Divine Card Creator

Chapter 180 - The Death of Swordsman Wu Hongfei!

Chapter 180: The Death of Swordsman Wu Hongfei! Atlas Studios  Atlas Studios Qing Ming City. At the shop. Lu Ming and Xiaobai wore solemn expressions. The two of them stared at the corner of the box and smelled the blood stench that drifted out of it, bracing for a fight. They even pulled out the Original Card. Blood… What… could be inside? Lu Ming’s heart was heavy. Looking at this box and making connections with the hundreds of martial arts dramas that he had watched in his past life, could this be a head sent by the enemy? It was horrifying! He was not familiar with anyone… Could it be Zhang Xiaopang’s head? Oh. It certainly could not accommodate his skull. Well… Lu Ming looked at it worriedly. This delivery was exquisitely wrapped and sealed. It must be something extraordinary. If it was from his sister, she would definitely tell him about it. Therefore… This thing… “Well…” Lu Ming pondered for a moment. “Shall we throw the Original Card in to take a look?” He glanced at the gap. It should not be a problem to throw the Original Card in. “Okay.” Xiaobai nodded obediently. The Original Card was silent. Y-you betrayed me just like that? “Don’t be a coward,” Lu Ming encouraged. “This is a good chance to train. As an Original Card and one that wants to confront Sword Embryos directly, you need to have a minimum of courage” “Yes,” Xiaobai said seriously. “Original Card, you’ve already grown up and need to train yourself to be bolder.” The Original Card shivered. “Coward.” Lu Ming eventually did not throw the Original Card inside. There was no other reason. It would be stained easily. This Original Card ultimately belonged to Xiaobai. If it was stained by some unknown liquid, especially blood or something, it would affect her cultivation. “I will do it.” He took a deep breath. It was just a delivery stained with blood. What was there to be afraid of?! If there was truly a problem, most probably it would not pass the testing by the detector machine at the place of delivery. Therefore, even if there was a problem, it would not be something dangerous! Shush! Lu Ming opened the package. Inside it… was a very clean bottle. It was very well sealed. There were even many protective layers surrounding it. Logically, there should not be any smell. However, due to the rough handling of the package by the courier company, some of the blood seeped out and they could smell it. Well… So, that was what happened. “A bottle of blood?” Curious, Xiaobai blinked her big eyes. “Let me look at it.” Lu Ming was filled with curiosity too. He used the tissue to wipe it clean and then gingerly took out the bottle of liquid. He was somewhat puzzled. After all, who would send him a bottle of liquid? Oh? Was it the blood of a ferocious beast that his sister obtained from a legacy site? Eh? That was possible! Therefore, Lu Ming sent his sister a message. “Sister, did you send anything to me?” Very soon… He received a response. “No.” “Is there anything that you want? There are six-star metallic monsters at the legacy site here. I can sever some things and them over to you. There are also some horns that can increase network connectivity. Do you want them?” Lu Yan replied. “N-no need.” Lu Ming broke out in a sweat and declined quickly. His sister was that domineering. She could already kill six-star fearsome beasts now! However, wasn’t his sister at the legacy site? How could she still access internet?! That was strange… Lu Ming felt very puzzled. At this very moment… His communication device suddenly rang and there was an incoming call. Lu Ming picked up the call curiously and discovered that the caller was actually Miss Xiaoqing! “Hello.” Lu Ming nodded slightly. They had not seen each other for a long time since the Lunar Shadow legacy. “H-hello.” Miss Xiaoqing was as shy as ever. Her face was blushing as she glanced at Lu Ming embarrassingly. She asked in a soft voice, “Did you receive my thing?” Ah? Lu Ming had a puzzled look on his face. What thing? Wait a minute. His gaze landed on that bottle of blood before his eyes and suddenly shuddered all over. He looked at the lady in front of him in disbelief. “Y-you sent this thing?” “Yes.” Xiaoqing’s voice was as soft as that of a mosquito. Lu Ming was shocked! It was true. He never expected this thing to be sent by Miss Xiaoqing? Blood? A ferocious beast’s blood? It was not quite possible. This could only be… “Your blood?” Lu Ming’s mouth felt dry. “Yes.” Xiaoqing felt even more awkward. She said softly, “Didn’t you say that you wanted to do an experiment the last time… I-I retrieved some blood… I-I asked the doctor. A certain amount of blood donation can stimulate blood circulation in the body. S-so… there won’t be a problem. You… You can experiment with it first.” Xiaoqing’s voice turned increasingly softer until it became almost inaudible. Lu Ming was speechless. What else could he say?! Eh, what experiment did he want it for the last time? As such a long time had passed, he had already forgotten about it… Oh, release five hundred milliliters of blood before casting the Burial Mound Card… His mind was suddenly enriched greatly at that time… Cough. “Did I do something wrong?” Xiaobai sounded a little embarrassed. “No.” Lu Ming’s expression was serious. “Thank you very much! There is a research project where a critical factor is lacking. This is nice. With this, I can start experimenting then!” No matter what, he had to express his gratitude to this lady! “That’s good.” Gao Xiaoqing felt more reassured. After pausing for a moment, she said, “Please don’t misunderstand. You saved my brother and me at the legacy… I am just repaying your kindness.” “Don’t mention it.” Lu Ming smiled. “No matter what, thanks very much.” “Okay.” Gao Xiaoqing was prepared to hang up the phone. “Wait a minute.” Lu Ming suddenly recalled something that was related to the Bulls Card! Due to misunderstandings in the past, he had trampled this lady a few times, which resulted in a series of misunderstandings thereafter. Now, Miss Xiaoqing had found out everything… but her brother was still unaware! Lu Ming did not Gao Tianlang to suddenly chase him for his life after finding out the truth… That would be too dangerous! Although he had his sister as the backer, who the hell knew what Gao Tianlang would do under when angered. Even the law had sayings about crimes of passion… Especially— Gao Tianlang had a sister complex! “Did you tell your brother about our situation?” Lu Ming asked. “What situation?” Gao Xiaoqing was puzzled for a moment before coming to her senses. She blushed instantly and said embarrassingly, “N-no.” “Find a chance to tell him.” Lu Ming sighed. It was better to take the initiative to bring up this kind of thing. “I-I’ll find a suitable time to speak to my brother,” Gao Xiaoqing said softly. “Okay, that’s good.” Lu Ming felt more at ease. “I-I know.” Gao Xiaoqing hung up the phone anxiously. Although she was very clear that sending blood to Lu Ming was to repay him out of gratitude for the Lunar Shadow legacy, it was a private belonging after all… She felt very frantic discussing this. Furthermore, the matter about the bulls… She did not know how to face it. She felt very perplexed. And… How should she tell her brother about this? What if her brother were to think that she had a mental problem? What should she do then? Sigh. Miss Xiaoqing began to contemplate worriedly. However… She was unaware that, at the corner of the passageway, a figure was listlessly leaning on the ground with a blank gaze, looking very desolate. The rays of light from outside the windows were shining on their pale face. It was actually Gao Tianlang! “It’s done for,” Gao Tianlang muttered to himself. The thing that he was most fearful of had really come true. Lu Ming this brat. He did not know when he had messed around with his sister… Look. She even sent him her blood! And… They were even thinking of telling him about a situation… What situation? Could she be pregnant?! Gao Tianlang trembled and suddenly got up. No! Wrong! If she was pregnancy, he would be able to sense it… However, judging from the look of it, the two of them were definitely together. This would not do. Even if she was not pregnant now, it would happen sooner or later! This would not do! No way! Gao Tianlang suddenly perked up. Beat Lu Ming up? This was not possible. With Lu Yan around, he could not do so at all, unless… He fought with Lu Yan first! It was impossible to have a one-on-one challenge with her! Most probably, he could never beat Lu Yan in a one-on-one challenge… However… After thinking, Gao Tianlang dialed a familiar number. “Wu Hongfei, my sister wants to be with Lu Ming. Where are you?!” Wu Hongfei was speechless. Damn! You thought of me at such a time? However, since the call had reached him, the situation seemed very serious. But what did it have to do with him? “Yesterday, brother-in-law gave me a cold shoulder. Today, even if you address me as your brother-in-law, I…” Wu Hongfei said gloomily. “Do you wish to die?” Gao Tianlang’s murderous intent was obvious. Oh. Crap! Wu Hongfei shut up. His sister complex was seemingly very active. “Are they really together?” Wu Hongfei was shocked. “Yes.” Gao Tianlang’s tone was sullen. “Why would Miss Xiaoqing fancy Lu Ming?” Wu Hongfei said quietly. “He’s a ‘sister boy’. What’s so good about him?” After so long, Gao Tianlang still had not regained his senses. Sister boy… Damn. What kind of new term was this? After coming back to his senses, Oh, it probably means one of those kids who obey their sister’s words. However, when he reflected carefully on the relationship between Lu Yan and Lu Ming, Lu Ming seemed to be the more domineering one… He could remember vaguely. When he got out of the prison that day, he saw Lu Ming pressing Lu Yan beneath him… Although it was in the water… It felt strange. This kind of character did not seem like a yes-man… Nevertheless, regardless of Lu Ming’s character, he seemed stronger than Wu Hongfei. You are actually that shameless to look down on others? “Cut out your nonsense,” Gao Tianlang said unhappily. “Just tell me if you will join the fight. The two of us can challenge Lu Yan together. She will definitely agree. If we win, it will be easy to resolve Xiaoqing’s matter.” Wu Hongfei was speechless. Look. This term was so brilliantly used. It was two against one and yet, you used the term ‘if’. This was too saddening. Furthermore, the main point was… “Even two of us can’t beat her,” Wu Hongfei said sorrowfully. “It’s not a problem. I’m six-star now,” Gao Tianlang said in a low voice. What?! Wu Hongfei’s heart trembled violently. Six-star?! He vaguely remembered this guy was only four-star some time ago. He was five-star during the Lunar Shadow legacy and six-star now?! No matter how talented he was, was it that easy to have a breakthrough?! Or perhaps… It was because of the agitation? He heard that his sister complex would be constantly aggravated by his sister’s problems… Ouch. According to sources, such aggravation was not any lesser than the stimulation from life-and-death situations… Oo, should he get his parents to give birth to a younger sister for him to prepare for his breakthrough? Forget it. Wu Hongfei had a sudden realization. Perhaps… He should have long decided some things. “Are you coming or not?” Gao Tianlang asked. “No, thanks.” Wu Hongfei shook his head. “I won’t intervene in the affairs of a Swordsman again. As for me and Miss Xiaoqing. Who told us that we lacked the affinity…” Bam! Gao Tianlang hung up the phone immediately. Forget it that you declined. What useless crap about affinity and fate. Hell… Even if Xiaoqing was not with Lu Ming, she would not have anything to do with you, Wu Hongfei… Challenging Lu Yan… Forget it. He would wait a while. Gritting his teeth, Gao Tianlang went to cultivate again. At this very moment… Wu Hongfei was filled with regrets as he glanced at the call that was hung up. “Brother Tianlang has been led astray… He knows how to make use of people now. Speaking of this. What will be my journey ahead?” Wu Hongfei looked ahead of him. Talent… Cultivation path… Why was he still hesitating? Clearly, he was prepared to switch careers recently and even picked up the techniques of a cleric. Why hadn’t he make his decision to start afresh? Even Lu Yan had re-cultivated numerous times… What was he afraid of?! Or perhaps, he thought of Senior Qiu Shuyi previous words… Perhaps… Right from the beginning, he was on the wrong path! He was sure that if he were to continue on the path of Swordsman, he would be stuck at six-star forever, treading on this slow and long journey for the remaining years of his life… Was this really what he wanted? No. It was not! Wu Hongfei’s gaze became firm. He.. had to create his own path! Bang! He suddenly stood up. Horrifying thoughts shot into the sky. The long sword that had accompanied him for an unknown period of time suddenly disintegrated and transformed into endless thoughts that entered his body constantly… Henceforth, five-star Swordsman Wu Hongfei died! In the future, please call me… Cleric Wu Hongfei!