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Chapter 232.2 - Treasure The Spirit Beast Was Closely Guarding

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 232.2: Treasure The Spirit Beast Was Closely Guarding

    Hence, after one of the white clothed men was sent flying from a powerful blow, the good looking youth all aglitter in gold suddenly came to appear before everyone there, catching everyone off guard.

    “Who are you? How dare you sneak up and attack us! ?” When the other person saw his companion was sent flying tens of meters away from a powerful blow and was endlessly vomiting out blood, a fiery rage rose inside him. His face was malevolent like he wanted to eat someone up. “We had not wanted to stir up any trouble in this low level lands but since you’ve come seeking your own deaths, then you cannot blame me!”

    “Tsk, what a braggart.”

    Zang Mai’s lips curled up into a contemptuous smile, the shape of his narrowed gold and silver irises transforming into inverted triangles, as he assumed his original form.

    A golden rhinoceros python that was over ten meters tall, his girth as thick as three or four men’s waist put together as it flicked its red forked tongue. Its long snake tail curled around the two white clothed men and then tossed them up into the air before catching them back in its grip, seeming to be toying with them.

    The sudden appearance of such an unbelievably massive python had not only stunned the two white clothed men into a mindless daze, even the ever calm and composed Lu Ji was unable to react for a good while.

    That small exquisite looking face turned slightly pale and it seemed like she had been shocked by the scene before her eyes as well.

    Qing Yu’s eyes merely showed a faint hint of helplessness. [Did he really have to immediately cause such a big stir…..]

    [Is it really necessary for him to reveal his true form?]

    [But, she has not seen Zang Mai assume his original form for so many years and it looks like he had grown quite a lot bigger.]

    The two white clothed men were haplessly being tossed and caught by the massive python. Intense dizziness and fear caused their stomachs to turn as nausea wrecked at them, but they were unable to vomit anything out, which just worsened the agony.

    As highly skilled pugilists who were respected in Cloud Heaven, it was unthinkable that they were made to suffer such humiliation here in this low level realm, and were helpless to do anything about it.

    Only the Heavens would know where this damned giant python had popped out from all of a sudden!

    Seeming like it had grown bored with the game, the massive python let out a cold scornful snort and with a light squeeze of its tail, two clear crisp cracks were heard. The necks of the two white clothed people had been snapped in two, their bodies mangled and deformed by crushing force, turned into two grisly unidentifiable masses of blood and gore. Their corpses were then dumped like garbage among the pile of rocks at the side.

    Lu Ji’s face turned a little paler subconsciously. [What a powerful spirit beast!]

    She had not been fully confident that she would be able to walk out of that place alive today, but she had promised the Overlord that she would definitely keep Qing Yu safe and sound.

    Lu Ji’s seductive eyes flashed with a sharp glint of steely resolve as she moved herself innocuously before Qing Yu, readying herself to withstand the massive python’s attack that would soon come.