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Chapter 120 - Zi Shang’s Method: Demanding Kisses

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 120: Zi Shang’s Method: Demanding Kisses

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    “This boy doesn’t believe you.” There was a hint of schadenfreude in Zi Shang’s voice.

    How was this possible? She looked so kind and pure that everyone must have always believed her.

    Ye Jiuge put on a serious face as if she were treating a patient that had a secret disease, then solemnly said to the Little Mute, “I’m not interested in other things apart from the advanced version of the Poison Earthworms.”

    The Little Mute still had that distracted look on his face, as if he didn’t understand what was being said. However, Ye Jiuge had no time to talk to him. She told Bai Songling to take care of him and returned to the Zilin Residence.

    Imperial Consort Xi was going to return to the palace in three days. She was planning to use common Poison Earthworms to refine the Poison Detection Pill then change them to the advanced level after waiting for the Little Mute. Refining the simple version of the Poison Detection Pill was very easy. First, you needed to refine the pill; then, you had to seal the living Poison Earthworm inside it. However, this pill had to be dissolved at a very particular time—neither too late nor too early. It had to dissolve the moment it entered the stomach so that the Poison Earthworm could settle down smoothly.

    Ye Jiuge tried several kinds of materials and finally selected Erdong, Gastrodia, Golden Cypress, White Orchid, Wolfberry, Schisandra, and other herbs. Made in this way, not only would the pill dissolve well, but it would also nourish the spleen and kidney. Ye Jiuge ground the herbs into a powder, then mixed them with walnut oil and kneaded them until they became little pills. Then, she sealed up the Poison Earthworms inside. Creating a lot of pills would be useless, so Ye Jiuge stopped after she’d made ten pills.

    Zi Shang sensed that Ye Jiuge wanted to sleep and suddenly coiled up around her and teased, “Didn’t you forget something?”

    “What did I forget?” She was completely clueless.

    “You didn’t refine the Spiritual Beast Pill to exchange with that little boy for the Poison Earthworms.” Zi Shang had a vicious expression as he gripped Ye Jiuge’s ears and continued, “Or, don’t tell me that you want to profit without paying?”

    “Are you sure he can make an advanced version of the Poison Earthworm?” Ye Jiuge allowed Zi Shang to pull her ears and continued to put the newly made pills into the bottle.

    “Of course.” Zi Shang was having a great time pinching Ye Jiuge’s soft and meaty earlobes.

    “Then, I will refine one now, so can you please let go of my ears?” Ye Jiuge put down the jade bottle and politely asked.

    She had found that problems could be solved more quickly if she responded mildly, rather than instigating a violent confrontation.

    “Alright!” Zi Shang couldn’t do anything against this cute Ye Jiuge.

    Although Zi Shang released Ye Jiuge’s ears, he was still tightly wrapped around her. He really was a boneless snake. Ye Jiuge was already very numb to Zi Shang, but she still carried him around and began the difficult alchemy process.

    Fortunately, refining the Spiritual Beast Pill was not too challenging; everything worked well so long as the materials were thrown into the bronze cauldron. Although the bronze cauldron looked tattered and was very slow in refining the pills, it had a very high success rate. The Black Fat Rat’s saliva gave it a success rate of 100%, which saved Ye Jiuge a lot of trouble.

    “Why does Little Mute want this Spiritual Beast Pill? Don’t tell me he is raising some kind of spiritual beast?” asked Ye Jiuge. She hadn’t kicked Zi Shang away partly because she’d wanted to ask this.

    “Judging by his impoverished appearance, do you think he can afford to raise a spiritual beast?” Zi Shang was sitting in his favorite position, resting his chin on Ye Jiuge’s head.

    “Then why does he need a Spiritual Beast Pill?” Ye Jiuge didn’t understand.

    This expensive Spiritual Beast Pill was just like imported cat food. Except for cat slaves that paid tribute to their cat masters, ordinary people couldn’t buy it.

    “Obviously, it’s because he wants to eat it!” Zi Shang caressed Ye Jiuge’s head and narrowed his eyes.

    “He doesn’t have a spiritual beast. He can’t eat it himself!” said Ye Jiuge inconceivably.

    Don’t tell me Little Mute has a liking for strange food and likes eating Spiritual Beast Pills?

    “Guess!” As usual, Zi Shang was keeping things suspenseful and waited for Ye Jiuge’s conjecture.

    “If you don’t want to tell me, then forget it.” Ye Jiuge didn’t take the bait. She wasn’t interested in information that didn’t concern her.

    “You are not cute, Little Jiuge! You are getting harder and harder to deceive.”

    Zi Shang’s chin, which was resting on Ye Jiuge’s head, had already made a small nest in her hair. He suddenly smelled a strange smell.

    “How long has it been since you last washed your hair?” Zi Shang immediately got up and asked.

    “Not too long!”

    A month, at most! Ye Jiuge played dumb. Ever since she’d found out that Zi Shang liked to rest on her head, she purposely didn’t wash her hair so that she could suffocate him to death.

    “Wash it!” Zi Shang couldn’t stand his royal pillow being so dirty.

    “It’s my hair!” Ye Jiuge smirked inwardly: This lady likes a sour smell. What are you gonna do about it?

    However, she quickly learned that there were no happy endings for those who opposed tyrants. After disagreeing about washing her hair, Ye Jiuge was dragged by Zi Shang into a public bath and drenched in cold water, causing her to regret her actions deeply. She was soaked to the skin, and her thin clothes stuck to her body, revealing her graceful curves.

    “Have you forgotten that you still owe me two kisses?” Zi Shang complacently sized up Ye Jiuge’s body. Personally helping her open up her chest meridians hadn’t been in vain.

    “Wait until I change my clothes.” Ye Jiuge’s past experiences told her to run away.

    However, Zi Shang’s hands reached out and tightly embraced her, bringing their bodies even closer.

    “Let me go!” Ye Jiuge raised her foot to kick him. However, it was firmly locked in place by his tail.

    “Be good.” Zi Shang bowed his head and kissed Ye Jiuge’s cherry mouth, pushing her to the ground.

    Ye Jiuge felt as if her entire soul were being sucked away by Zi Shang’s frantic and crazy kiss. The pain was suffocating, and when Zi Shang released his hands for a moment, she delivered a kick to his stomach. However, the demon did not react; Zi Shang’s muscles were made of stone and incredibly hard.

    “You aren’t obedient!”

    Zi Shang’s hand slipped out and vigorously rubbed Ye Jiuge’s body. He squeezed Ye Jiuge’s newly-developed chest. The more she struggled and resisted, the more Zi Shang suppressed her. Their struggle even knocked down the public bath’s clothes hanger.

    Qing Mama happened to pass by. When she heard the sounds inside, she shouted, “Who’s in there?”

    Hearing Qing Mama’s voice, Ye Jiuge immediately shivered. She gripped Zi Shang’s shoulders and pushed him away. Zi Shang moved from her lips to her ears then bit her meaty earlobe. He was breathing right into her ear as if eating a delicious meal. This was Ye Jiuge’s very sensitive spot, and numbness spread out from her belly to her limbs. Her whole body was trembling, and even her voice became soft.

    “It’s me!”

    “Eldest Miss, why are you inside?” Qing Mama was surprised. Wasn’t the Eldest Miss in the Pill Production Room? When did she come out, and why did she go straight to the bath?

    “My head was too itchy, and I just couldn’t bear it, so I came to wash my hair. Help me prepare the hot water, quickly,” said Ye Jiuge while she tried to block Zi Shang’s fiery hands.