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Chapter 232.1 - Treasure The Spirit Beast Was Closely Guarding

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

    Those rude words that sounded almost like a command immediately caused Lu Ji’s face to darken further. Ha, as someone from the Dark Lands, the Overlord had been highly indulgent and protective over them, never allowing anyone to bully his people from the Dark Lands, or he would pay them back a hundred fold.

    Hence, people from the Dark Lands were innately haughty and proud, and Lu Ji was no different as well. She was already carrying an instinctive sense of enmity towards those two people and it was becoming harder to contain the hatred in her heart.

    “Don’t be rash.” Qing Yu held Lu Ji’s arm, and shook her head slightly.

    “Mistress, there are extremely powerful spirit energy fluctuations in this cave.” The golden haired youth said softly, but the expression on his face was a little puzzled. “But….. the spirit aura does not seem to be from a human, but a divine beast.”

    “What?” Qing Yu’s eyes widened in surprise. “A divine beast?”

    A creature that was so rare that they existed only in legends, super spirit beasts that were more powerful than peak level spirit beasts that have reached several tens in their levels. Only then, could they be called divine beasts.

    But….. in a low leveled realm like the Constellation Lands, how could the aura of a divine beast possibly exist? One might not even be able to find such a thing in the White Fens Lands.

    This was really too astounding.

    “Little Burrow, are you absolutely certain of that?” Qing Yu knitted up her brows to ask.

    The youth did not immediately reply and then went on to simply say: “Just listen to the sounds in there.”

    The two white clothed men continued to relentlessly attack the thing inside the cave, and she seemed to be able to sense that the angry roar she heard earlier sounded like it was crying out in sadness and despair, a lot softer now, which caused a feeling of sadness to surge up inside her heart.

    It seemed to have sensed it impending death, its roars no longer resisting that strongly as it fought, but seemingly still filled with a sliver of hope in a desperate cry for help.

    [Save me, I beg you to save me. I must not die.]

    That’s right, it was crying for help.

    That was the message that came into her mind in that instant as she heard the sound coming out from inside the cave.

    Qing Yu could not help but be surprised when she discovered that she could actually understand what the roars were trying to convey. But before she could give it any further thought, she found that the roars were growing softer and softer.

    Zang Mai and his Mistress had always been linked in their minds and he immediately knew what her intentions were. He then asked Qing Yu: “Mistress, you want to save it?”

    Qing Yu’s eyes grew deep before she came to say in a calm voice: “Yes, of course we must.”

    “Those two people’s cultivation powers are not to be underestimated, their entire persons emitting a highly evil aura. It is not advisable for Mistress to move against them so you can just leave it to me.”

    After the youth finished saying that, he immediately moved stealthily away from Qing Yu’s side. He usually moved about in an invisible state and other people were not able to see him at all. It was only when he engaged in battle that he would automatically come to reveal himself.