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Chapter 123 - Detoxify: Mutual Destruction

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 123: Detoxify: Mutual Destruction

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    As her heart raced, Ye Jiuge’s Lightning Fire Needle spewed out the last of her Spiritual Power to firmly suppress the spider’s image. The Poison Earthworm took the opportunity to engulf the spider’s image completely. After gobbling it up, it stopped moving. The Ice Snow Spider King was no ordinary creature; to defeat it, the Poison Earthworm had to swallow it down.

    Just then, Dongfang Que vomited one last mouthful of infected blood. A dried-up Poison Earthworm was also discharged together with the bright red blood.

    “Done,” said Ye Jiuge.

    She stashed her needle and leaned against the bed frame weakly. With trembling hands, she reached for the Spiritual Revitalization Pill in her bag. Bai Songling understood her intentions instantly. He helped her take out a Spiritual Revitalization Pill and poured her a cup of hot water. After consuming the medicinal pill, Ye Jiuge finally felt some energy in her body. However, the soreness in her right arm was so intense that she could not even lift it.

    “Are you alright?” Bai Songling asked with concern. If anything were to happen to Ye Jiuge, he would not escape reproach.

    “I’m fine, just a little tired.”

    Ye Jiuge swung her sore, painful right arm. Today’s application of her needle technique had been even more tiring than last time, when she’d treated Imperial Consort Xi.

    Bai Songling heaved a sigh of relief. He lowered his head to look at the Poison Earthworm’s carcass and said, “Eldest Miss, has His Highness been cured of the poison?”

    “The residual toxins have been forced out. However, to completely eradicate it, the Fire Dragon Herb is still required. If not, the residual poison will slowly erode his backbone like before, and he will not be able to walk.”

    The Poison Earthworm had only cleaned up Dongfang Que’s spiritual channels; it could not clear the poison’s source. Hearing Ye Jiuge’s words, Bai Songling realized something important.

    “You said that the residual poison will slowly erode his backbone so that he will not be able to walk. Does that mean that he can stand up and walk now?” he asked.

    “Of course.”

    Now that there were no toxins in Dongfang Que’s body, he could easily run a lap around the city. Certainly, he could stand up and walk.

    “That’s great! That’s great!”

    Bai Songling was so excited that his face flushed. He wanted nothing more than to shake Dongfang Que awake and tell him the good news.

    “His Highness will wake up in about the time needed to finish a cup of tea. Find someone to tidy him up,” Ye Jiuge instructed.

    She looked at Dongfang Que. Half-naked and covered with blue blood, he looked like he’d been trampled on. Bai Songling called for the housekeeper, Elder He, who was waiting outside.

    When Elder He heard that the residual poison in His Highness’s body had been cleared and that the prince could now stand up and walk, Elder He wanted to kneel and give thanks to Ye Jiuge.

    “Let’s wait outside. Brother Bai, please come with me,” Ye Jiuge said and signaled to Bai Songling.


    Bai Songling also wanted to ask Ye Jiuge about the black Poison Earthworm, so he brought her to the parlor. Ye Jiuge did not keep the matter a secret; she told Bai Songling that the Little Mute had developed the Poison Earthworm but did not reveal his development technique.

    “I didn’t expect such talent from the Little Mute.”

    Bai Songling’s eyes lit up. He immediately decided to investigate the Little Mute once he returned. Ye Jiuge shrugged; she did not ask Bai Songling to investigate him. However, speaking of investigations, Ye Jiuge recalled something.

    “Have you investigated Seventh Concubine?”

    “I did. There doesn’t seem to be any problem with your residence’s Seventh Concubine. Are you sure she’s the Empress’s spy?” Bai Songling asked.

    “I’m not certain.”

    Ye Jiuge only suspected it. Recently, nothing had happened with Seventh Concubine, nor had she sent anyone to the Cleaning Room again. When Ye Jiuge had investigated the maid, Yuan Yang, who was sorting the residence’s rubbish, she’d found that the maid had only wanted to take things from the house to give material assistance to her old, sick mother. Yuan Yang knew nothing about Seventh Concubine.

    “That’s right. Are Su Yufeng and her daughter still making a scene?” Bai Songling wanted to hear the gossip.

    “Ever since the Su Clan’s Old Master collapsed, they’ve been well-behaved. They are always revolving around Father and have no time to cause me trouble,” Ye Jiuge answered unenthusiastically.

    The Su Clan blamed Su Yufeng for bringing them bad fortune by leading the Old Master to the Ye Clan to raise a ruckus when he’d just exited his spiritual retreat. Without her family of origin as a shield, Su Yufeng could only concentrate on the child in her womb and Ye Yuxuan.

    Ye Shanshan was also becoming cleverer. Other than practicing pill production, she’d also sought out the Crown Prince to strengthen their bond. As such, there was an unprecedented peace in the Ye Residence.

    “Su Junqing has been well-behaved too,” Bai Songling said regrettably.

    “He needs human blood for his Mental Manipulation, so he won’t be well-behaved for long.” Having spoken, Ye Jiuge remembered something. “It’s been a long time now; have Brother Wan and Ye Yu found the Sorcerer in Hepu County?” Ye Jiuge had been busy with Imperial Consort Xi lately; she hadn’t had time to ask about the case.

    “They’ve found some important clues. Preliminary investigations have determined that the Sorcerer is a middle-aged man. Apparently, he is dressed like a scholar and appears to be polite and courteous.”

    “Is there a portrait?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    “They’ve been looking for painters to sketch one, but the portraits have not been accurate,” Bai Songling answered and shook his head. It was an arduous task to sketch a portrait from only the Sorcerer’s temperament and no descriptions of his facial features.

    “What a pity. It would be good if the Sorcerer’s portrait could be posted on the Imperial News Board.”

    These days, commoners had to rely on the Imperial News Board for information.

    “Ziyang instructed the government offices in various counties to post a sign on their Imperial News Boards warning citizens to beware of the Sorcerer and prevent their daughters from speaking to strangers.”

    After the notice was posted, the people were anxious. Everyone kept a close watch on their daughters; nobody risked letting a young lady leave the house by herself.

    “That’s great. It won’t take Brother Wan and Ye Yu long to find the Sorcerer.” Ye Jiuge was very satisfied with this.

    “Indeed. However, the most important thing now is the Imperial Consort’s return to the palace. Since His Highness has already consumed the black Poison Earthworm, can you ask the Little Mute to grow another?”

    Bai Songling had witnessed the black worm’s power. If Imperial Consort Xi could consume it before returning to the palace, she would surely be able to annihilate the Empress’s poisons.

    “I will seek him out later and ask.”

    Ye Jiuge was of the same opinion—it would be better if Imperial Consort Xi could consume one.

    “Can he grow a few more?” Bai Songling wanted to keep one for himself in case of an emergency.

    “It’s not easy to develop this thing.”

    Although the Little Mute had acted like the process was effortless, Ye Jiuge still felt that the development technique was tricky.

    “Come on, just let him try!” Bai Songling responded, unwilling to accept Ye Jiuge’s refusal.

    “Try what? The Empress’s poison won’t be used on you since you don’t have to enter the palace. If it really comes to that, just consume a normal Poison Detection Pill.”

    Ye Jiuge pressed the Poison Detection Pills, which she had produced last night, into Bai Songling’s hands. Then, in passing, she told him that the Little Mute needed Blackfly Grass to develop and evolve the Poison Earthworms.

    “No problem. Leave it to me,” agreed Bai Songling immediately.

    It was only Blackfly Grass, after all. The herb was common enough in His Highness’s medicinal stores.