead and vowed to take care of her, love her, pamper her and accompany her.

    Everything had to be built on a strong foundation.

    He understood that!