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Chapter 700 - Full of Bad Intentions

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 700: Full of Bad Intentions

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    After Wen Xinya had something to eat, the doctor came forth to give Wen Xinya a physical examination while the Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner removed the blood clots in the back of her head. After receiving some healing acupuncture, Wen Xinya finally felt like the pain on her head had subsided and she no longer felt as queasy as before. She then dozed off.

    By the time she woke up again, it was already four something in the afternoon and the sun was almost set. The orange sun seemed to have gradually lost its warmth, though it was still saturated and bright.

    The faint smell of cigarettes wafted up to Wen Xinya’s nose and she instinctively frowned before cocking her head towards the side to see Xu Zhenyu standing outside the window and smoking a cigarette.

    Wen Xinya could not help but chide him. “Young Master Xu, don’t you know that smoking is prohibited in the hospital? Don’t you know that smoking is harmful to the health of the patients? I can’t believe you’re a soldier. Don’t you know such basic knowledge?”

    Xu Zhenyu froze in shock and immediately snubbed his cigarette before striding towards the bed. “Wen Xinya, you’re awake. Are you alright!?!”

    He had previously asked about her condition from the doctor. Apart from the severe injury on the back of her head and the abrasions on the other parts of her body, there were no major issues with her health. However, he knew that not only was she physically hurt, she was also emotionally traumatized because of the abduction. He had once rescued a hostage who had suffered emotional trauma and took almost three months of psychiatric treatment to recover.

    Hence, he immediately rushed to the hospital as soon as he was done handling his work. However, she was already asleep when he arrived.

    Wen Xinya stared at his bloodshot eyes which were shaped like peach flowers and the look of worry on his face. Feeling rather touched, she said, “Xu-er, I’m alright. Don’t worry.”

    Xu Zhenyu scrutinized her face carefully, only to realize that she looked rather frail and haggard. She lied down in bed and huddled up, making her look even smaller and fragile. However, he was relieved to see that she seemed to be more energized.

    The thought of the terrifying experience of her getting abducted made his heart palpitate, and he felt an urge to smoke in a bid to suppress his feelings of anxiety.

    Wen Xinya thought about the moment he appeared out of the blue, just as she was feeling hopeless. She exclaimed softly, “Xu Zhenyu, thank you!”

    Xu Zhenyu was filled with misery upon hearing her words, because he thought that they were close enough for her to find it unnecessary to thank him. He flicked his finger against her head and said, “Wen Xinya, the doctor said that you suffered a huge impact on your head which resulted in a severe injury. Did you knock yourself silly?”

    Wen Xinya pressed her hand against her forehead and glowered at him. “You’re the one who’s silly.”

    Xu Zhenyu glanced at her and said, “If you’re not silly, why did you thank me? We’re already so close. Is there a need to thank me? Besides… I’m a civil servant; saving lives is my duty. Don’t insult my work ethic.”

    Wen Xinya clucked her tongue against the roof of her mouth and burst into laughter. “Trust you to have the cheek to sound so high and mighty. Don’t insult work ethics. Haha… I can’t take it anymore! I can’t laugh. Once I laugh, my head will hurt…”

    Wen Xinya rubbed her forehead while trying to stop herself from laughing.Read more chapter on

    Xu Zhenyu’s face grew sullen and he said, “Wen Xinya, you’re so heartless. When you were abducted, who was the one who went through painstaking efforts to save you? I fought those abductors for you. Forget it if you’re not grateful. Yet, you still criticized me. Who does that?”

    Wen Xinya giggled and said, “Didn’t you tell me not to insult your work ethic?”

    She emphasized the words.

    Xu Zhenyu glowered at Wen Xinya silently, though he felt relieved to see that she was still energetic. “Wen Xinya, you said that it’s not your year this year. Yet, you were actually so unlucky as to meet with such a mishap. Do you think… this is your retribution for failing to accumulate good merit?”

    Wen Xinya’s face grew sullen and she threw her pillow at Xu Zhenyu. “Go to hell, you jinx! As soon as I answered your call, I was taken away by those three abductors.”

    Xu Zhenyu frantically caught the pillow and exclaimed, “Hey, Wen Xinya! I was kind enough to give you a reminder. You were the one who forgot to check the Lunar calendar before you left home. How could you blame me for it? How unreasonable of you!”

    Wen Xinya hurriedly covered her ears and said agitatedly, “If you don’t wish to say it, so be it.”

    Xu Zhenyu’s mouth twitched and he said angrily, “No wonder they say that women are the pettiest. That’s absolutely correct.”

    Wen Xinya glanced at him from sideways and said, “Xu Zhenyu, there are many other ways for you to court death.”

    Xu Zhenyu immediately tensed up and leaned closer towards Wen Xinya. “I’m a man. I’ll only die in glory for my country. Courting death is too cowardly.”

    Wen Xinya snorted with laughter again.

    Xu Zhenyu took out a pair of blood diamond earrings and put them on for her. “Don’t lose these again.”

    “Okay!” Wen Xinya exclaimed while touching the studs on her ear. It turns out she had been feeling weird because the ear studs had fallen off her ears.

    Xu Zhenyu was thrilled to see her touching the ear studs. “Wen Xinya, you heartless little imp. I risked my life to save yours and yet, you escaped with a wild man. You made me work so hard for nothing.”

    Xu Zhenyu could not help but feel exasperated at the thought of himself getting backstabbed. Most importantly, the vicious man was associated with Wen Xinya too.

    Upon hearing his words, Wen Xinya hit Xu Zhenyu with the pillow. “Savage? Who are you calling a savage? Xu Zhenyu, are you asking for a beating?”

    Xu Zhenyu’s heart ached as if it was devoured by a dog. How could she defend another man? “I put in so much effort into saving you and he stole my credit. Tell me… who is he? I must go and meet him.”

    Was he the man who saved her from Fu Tianyang?

    He began to get flustered out of nowhere. He had lost to him once and yet, he lost to him yet again. It was as if his first failure had determined the trajectory for the rest of his life.

    Wen Xinya said calmly, “Oh, you probably know him. I remember you asking me about him when I was rescued after Fu Tianyang kidnapped me.”

    Xu Zhenyu’s heart sunk. Indeed, it was that man. “What the heck!?! He’s just full of bad intentions. What a sly, cunning fox.”

    Wen Xinya burst into laughter and rolled on the bed, unable to contain her amusement. Xu Zhenyu had merely crossed paths with Si Yiyan twice and yet, he already knew that Si Yiyan was smart and intelligent. Given how sharp Xu Zhenyu was, it was little wonder that he could be promoted to a Major within just two years of joining the military.