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Chapter 126 - Audacious Ye Yu Hides

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 126: Audacious Ye Yu Hides

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “How many Spiritual Revitalization Pills do you have left?” Bai Songling asked Wan Ziyang. He remembered that Ye Jiuge had given them two bottles of pills, but Wan Ziyang had consumed them all.

    “Is now the time to ask this?” Wan Ziyang gave Bai Songling an annoyed look. What did Ye Jiuge think about this miser who was asking about Spiritual Revitalization Pills while Ye Yu’s situation was still unknown?

    Bai Songling smiled awkwardly and said, “I am not worried that the Spiritual Revitalization Pills Ye Yu took were not strong enough. I just want you to take out one pill and look at it.”

    “You don’t have to worry about this. The pills that I refine have no problems,” Ye Jiuge said, waving her hand. Then, she continued, “since Ye Yu was not injured, it should be no big deal, later I’ll use the secret signal to contact him and see.” She was very confident about Ye Yu’s defensive abilities.

    “That’s good.” Apart from Ye Yu’s safety, Wan Ziyang was also worried that Ye Jiuge would blame him. After all, he felt very guilty because he’d borrowed Ye Yu and hadn’t returned him to Ye Jiuge intact.

    “If that’s all, then I’ll go back first,” Ye Jiuge said candidly, but she was still anxious about Ye Yu in her heart.

    “We have nothing more here. Go back and let us know if you find out anything about Ye Yu.” Although Bai Songling still had many things to ask her, he didn’t dare to take any more of her time after seeing her worried expression.

    After Ye Jiuge left the Yuwu Teahouse, she returned to the Zilin Residence, changed into night clothes, then went out again and began searching for Ye Yu. According to Wan Ziyang, the Sorcerer with the last name Xu had most likely fled back to the Capital, probably searching for the Empress.

    Ye Jiuge looked around the imperial palace but did not find the Ye Clan’s secret signal. She did, however, find a clue at the city’s entrance. She followed the secret signal that Ye Yu had left behind and unexpectedly arrived in the vicinity of the Su Clan’s mansion. She wondered: How did this fellow arrive here? Is he chasing that Sorcerer, or has he come to look for Su Junqing?

    Ye Jiuge looked up and saw red lanterns hanging outside the Su Clan’s mansion and bright candle lights illuminating the entrance. Although it was late, there were still many carriages parked in front of the gate, all of which belonged to people who had come to visit the Su Clan’s Old Master.

    Although Old Master Su was still unconscious, his cultivation base as a Spiritual Practitioner was still intact, so people who wanted to attach themselves to the Su Clan’s thigh continued to visit. They brought all sorts of things with them—spiritual medicines, pills, home remedies, and Jianghu traveling doctors. Speaking of which, Old Master Su had been unconscious for a while now, and Ye Jiuge had not yet visited him.

    She hid herself then quickly climbed over the wall and entered the Su Clan’s residence. She glanced around and found a small building in the middle with the brightest lights. Many servants were going in and out of it. Most likely, this was the place where some important person lived, so she quietly headed that way. Ye Jiuge’s guess was spot on; this place was Old Master Su’s residence.

    Right now, Old Master Su was lying on the bed with his eyes closed. His appearance was quite healthy, and he looked like he was in a deep sleep. The clansmen were gathered around his bed, personally serving him, showcasing their filial piety. Su Junqing was also nearby, and a worried look was plastered on his handsome face.

    Ye Jiuge hid outside and when she saw the unconscious Old Master Su, she couldn’t help asking Zi Shang in her heart, “How do you plan to remove the seal from his body?”

    “Why? Do you feel sorry for him?” asked Zi Shang with a half-smile.

    “Feel sorry my a*s!” Ye Jiuge was looking forward to the old b*stard’s death.

    “Then why do you ask?” Zi Shang couldn’t understand why Ye Jiuge was never grateful when he helped her vent her anger.

    “I’m worried that you will expose yourself, alright?” Ye Jiuge rolled her eyes.

    Although Zi Shang always used his demonic power covertly, there was no guarantee that an expert couldn’t discover it.

    “Worry about yourself!” Zi Shang’s voice was utterly cold. This ignorant fool questioned his ability every single day.

    “What do you mean?” Ye Jiuge wanted to ask more, but unfortunately, Zi Shang was no longer paying any attention to her.

    At that moment, a stout middle-aged man anxiously said to Su Junqing, “Junqing, your grandfather has been asleep for so long that even the palace doctors can’t find any clues. What should we do?”

    The middle-aged man was Su Junqing’s father, Su Yongming. Although he was the Su Clan’s eldest son, his aptitude wasn’t outstanding. His character was also mediocre. If he had not given birth to such an exceptional son as Su Junqing, he would have been suppressed by his brothers and sisters to the point that he wouldn’t have been able to lift his head.

    “Father, you don’t have to worry. The doctors have already seen grandfather and said that there isn’t anything majorly wrong with him and that he will wake up after a while!” Su Junqing still had the appearance of a modest young master.

    “I hope so!” Su Yongming wrinkled his face and looked even older than Old Master Su, who was lying on the bed. He looked exactly like a worthless man.

    A trace of contempt and disgust flashed across Su Junqing’s face, but he quickly closed his eyes to cover it, then left the residence under the pretext of entertaining the guests. After arriving at an empty place, his gentle and handsome face immediately became very ferocious and ugly, and he smashed a stone in the rock garden with his fist. He thought to himself, Ever since grandfather has become unconscious, the entire Su Clan has been in a mess. His worthless father can’t do anything but sigh.

    Although the Su Clan still looked like a group of beautiful flowers, everything was dangerous. Outsiders were checking up on Old Master Su’s condition under the pretext of visiting him. If the Su Clan showed even a little weakness, strangers would immediately rush in and try to crush them.

    Although Su Junqing had said to the public that his grandfather had advanced too fast and was dormant because he needed to adjust his breathing, he knew that Dongfang Que was manipulating public opinion in secret. They’d said that the Su Clan coveted Yun Tianwei’s property and wanted to kill Ye Jiuge. That’s why they’d angered Yun Tianwei’s friends and Old Master Su suffered a sneak attacked.

    Now, many people were saying that the Su Clan had deserved this misfortune, and they were just waiting for the family to appear so they could start mocking them. Su Junqing’s chest heaved strongly. He felt upside down just thinking of those mocking words. However, he quickly calmed down. There was no point in thinking about these things now. He must become stronger as soon as possible so that no one would dare to offend his Su Clan.

    Sun Junqing hurried towards a remote room in the Su Clan’s residence.

    Ye Jiuge secretly followed behind him, jumped on the roof, then uncovered the tiles. She looked down and discovered a very simple room with no extraordinary arrangements.

    When Su Junqing entered, he lifted a lotus flower painting from the wall and firmly pressed down the brick behind it, which caused the wall to rotate, revealing a dark room. The faint lights coming from it fell on Su Junqing and stretched his shadow long.

    Ye Jiuge’s eyes narrowed. She thought that Su Junqing’s shadow seemed quite strange, so she opened her Spiritual Eye and almost cursed immediately. Ye Yu, that audacious guy, was playing with fire. He was actually hiding in Su Junqing’s shadow!

    Su Junqing was not expecting anyone to hide in his shadow. But, if he looked closely, he would discover it immediately.