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Chapter 705 - Locked in the Black Room

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 705: Locked in the Black Room

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    Ning Yuya curled up and sat on the ground in total darkness. The air was cold and humid and she slowly got up on her feet while shivering uncontrollably and being engulfed by the dark.

    Ever since she asked to meet Wen Xinya that night, she was arrested and locked in a room without even knowing why. She was extremely terrified, though she did not dare to weep or throw a tantrum. Later on, she found out that she had been arrested by the military because she was suspected to have been involved in Wen Xinya’s abduction.

    They continuously interrogated her, and she had no choice but to cooperate and spill the truth about the feud between her and Wen Xinya, and that she had an ulterior motive for asking to meet Wen Xinya at the bar.

    Soon, she was locked inside the room.

    The room was dark and cold and she was petrified. At the start, she continuously clapped her hands together, cried, shrieked, yelled, but to no avail. She then began screaming her lungs out maniacally and hurling vulgarities. However, no one bothered to respond.

    At last, she had no option other than to quieten down.

    She was incredibly flustered and resented Wen Xinya greatly, thinking to herself that she would not have been arrested by the military if it weren’t because of Wen Xinya.

    She then thought about the danger that Wen Xinya was faced with because of the abduction, after which she was filled with a twisted sense of joy. She then found out from the interrogators that the people who had abducted Wen Xinya turned out to be ruthless terrorists. She felt that Wen Xinya would definitely not be rescued, and even if she was saved, she would be half-dead.

    She smiled silently in the dark like a demon.

    The lights flickered.

    Ning Yuya was snapped out of her thoughts by a glaring beam of light that shone into the dark room. She instinctively cocked her head towards the side and shielded her face with her hands.

    “Ning Yuya, you may come out,” a voice said sternly.

    Ning Yuya put her hands down slowly and walked towards the door. Her vision had become blurry and she was temporarily blinded by the sudden rays of light. “Can… can I leave now?”

    She did not believe that they would let her go so soon.

    The man outside said in annoyance, “You shall stay in there forever if you refuse to come out.”

    Ning Yuya instantly sobered up.  She was over the moon and burst into euphoria before springing up and dashing out of the room.

    She suddenly could not quite get used to the warmth of the rays of the sun that shone down on her.

    A man pushed her and said, “Let’s go!”

    Ning Yuya suddenly recovered from the shock and thought about Wen Xinya. “Sir, now that I can leave, does that mean that Miss Wen has been rescued?”

    She was overwhelmed with nervousness while waiting for the man to answer her. She was hoping that he would tell her that Wen Xinya had been killed by the abductors.

    Wen Xinya’s death was the only thing that could resolve her resentment.

    The man said irritatedly, “Seriously, are you going to leave or not? I’m leaving if you’re not.”

    Ning Yuya watched as he turned around. She hurriedly chased after him, no longer bothered about whether or not Wen Xinya was dead.


    Two hours later, Ning Yuya was dumped in the city.

    Ning Yuya had never once stopped thinking about Wen Xinya’s abduction. However, she browsed through all of the newspapers and magazines, only to realize that there were no relevant reports about Wen Xinya’s abduction at all.

    She even provoked the owner of the newsstand, who glowered at her angrily.

    Ning Yuya almost gritted her teeth to the point that they broke.

    Her mobile phone rang, and she answered it after seeing that it was a call from Xia Ruya. Xia Ruya said anxiously, “Yuya, where have you been in the past two days? We couldn’t reach you at all. What exactly happened? Aunt Ning is worried sick!”

    Upon hearing Xia Ruya’s voice, Ning Yuya teared up uncontrollably and said, “I was arrested and they locked me up in a dark room.”

    She hesitated for a moment, not daring to tell Xia Ruya about what the military had done to her, for fear that she would get into trouble.

    Greatly taken aback, Xia Ruya asked, “Yuya, what exactly happened? Why were you arrested for no reason? Who arrested you? Why did they do so? Are you alright now?”

    After Wen Xinya was kidnapped, she had tried to contact Ning Yuya but to no avail. Back then, she had a sudden ominous feeling. Now that Ning Yuya informed her that she had been locked up, Xia Ruya was suddenly terrified, for she knew that it was definitely not a coincidence. Hence, she desperately wanted to find out what was going on.

    Moved to tears by how concerned Xia Ruya was, Ning Yuya said, “Ruya, I was just locked up for a few days, but I’m alright now. I think they arrested me and locked me up because of Wen Xinya’s abduction. Ruya, do you know about Wen Xinya getting kidnapped?”

    She desperately wanted to know if Wen Xinya was dead or alive at the moment. However, she did not mention anything about the military.

    Xia Ruya’s heart dropped and she shivered. Due to the fear, her voice had become sharper and shrilling. “What!?! Wen Xinya got kidnapped? How could that be? Why didn’t the Wen Family reveal anything?”

    Ever since the day before, she had lost contact with the abductors and there was no news from the Wen Family either. Despite using her passport as an excuse, the servants of the Wen Family home did not allow her to enter either. Instead, they simply handed it to her. The media did not report anything about it too, and she had no idea if the abductors had succeeded or not. She was filled with anxiety and she found out later that the time bomb attached to her was fake. She then heaved a huge sigh of relief.

    However, she was plagued with an ominous feeling after hearing Ning Yuya’s words.

    Utterly disappointed, Ning Yuya said, “Those people suspected that I had something to do with the abduction, so they kept interrogating me.”

    Xia Ruya turned as pale as a sheet and she held her phone with a trembling hand. “Yuya, who was the one who abducted you? How could they suspect that you had something to do with Wen Xinya’s abduction? What did they ask you? You didn’t say anything, did you?”

    She was worried that Ning Yuya had mentioned about meeting her.

    Ning Yuya stammered and answered, “I met Wen Xinya to return the jewelry to her, but Wen Xinya ended up getting kidnapped. They asked if there was a feud between me and Wen Xinya and the reason for my meeting with her. I had no choice but to tell them the truth. I don’t know who they are either.”

    She did not tell them about her meeting Xia Ruya because she did not wish to implicate the latter.

    Xia Ruya heaved a sigh of relief and thought that Ning Yuya probably didn’t mention about her. “Good that you’re alright. Hurry and go to the hospital! Aunt Ning is worried sick because she couldn’t contact you at all for the past few days.”

    Xia Ruya did not probe any further, lest she arouse any suspicion.