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Chapter 128 - Returning to the Palace with a Fleshy Treasure Map

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 128: Returning to the Palace with a Fleshy Treasure Map

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    “Brother Wan was very angry that you left the team and kept chasing Su Junqing by yourself. You should apologize to him when you can. Remember, next time, you should not act without permission,” said Ye Jiuge. She didn’t want this to create a rift between Wan Ziyang and Ye Yu.

    “I’ll look for Wan Ziyang later,” Ye Yu said.

    He knew the he was at fault for acting without permission. He would certainly be worried if the roles were reversed, and Wan Ziyang kept pursuing Su Junqing by himself without telling him a word.

    “Also, you should stay away from Su Junqing for the time being. You can’t get close to him, by any means. Do you understand?” warned Ye Jiuge.

    It would be very dangerous for Ye Yu to follow Su Junqing now that he’d killed his older brother and greatly increased his cultivation. Ye Yu closed his eyes and remained silent. It was impossible for him to stay away from Su Junqing. That monster provided the only clues for finding his older sister.

    Ye Jiuge changed the subject after seeing Ye Yu’s expression and asked, “By the way, where is the Ye Clan’s treasure map now?

    Although according to their initial agreement, she should’ve received the treasure map after helping him deal with the Su Clan, the present situation demonstrated that the Su Clan, the Empress, and the Sorcerers had all come for the treasure map. It would be better if she were the one holding it. She would have to deal with the Su Clan anyway, so it made sense to get paid in advance.

    “It’s on me.”

    Without hesitation, Ye Yu pulled out a red string from around his neck, which had a black bag hanging from it. He knew that he could not keep the treasure map, so it was better to give it to Ye Jiuge than let the Su Clan and the Crown Prince steal it. Even if she could not get rid of the Su Clan, she was still worthy of receiving this treasure map for all the help that she had given him.

    Ye Jiuge took the red string, opened the bag, and found a bronze key inside. It was carved with exquisite patterns that looked like decorations.

    Zeng! Ye Jiuge held the key and twisted it, which divided it into two parts. The top of the key was attached to a thin blade that flashed with a cold light, while the bottom part contained a silk fabric that was as thin as a cicada’s wings. Ye Jiuge examined the silk fabric and saw that there were mountains and rivers above it. It was clearly a map.

    Then, Zi Shang piped up casually, “It’s a fake.”

    Fake? How could it be a fake? Ye Jiuge scrutinized every detail of Ye Yu’s map, the ink and other aspects, and thought that it was the same as the Crown Prince’s map.

    “You think I’m lying to you?” Zi Shang’s voice was a little cold.

    “You wouldn’t lie to me,” Ye Jiuge immediately replied.

    However, she didn’t think that Ye Yu would lie to her either, so it was very likely that he didn’t know that this treasure map was fake. Ye Jiuge thought about it for a moment, then she raised her head and looked at Ye Yu.

    “This treasure map is fake,” said Ye Yu.

    “Why did you give me a fake map?” Ye Jiuge put the silk fabric inside the key and threw it back to Ye Yu.

    “Don’t be angry, Eldest Miss.” Ye Yu picked up the bronze key and said in a low voice, “the fake map inside this key is a smoke bomb that’s used by our clan to deceive outsiders. The real map is actually inside my flesh.”

    “If it is dangerous to take it out, then forget about it.” Ye Jiuge felt uncomfortable as soon as she heard the word ‘flesh.’

    “It’s not dangerous.”

    Ye Yu smiled then twisted the key again and cut open his arm with the thin blade on the top of the key. Next, he dug out a sealed amber slip and gave it to Ye Jiuge. Ye Jiuge didn’t accept it; she just kept staring at Ye Yu’s wound.

    “A little injury like this is nothing.” He’d cut himself quickly and accurately, so he hadn’t shed much blood.

    Ye Jiuge took the amber slip, crushed it, then took out the silk fabric from inside. This time, Zi Shang did not make any noise, so this had to be the real thing. In fact, this map was very similar to the fake map. Only the silk was different. The fake map had a darker color, but this couldn’t be known without checking both of them.

    “Actually, our clan has two treasure maps. One is mine and the other is my sister’s. Only the thin blade of the bronze key can be used to dig out the amber slip. If you try to take it out in other ways, the amber will dissolve and destroy the treasure map,” explained Ye Yu.

    His father had told him this right before he died on the night when the Ye Clan was exterminated. Before that, neither he nor his sister had known that treasure maps were hidden inside their bodies.

    “Hahaha. I wonder if Su Junqing would regret sending off Ye Yunzhi if he had known that the treasure map he deeply desired was inside her,” Ye Jiuge mocked.

    “I’m sure my older sister wants to tell him this, personally.” A dark light flashed in Ye Yu’s eyes.

    “Don’t worry; your sister will have the opportunity.” Ye Jiuge patted Ye Yu on the shoulder and put away the map.

    “Hmm.” Ye Yu nodded.

    He put the fake map back in the bronze key and was about to hang it around his neck, but Ye Jiuge suddenly grasped the fake and said, “Wait, I have a good idea.”

    “What?” asked Ye Yu.

    “Later, give this fake map to Wan Ziyang and tell him that you took it from the Sorcerer Xu Hansen. Then, let him offer it as a tribute to the Emperor,” Ye Jiuge whispered into Ye Yu’s ear.

    Ye Yu’s eyes brightened. Letting Emperor Xuanwu deal with the Sorcerers was a good idea indeed.

    “Remember what I said, stay away from Su Junqing so as not to frighten the enemy,” Ye Jiuge once again warned Ye Yu.

    “I know.” Ye Yu nodded.

    “Good. It’s getting late, so I’ll go back. Make sure you rest well, then go to Wan Ziyang!” said Ye Jiuge as she got up.

    “Be careful on the road, Eldest Miss!”

    Ye Yu wanted to escort Ye Jiuge home, but she refused.

    “I can walk on my own. You don’t have to accompany me. All you have to do is recuperate.” After she finished talking, she quickened her pace and left.

    Ye Yu returned to his room. He sat at the table thinking rather than going to sleep. The red mole between his eyebrows shone even more brightly due to the yellow light brushing against his face. Actually, he’d also heard something about Su Junqing and Xu Hansen in the secret room. They’d come from an evil cult called the ‘Bloodthirsty Sect,’ which was located in a mountain 3,000 miles to the west. Ye Yu’s sister had been given as a tribute to them by Su Junqing.

    Ye Yu lifted his eyes and gazed at the dark night sky. He decided that, after helping Ye Jiuge, he would go there and look for clues about his sister.

    Meanwhile, 3,000 miles away from the Capital, on the Bloodcloud Peak, in an eerie cave that was full of small black lamps…

    The lamps had no oil inside them, but a dark-red candle was on top. In that exact moment, a small lamp, under which the name of Xu Hansen was written, was suddenly extinguished.