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Chapter 127 - Crazy Su Junqing’s Dark Room

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 127: Crazy Su Junqing’s Dark Room

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    At that moment, Su Junqing didn’t notice anything suspicious, so he entered the secret room. Ye Yu, who was hiding in his shadow, followed behind him.

    Ye Jiuge looked at the secret room and felt her heart leap into her throat. The Sorcerer was most likely inside. If Su Junqing talked with him about how he’d become injured, he could guess Ye Yu’s special ability, which could endanger him. She paced back and forth, unsure of what to do. If she rushed in right now, she might miss out on learning some secrets.

    In the end, she gave Ye Yu as long as it took an incense stick to burn, which was also how long Ye Yu could remain invisible. If he did not come out after that amount of time had passed, she would break in to save him. However, now was not the wisest moment to confront Su Junqing head-on. It was better to use gentler methods.

    Meanwhile, as she waited for Ye Yu’s allotted time to run out, Ye Jiuge snuck into Old Master Su’s residence to make some arrangements before returning to the spot where they’d parted. When Ye Jiuge was considering whether or not to rush in after Ye Yu, the door to the dark room suddenly opened, and Su Junqing stepped out with the faint smell of blood on him.

    Ye Yu was still in his shadow, and he didn’t look so good. Ye Jiuge could sense that Ye Yu’s invisibility was about to wear off, and he was in danger of being discovered at any moment. Su Junqing also looked as though he’d noticed something strange, and his pace began to slow. Although the expression on his face did not change, his eyes were vigilant.

    Meanwhile, a lot of noises were heard from the Su Clan, “Fire! Fire!!” Along with those voices, a somewhat terrifying flame erupted from Old Master Su’s residence. Su Junqing’s face immediately changed, and he rushed toward Old Master Su’s residence, afraid that outsiders were harming the Su Clan’s last pillar. Ye Yu took this opportunity to escape from Su Junqing’s shadow.

    “Let’s go!” Ye Jiuge jumped down from the house, took Ye Yu’s hand, and rushed out of the Su Clan’s residence as fast as possible.

    After Su Junqing arrived at Old Master Su’s residence, he discovered that the fire was just a bluff. Only a corner of the room had been set alight, and servants had already extinguished the flames. Suddenly, he had a bad feeling. Immediately, he returned to the remote room and thoroughly searched it, but he couldn’t find anything unusual.

    After hesitating for a moment, he took out a small porcelain vase from his chest and blew it on the floor. The red powder fell to the ground and revealed two pairs of footprints, one large and one small. Obviously, a man and a woman had just been here a moment ago. The footprints were following each other, as if the two people were walking one after the other. One set of footprints was his, while the other definitely belonged to someone hiding in his shadow.

    “Shadow Assassin?” Su Junqing narrowed his eyes and said to himself, “I didn’t expect Ye Yu to advance so fast. I looked down on him, but he dared to come to me and look for trouble. He’s really courting death.”

    Ye Yu had seen what had transpired in that dark room a moment ago, so he had to be killed alongside his partner, that woman who’d led him away.

    After Ye Jiuge and Ye Yu left the Su Clan, she wanted to take Ye Yu back to Zilin Residence, but he refused.

    “Eldest Miss, it’s more convenient if we go to my place, not yours.”

    Ye Yu took her to a small courtyard on North Main Street. He was the only one living there, so it was indeed more convenient than going to the Ye Mansion.

    When Ye Jiuge and Ye Yu returned to his place, she fiercely scolded him, “You dared to sneak into the Su Clan’s residence! Do you have a death wish? What if Su Junqing had discovered you?”

    Su Junqing had once had a close relationship with Ye Yu’s older sister. Maybe she’d told him about the advancements of the Ye Clan’s methods. If so, it wouldn’t be too hard to find out that Ye Yu had become a Shadow Assassin.

    “I will be careful next time,” said Ye Yu weakly.

    His face was pale, and his eyes were black as if he had been beaten. His body was on the verge of collapse, and it was obvious that his spirit was exhausted.

    Ye Jiuge couldn’t bear to scold him again after seeing him like this, so she took out a bottle of Vitality Strengthening Pill and stuffed it into his mouth, saying, “Eat, quickly.”

    Ye Yu silently took the jade bottle in his hands. After taking the pills, his entire body felt rejuvenated, and the sensation of exhaustion began to fade. He thought: Eldest Miss’ pills are always good and must be treasured.

    When Ye Jiuge saw that Ye Yu had recovered, she asked, “What did you see when you followed Su Junqing into the secret room?”

    Ye Yu looked grim as he said slowly, “I saw the Sorcerer Xu Hansen’s corpse.”

    “Corpse? What do you mean? Did you kill that Sorcerer?” Ye Jiuge raised her eyebrow and asked.

    Xu Hansen was an Advanced Spiritual Practitioner; Ye Yu couldn’t have killed him even in a sneak attack.

    “I didn’t. Su Junqing killed him,” Ye Yu said one word at a time.

    “Su Junqing?” Ye Jiuge was startled and asked, “Why did he kill Xu Hansen? Weren’t they partners?”

    “They were partners. Xu Hansen was Su Junqing’s older brother. Even so, after seeing that his brother was injured, Su Junqing did not help him. Instead, he killed him.”

    Ye Yu’s stomach began to turn upside down thinking about Su Junqing’s bloodsucking just moments ago. Who would have thought that such a handsome man was a ruthless and crazy monster?

    “Isn’t Su Junqing afraid of being found out by his comrades for killing one of them?”

    Ye Jiuge felt that this was a little inconceivable. Although the Sorcerers were evil, they wouldn’t go as far as killing each other.

    “Judging by Su Junqing’s appearance, he plans to blame someone else for this crime. And this someone else is obviously Wan Ziyang.”

    “Su Junqing’s cunning really is exorbitant. If he pulls it off, not only would he improve his cultivation base, but he could also remove Wan Ziyang.” Ye Jiuge understood more about Su Junqing’s shamelessness.

    “Su Junqing must not be allowed to succeed,” said Ye Yu while grinding his teeth.

    “It’s really too difficult since Xu Hansen has died, and dead people don’t talk.” Ye Jiuge shook her head.

    Xu Hansen’s comrades would definitely believe Su Junqing. Ye Yu was silent. He suddenly felt that he and Wan Ziyang’s ambush of Xu Hansen had just been a joke. He didn’t interrogate anyone. Instead, he’d treated Su Junqing to a huge meal.

    “It’s not your fault, so don’t think too much about it. Who would’ve thought that Su Junqing was so monstrous?” Ye Jiuge saw that Ye Yu’s mood was down, so she comforted him, “Anyway, Xu Hansen died, so at least there’s one less evil person out there.”

    “Yes.” Now, only Ye Yu could be comforted like this.

    Compared with Su Junqing, who did things in secret, Xu Hansen had no scruples about killing people. He definitely couldn’t be allowed to live.