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Chapter 232.4 - Treasure The Spirit Beast Was Closely Guarding

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     It looked highly weary and tired, its eyes unable to even open. But as Qing Yu approached it, those eyes opened very slowly, revealing a pair of beautiful golden irises.

    Spirit beasts were supposed to be naturally wary of humans, filled with hatred and disgust towards them. But for some unknown reason, the phoenix seemed to trust Qing Yu very much, its body not even flinching as she came very close to its body, its golden eyes gazing warmly and gently at her.

    “Are you alright?” Qing Yu could not help but to ask in concern when she saw how weak and frail the phoenix looked.

    “Thank you.” It was a very gentle female voice that came out of the phoenix’s mouth right before her eyes.

    Spirit beasts would gain the ability of using human speech once they have attained the eighth level and above and Qing Yu was not surprised by it.

    Moreover, Little Burrow had said that this was no ordinary spirit beast before them, but a type of super spirit beast that belonged to the divine beast category, that could be said to possess Heaven defying powers.

    “Why have you become so frail? Where is your original body? You are very weak now and if you do not return to your original body, you will disappear very soon.” Qing Yu said with a rather grave expression on her face.

    The phoenix shook its head slightly and replied: “My time was already running out but I continued to remain here in order to fulfil my mission. Now that you’ve come, my mission has also come to an end.”

    “Mission?” Qing Yu asked, her face uncomprehending.

    The phoenix did not respond, like its strength had been stretched to its limits. The immense figure gradually turned more ephemeral and translucent, before it completely disappeared with a mournful cry.

    It was empty inside the mountain cave, except for a human shaped object in the corner that was emitting a faint glowing light.

    Qing Yu’s eyes narrowed as she took few steps to approach it. The soul fragment was so frail it could also no longer be seen, but the sense of familiarity she felt made Qing Yu certain that it was a fragment of her mother’s soul.

    She kept the soul fragment into the Soul Nourishing Orb very carefully, and then heaved a huge sigh of relief.

    But before she could fully relax and let down her guard for a single moment, her body suddenly tensed up. A bone chilling feeling suddenly assaulted her senses, and Qing Yu subconsciously leaned her body backwards, to dodge that deadly strike.

    She spun herself around and spotted a person completely wrapped in black robes hidden within the shadows, not making a single sound as the dark figure blended fully into the surrounding darkness. The figure had intentionally suppressed his own aura and that was why Qing Yu had not noticed his presence all this while.

    Without knowing why, looking at the black robed person, Qing Yu suddenly felt as if she had seen someone like that before, finding the person’s dressing highly familiar…..

    All thoughts in her mind suddenly stopped for an instant. She suddenly remembered!

    This man was dressed very similarly to the black robed woman with that frighteningly hideous face she encountered back in the Green Wave Kingdom’s Barricaded Spirit Tower.

    They were both wrapped up fully in jet black clothes from head to toe, and they both gave out a highly sinister aura.

    So it seemed like the two white clothed men who were dead had another companion, waiting quietly in here for the opportune moment to strike, carefully watching their every move.

    The objective that these people came here with….. could very well turn out to be the same as hers!