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Chapter 119 - Terrifying Little Mute

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 119: Terrifying Little Mute

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “I should raise some worms if I want to make this Poison Earthworm into a Poison Dispersion Pill.” Ye Jiuge estimated that she would use many Poison Earthworms in the future. If she were always going to the medicine store for them, it would be tough to keep it a secret.

    “The medicine stores under our Dongling Prince Mansion’s charge have a special hut for raising the Poison Earthworms. When the time comes, we’ll let them keep a good batch since it isn’t expensive,” said Bai Songling.

    “Ordinary Poison Earthworms’ lifespans are too short. I want to select a group of excellent eggs and raise them myself.” Ye Jiuge wanted to raise Poison Earthworms with a longer lifespan and greater utility.

    “No problem. I’ll take you to pick them right now.”

    The fact that Ye Jiuge wanted to improve the Poison Earthworms was a good thing for Bai Songling. The Dongling Prince Mansion had a large medicinal manor in the suburbs that, besides raising Poison Earthworms, also grew many precious herbs. After hearing that she needed them as medicinal ingredients, Chief Chen, the person in charge of the manor, personally led Bai Songling and Ye Jiuge to the hut where they were raising Poison Earthworms.

    There were huge baskets stacked inside the shed, all full of white, fat Poison Earthworms constantly being fed Poisonous Maple Leaves by four or five servants. The Poisonous Maple Leaves had a grayish color and were a little bit toxic—they were the worms’ main food. After eating the leaves, the Poison Earthworms spat out green saliva, which was the antidote for the Poisonous Maple Leaves, as well as an ingredient sold in the medicinal stores.

    Looking at the numerous white, fat worms, Bai Songling immediately felt his scalp go numb and asked Chief Chen, “Is there anyone here who has studied the Poison Earthworms? If so, let him or her pick a good batch for us.”

    Every specialty had its experts, so it was better to let them pick the batch rather than having Ye Jiuge personally choose her worms.

    “There are.” Chief Chen nodded and shouted toward the hut, “Little Mute, come here.”

    Hearing Chief Chen’s shout, a thin boy dressed in a dark blue robe walked out from the corner of the hut. He was about 11 years old and had a thin face; his big, dark eyes resembled those of a puppet. They had a terrifying vibe.

    Ye Jiuge felt like something was off as she looked at this little boy. She asked, “Who is he?”

    “This is the adopted son of my distant relative. He has no name, but we all call him ‘Little Mute.’ Although he can’t speak, he is very good at taking care of the medicinal insects. It’s because of him that these Poison Earthworms are raised so well.” Chief Chen was afraid that Bai Songling might accuse him of abusing his power to take care of his relative, so he quickly explained.

    “Alright, let him pick some good worms,” said Bai Songling indifferently.

    Such a little kid, and a mute on top of that! Even if he had no skills, the manor should still raise him. After hearing Bai Songling’s words, Little Mute took a basket and began to pick up the Poison Earthworms. Soon, he’d picked more than 100 worms and filled up the basket.

    “That’s enough,” said Ye Jiuge.

    She had already opened her Spiritual Eye and confirmed that the Poison Earthworms selected by Little Mute had the highest vitality and were indeed the best ones. Little Mute first looked at Chief Chen, and when he nodded, Little Mute stopped and silently put the basket in front of the visitors.

    “This boy is somewhat interesting,” Zi Shang’s lazy voice resounded in Ye Jiuge’s ears.

    “What’s interesting?” asked Ye Jiuge.

    “You’ll know after you bring him back with you.” Zi Shang smiled then said no more.

    Ye Jiuge had been accustomed to Zi Shang’s mysterious way of talking for some time. However, only extraordinary things attracted Zi Shang’s attention, and this Little Mute was no exception. Ye Jiuge made up her mind and decided to bring this Little Mute back with her, so she smiled and asked him, “Little Mute, I need someone to help me raise these Poison Earthworms. Would you like to come and help?”

    Little Mute didn’t accept or deny; he only stood there expressionless. It was almost as if he didn’t even hear Ye Jiuge’s question. Chief Chen knew that this boy was a blockhead. He was afraid that this might anger his lord, so he quickly said, “Miss, this boy is the servant of our manor. Since you want to take him away, you don’t need to ask his opinion.”

    “I asked him, not you.” Ye Jiuge was a little dissatisfied with Chief Chen’s way of viewing people as objects.

    “I said too much. I beg your pardon, miss.” Chief Chen was so scared that he started sweating and didn’t dare say another word.

    Ye Jiuge looked at Little Mute and continued, “If you come and work for me, you will have food and a place to live, 12 silvers every month, two days off every month, bonuses, and holidays. If you raise some good worms, you’ll even receive a reward. Also, 12 silvers are only the start.”

    These conditions were one hundred times better than being a servant at the manor. Even Chief Chen wanted to accept the offer for himself. He gave Little Mute an eye signal then quietly said, “Quickly accept!”

    Only then did Little Mute slowly nod his head.

    “Then, go back and pack your things and return with the Poison Earthworms,” Ye Jiuge immediately closed the deal.

    After Ye Jiuge successfully acquired Little Mute, she arranged a small courtyard behind the houses of Wan Ziyang and Bai Songling. This small courtyard had initially been part of the Dongling Prince Mansion, but it had already been given to Ye Jiuge.

    “Little Mute, you will live here from now on. Someone will come and help you with your three meals per day. You need to focus on helping me raise these Poison Earthworms,” Ye Jiuge said to him.

    Little Mute still looked like a blockhead and did not react. Ye Jiuge didn’t overthink it and continued, “I specifically called you here to raise the Poison Earthworms and increase their lifespan and detoxification effect. So, the feeding method will be different from before. First of all, these Poison Earthworms will be divided into three groups, and each group will be fed different ingredients. You should observe and compare them after they’ve been fed.”

    The ingredients Ye Jiuge had prepared were Leper Grass, Red Butterfly Piece, and Oleander. All poisonous herbs with toxicity levels higher than the Poisonous Maple Leaves.

    “Why bother with all this?” asked Zi Shang.

    “Don’t mind me. I like bothersome things,” replied Ye Jiuge.

    Although she knew Zi Shang probably had a better method, she had no benefits to offer him in exchange for it. She could only try things herself, which was fine for now, since there wasn’t any urgency.

    “I’m feeling good today, so I’ll tell you a method for free…” offered Zi Shang.

    After hearing the method, Ye Jiuge doubtfully asked, “Is that method real?”

    “You’ll know if it’s useful after you try it.”

    “Well, trying doesn’t require any money.” Ye Jiuge looked at Little Mute, transmitted the method that Zi Shang had given her, then said, “If you can help me raise better Poison Earthworms, I’ll give you a Spiritual Beast Pill.”

    Hearing this, Little Mute raised his head and looked at Ye Jiuge. A strange light flashed through his big dark eyes, making them shine like obsidian with an inexplicable sense of beauty. However, the light quickly disappeared, and his eyes returned to their usual deep darkness.