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Chapter 408 - I’ll Fetch It Myself!

Medical Master
     Chapter 408 I’ll Fetch It Myself!

    “All right. Go ahead.”

    Fang Qiu nodded knowingly at He Gaoming’s righteous, death-defying words and said, “But you must give me the Earth Treasures’ money before you go there.”


    He Gaoming was shocked, saying, “If I have money, why would I go to die?”

    “Where are you now?” Fang Qiu asked.

    “I’m in the eastern part of the capital,” He Gaoming replied.


    Fang Qiu nodded knowingly and said, “I’ll give you an email address and send me any evidence you’ve find.”

    With that, Fang Qiu hung up.

    He knew He Gaoming had been hurt. He said that to stop He Gaoming from dying. How could He Gaoming play with such a big auction house with his weak strength?

    If he did go there, he might actually die.

    Soon, He Gaoming sent all the evidence he had found to Fang Qiu’s mailbox.

    Of course, this was a newly registered mailbox.

    After reviewing the evidence, Fang Qiu confirmed that He Gaoming didn’t lie to him.

    Then he called He Gaoming back.


    Answering the phone, He Gaoming asked awkwardly and feebly, “Am I going to die or not?”

    Fang Qiu couldn’t help smiling before he said in a serious voice, “Wait for me. Meet me at five o’clock p.m. at your place. In addition, you now directly log into my Wulin forum account to send a post, announcing that they must hand the Earth Treasures over before seven o’clock in the evening!”


    He Gaoming nodded and hung up.

    He Gaoming didn’t hesitate to log in mysterious man John Doe’s Wulin forum account through his mobile phone immediately.

    “Baoyi Auction House, you have only three hours left!”

    The headline caught the attention of countless people instantly.

    As a result, everybody clicked the post, only to find that the three Earth Treasures that mysterious man John Doe wanted to auction was robbed unexpectedly!

    As soon as the news spread, it caused a stir on the forum.

    “His Earth Treasures were robbed?”

    “My God, unexpectedly, someone dared to rob mysterious man John Doe’s Earth Treasures?”

    “Baoyi Auction House is one of the top 10 auction houses in our country. So its strength is very strong!”

    “Unexpectedly mysterious man John Doe has a disciple?”

    “John Doe is so careless. He even gave three Earth Treasures to his disciple to auction. It would be strange if they were not robbed.”

    “There’s something interesting going on here. The mysterious man John Doe is very popular recently. The Baoyi Auction House is not weak. This time, the mysterious man openly challenged the auction house on the forum and even directly pointed out its name. Obviously he’s going to be tough!”


    In the eastern part of the capital, there was a building with a plaque on which words like “Baoyi Auction House” were written outside.

    In the office on the top floor.

    “How did you do it?”

    Sitting at his desk and staring at the three men standing in the middle of the office, a middle-aged man in a vest over a shirt said angrily, “Didn’t I tell you to be careful and do your work under cover? How did you get caught so quickly?”

    The three lowered their heads, speechless.

    On closer inspection, two of them were dressed the same, but with different hairstyles. One man had a long hairstyle similar to Chan Ho-nam’s, and the other was dressed in the same style but had a buzz cut.

    Next to them was an ordinary man.

    If He Gaoming had been here, he would have recognized this ordinary man—the waiter who showed him the way at the hotel.


    Seeing that the three were silent, the middle-aged man snorted and said, “You don’t have to deal with this. You just need to restrain yourselves and disappear!”

    Hearing this, all three nodded and left.

    The three of them had worked out a perfect plan for taking the Earth Treasures. Unexpectedly, Fang Qiu found out that the robbers were them in such a short time.

    His investigation ability was too strong!


    Soon, an account named “Baoyi Auction House” posted a reply on the Wulin forum.

    “Our auction house is deeply sorry for what happened to the mysterious man John Doe!”

    “First of all, our auction house is one of the top 10 great auction houses in Huaxia. Although we rarely auction rare treasures in Wulin in the past, it doesn’t mean that we have never done it. Therefore, we are clear about the rules in Wulin.”

    “Second, our auction house is now on the international stage. We have a bit of fame not only in China but also internationally. Our auction house has also auctioned many goods of hundreds of millions of billions of yuan, not to mention things with the value of tens of millions of yuan. And our auction house has transactions and contacts with the world’s major chaebols, so there is no such a thing that we took Fang Qiu’s Earth Treasures.”

    “Finally, we are deeply sorry for the robbery of the mysterious man John Doe’s Earth Treasures. Our auction house originally wanted to continue to carry out the auction business in Wulin, which is really valuable for our auction house, because the Earth Treasures are useless in our auction house, and our auction house can tell the martial arts fellows responsibly that we have never done such a thing. The auction house has never done anything like this more than a decade since its establishment, and it never will do that!”

    “Besides, although our auction house harbors deep sympathies for Mr. John Doe’s sufferings, in this case, our auction house has been in the position of the third party all the time and had no idea what had happened, the course, and the result. In this case, we definitely don’t allow Mr. John Doe to claim that our auction house has robbed him of his Earth Treasures. That’s a slur!”

    A full pr article was sent out.

    People began to discuss on the forum.

    After reading these, people on the forum were immediately confused.

    Were the Earth Treasures snatched by Baoyi Auction House or not?

    “In my opinion, I think that Baoyi Auction House really doesn’t care about the three Earth Treasures.”

    “Yes, Baoyi Auction House’s annual revenue is over 100 million. These three Earth Treasures, no matter how they are auctioned, can only sell a few million, not exceeding 10 million. How could Baoyi Auction House ruin their reputation for such a small profit?”

    “This is not certain. The Earth Treasure is really not very valuable, but it is because martial arts practitioners do not love money. Only those who really do not need the Earth Treasure will auction it. Usually, it can only sell a small amount of money, because everyone’s mind is focused on the martial arts. Besides, it’s not something that can be bought as long as you have money.”

    “Is the mysterious man John Doe really wronged the auction house?”

    “It is true that his Earth Treasures were robbed, but it is not certain whether Baoyi Auction House did it.”

    People began to discuss on the forum.

    Meanwhile, Fang Qiu had changed into the mysterious man’s costume and headed to the third floor of an unimpressive little hotel in the eastern part of the city.

    This was He Gaoming’s temporary residence.

    Of course, he didn’t dare stay at the hotel he had lived before.

    He Gaoming was lying half in bed, frowning in pain.


    Suddenly, the door rang, and Fang Qiu walked in.


    When he saw Fang Qiu, He Gaoming immediately stood up and greeted him, covering his stomach with one hand.

    Glancing at He Gaoming, Fang Qiu reached over and pattered him on the stomach.

    With his mental power and internal Qi flowing out at the same time, Fang Qiu clearly saw He Gaoming’s injury, and his internal Qi drove He Gaoming’s internal Qi, instantly wrapping and nurturing the injury.

    “Thank you, master.”

    As soon as Fang Qiu’s internal Qi started to work, He Gaoming felt a lot good and thanked him immediately.

    Fang Qiu waved his hand.

    “Master, what shall we do now?”

    He Gaoming asked and then said, “Baoyi Auction House has posted on the Wulin forum that they didn’t do it and that they don’t know anything about it. And they’re accusing you of framing them.”


    Fang Qiu snorted and asked, “Did you post as I asked?”

    “It was sent exactly as you requested,” He Gaoming replied quickly.

    “Then that’s it,” Fang Qiu said knowingly, stepping to the window, looking out, and thinking.

    “Are we really going to wait until seven o’clock?”

    He Gaoming raised his eyebrows and inquired, “But according to the current situation, even if we wait until seven o’clock tomorrow morning, they will not admit it, nor will they give us the Earth Treasures back, not to mention wait until seven o’clock tonight.”

    “If they don’t give us the Earth Treasures back by seven o’clock, I’ll go there and get them myself!” Fang Qiu said in a cold voice.

    He had traveled thousands of miles to the snowy mountains of Bhutan to get them. Though they were of no great use to him, the long journey had cultivated his affection for them.

    Besides, they meant money.

    Fang Qiu wanted to save money to buy land and build a big garden that could contain all the powerful ones together.

    The tree Earth Treasures were worth millions.

    How could he let others just take them?

    “So tough?”

    He Gaoming obviously didn’t expect Fang Qiu to make exactly the same choice he did when he was impulsive.

    “If I won’t be tough, will you compensate me for money?” Fang Qiu asked back.

    “No, no, no, you’re not tough, not at all.”

    He Gaoming shook his head repeatedly and said, “You’d better get their shit out and revenge on me!”

    At this point, He Gaoming rolled his eyes and asked, “Master, are we just going to wait? Shall we go to them directly or send a post and let them weigh it?”

    “Send a post,” Fang Qiu said.

    He Gaoming smiled, picked up his phone, and sent another post.

    “If you don’t give us the Earth Treasures back by seven o’clock, I’ll go to your place and get them myself!”

    He didn’t try to reason with Baoyi Auction House or argue with them about who was right and who took his master’s treasures. He just sent a simple sentence.

    As a result, reading this simple post even without content, Wulin forum users were shocked.

    “How domineering!”

    “Is this a direct declaration of war?”

    “The mysterious man is awesome!”

    “He is really a person who dares to sell three Earth Treasures at once.”

    “The mysterious man is indeed awesome. Although Baoyi Auction House has not had too big development in Wulin, rumors have it that to develop in Wulin, Baoyi Auction House has not only employed experts but also cultivated a batch of martial arts practitioners.”

    “Yes, I have also heard that there are experts at seventh-class at least in Baoyi Auction House. John Doe is indeed excellent, but if he does come to them this time, he’ll probably die there.”

    “From the current situation, it should not be out of nothing. After all, John Doe has already pointed them out. How could he do that without full assurance?”

    “Whether it’s true or not, something interesting is about to happen. Let’s just get sunflower seeds and beer ready for the play.”

    For a time, all the users of the Wulin forum were looking forward to this thing to develop as they expected.