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Chapter 121 - Legendary Venomous Insect: The Little Mute’s Method

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 121: Legendary Venomous Insect: The Little Mute’s Method

    “I’ll go and prepare some hot water,” Qing Mama announced. Then, she turned and

    left. She felt incompetent because she hadn't realized that Eldest Miss's head was

    unbearably itchy.

    “You really can't bear the itch?” Zi Shang whispered softly into Ye Jiuge's ear. His

    wicked hands began to move.

    “Zi Shang, d*mn you, can't you warn me before you're in heat?” If Ye Jiuge had

    known that her unwashed hair would compel Zi Shang to touch her in such a way,

    she would have shaved it all off.

    “My estrous cycle is coming soon, you'll need to adapt,” Zi Shang said earnestly.

    This girl's development is too slow, when will he be able to taste her? The wait is


    “You have an estrous cycle?” Ye Jiuge’s skin crawled.

    Was her tiny figure sturdy enough for Zi Shang to trample on even once?

    “You’ll know when it comes.” Zi Shang was reluctant to part and he rubbed Ye

    Jiuge's head before returning into her mark.

    Just then, Qing Mama and Zhen Zhu brought the hot water. Qing Mama knocked,

    saying, “Eldest Miss, the hot water has been prepared.”

    “Come in!” Ye Jiuge did not feel like moving.

    When Qing Mama entered and saw Ye Jiuge's scattered hair and messy clothes,

    she did not overthink it. After all, who dressed perfectly in the bathroom? With Qing

    Mama and Zhen Zhu’s help, Ye Jiuge finished her bath. Then, she collapsed onto

    her bed, unable to move.

    When she woke, it was daybreak. Ye Jiuge was stretching herself on her bed when

    she suddenly remembered the Spiritual Beast Pill, which she’d produced halfway last

    night. Speedily, she sprung out of bed.

    Oh no, oh no! After this long, it must be destroyed.

    Ye Jiuge rushed fretting into the Pill Production Room and opened the small bronze

    cauldron. Nine round Spiritual Beast Pills waited inside. To her surprise, they emitted

    a faint glow. They were second grade Spiritual Beast Pills.

    “Pipi!” The Black Fat Rat jumped onto the small bronze cauldron. It pushed out its

    chubby chest to express that this result had occurred because of its contribution.

    “Well done. I shall increase your wages.” Ye Jiuge gave the Black Fat Rat a thumbs-


    “Pipi Jam!” The Black Fat Rat wasn't interested in wages, it just wanted to please

    King Zi Shang.

    “No problem,” reassured Ye Jiuge, “I'll put in a good word for you.”

    Feeling pleased, Ye Jiuge stashed the Spiritual Beast Pills in a bag together with the

    Poison Detection Pill, which she had produced last night. After breakfast, she went to

    find Bai Songling.

    When Bai Songling saw Ye Jiuge, he expressed his relief, “You're just in time.”

    “What’s wrong?” Ye Jiuge asked Bai Songling curiously.

    “The Little Mute locked himself in his room last night and has yet to come out. He

    hasn't eaten dinner, and I have no idea what's going on,” he replied.

    Bai Songling worried that the Little Mute was employing Ye Jiuge's secret technique

    for producing Poison Earthworms; he wouldn't dare act blindly. Ye Jiuge's eyebrow

    arched. Is the Little Mute really developing evolved Poison Earthworms?

    “If you can, please take a look. I need to head over to the Dongling Prince Mansion,

    so I can’t accompany you.” Bai Songling had something urgent to attend to.

    “I’ll head there now. Go ahead and do what you need to!”

    After bidding farewell to Bai Songling, Ye Jiuge reached the house where the Little

    Mute was staying. Inside, it was quiet. On the table outside the house sat two large

    red wooden food boxes. Ye Jiuge opened them; the dishes inside were nutritious.

    The main breakfast dish consisted of thin porridge and steamed buns, some

    vegetables, corn, sweet potato, and other coarse grains. The two meat patties also

    smelled delicious. Bai Songling had certainly been considerate of the creature.

    Ye Jiuge closed the food boxes then faked a cough. “Little Mute, what are you doing


    The wooden door creaked open. The Little Mute’s snow-white face appeared behind

    the door. His red lips and his large black eyes gave him a frightening appearance.

    Why did her skin crawl every time she saw him?

    She pointed to the food on the table and said, “You must be hungry. Eat something


    The Little Mute did not look at the food. Instead, he gestured for Ye Jiuge to follow

    him inside, so she grudgingly went into the dark house with sealed windows and

    doors. The further she went, the more she felt that something was wrong. A strange

    odor reached the tip of her nose. It smelled a little like blood, but different.

    She looked carefully and observed a jug in the corner of the dark house—the source

    of the strange smell. The Little Mute stood beside the jug and pointed to it, indicating

    for her to take a look. Curious, Ye Jiuge lowered her head. Suddenly, a tiny black

    shadow shot out of the jug and attacked her face.

    Just as Ye Jiuge was about to retaliate, two of the Little Mute's fingers clasped the

    black shadow. Immediately, it went limp, like a strand of noodles. The black shadow

    was a black Poison Earthworm, which was larger than an ordinary Poison

    Earthworm. Its entire body was pitch black, and it emanated vigorous vitality. It was

    easy to see that this was no ordinary creature, but it also differed from a normal

    evolved Poison Earthworm.

    The Little Mute's right hand gripped the black Poison Earthworm and offered it to Ye

    Jiuge. His left hand unfolded—a clear sign that he wanted to make a trade. She took

    out the Spiritual Beast Pill and handed it to him, then asked, “How did you develop

    this Poison Earthworm?”

    The Little Mute received the Spiritual Beast Pill and sniffed. His eyes immediately lit

    up with pleasant surprise. He seemed satisfied with the Spiritual Beast Pill that Ye

    Jiuge had given him. Carefully, he stashed it away. Next, he drew a circle in front of

    his chest and explained that the circle represented a bamboo winnowing basket. He

    pretended to pour the contents of the bamboo winnowing basket into the jug. Ye

    Jiuge understood at once.

    “You poured the Poison Earthworms from the winnowing basket into the jug so that

    they’d massacre each other, and this is the only one left?” she asked.

    Since such a bloody and cruel method had developed the Poison Earthworm, it was

    no surprise that the thing looked unnatural. The small mute nodded and turned to

    leave. Outside, he opened the food boxes and began to eat. Seeing how he wolfed

    down his meal, the question arose in Ye Jiuge's mind: Where did this Little Mute

    come from?

    The method he'd detailed resembled the way the Miao people had once raised their

    legendary venomous insects. It could only be done using a unique secret technique.

    Furthermore, he’d caught the Poison Earthworm with his bare hands; this child was

    no ordinary orphan.

    The Little Mute ignored Ye Jiuge's inquisitive gaze. After he devoured all his food, he

    wiped his mouth using his sleeves and returned to the dark house to rest.

    “Wait!” Ye Jiuge called out. “Can you continue developing this kind of Poison


    The Little Mute raised his skinny fingers and showed her the pill. His meaning was

    clear: as long as Ye Jiuge had Spiritual Beasts Pills, she could trade for Poison

    Earthworms anytime.