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Chapter 231.4 - Mysterious Intruder

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     In the darkness, it was hard to see the expression on her face, but Qing Yu suddenly went to pull at Lu Ji’s hand at that moment and said in a soft voice: “Hold on to me. Don’t get separated.”

    Lu Ji paused for a moment and her hand unconsciously tensed up, as she reached her hand out to hold Qing Yu.


    At the spot which had been the source of that angry roar, two white human figures flew back out and did a backflip in the air, before landing steadily on the ground.

    They had come close to what seemed like a mountain cave.

    “Heh, wonder what kind of a spirit beast’s aura is guarding this place. It’s quite a troublesome one.” One of the two figures said in a cold voice.

    “With just the spirit beast’s broken remnant consciousness, it’s already so powerful. It must have been really powerful when it was alive, at least the twelfth level and above. But….. the limits of this low leveled realm seemed to allow only spirit beasts up to the tenth level to exist, so this was rather bizarre.” The other person reasoned.

    “It looks like we’ll have to deal with this remnant spirit aura first before we’ll be able to retrieve the item inside.”

    “Fortunately, with the Lord’s farsightedness, it is already immediately helping us.”

    Hearing that, the two people starting chanting and a large skull head exuding pure evil came out from their bodies, shrill and ear piercingly strange laughter coming out from its mouth as it slipped into the narrow little mountain cafe.

    The next moment, the powerful roar of the spirit beast that previously sounded was heard again, now become one of horror and fear. Powerful forces clashed repeatedly inside the mountain cave and the spirit beast’s remnant consciousness started to become weaker but stubbornly refused to dissipate, like it was fighting with all it had to guard something.

    “Haha, death is almost upon it but it’s still putting up such a useless struggle. We’ll just wait. For ten breaths at most, and it will have disappeared without a single trace left.”

    The white clothed man laughed arrogantly, but his boisterous laughter had not boomed out fully when the expression on his face was overtaken by a malevolent look. “Who is it?”

    The man beside him seemed to have sensed something as well as his expression became wary as well.

    From within the depths of darkness, two people came walking out, and there were Qing Yu and Lu Ji coming this way.

    Qing Yu threw a measuring gaze over the two strangely dressed men, their clothes the likes of something she had never seen before in front of her. Her expression was indifferent as she countered: “And who are your people?”

    They did not look like people from any of the Three Great Sects.

    Hearing that, the white clothed man did not answer her question but merely stiffened his lips malevolently and said: “We are the people who will send you down into Hell.”

    Their spirit auras flared out in an instant which caused Lu Ji’s eyes to darken. “You are people who came down from Cloud Heaven! Who sent you? And for what purpose! ?”

    To think that people from Cloud Heaven had actually come all the way down to such a low leveled realm, and had so coincidentally appeared here in this place. There must be some nefarious reason behind it.

    Upon hearing that Lu Ji was able to see through them, the two people could not help but be slightly taken aback for a moment. But they recovered very quickly and retorted: “You’re also from Cloud Heaven? In that case, do not interfere with our business.”