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Chapter 233.1 - Abducted by a Mysterious Person

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     The black robed man walked out from the shadows slowly, his face hidden among his bundle of clothes. Only his ghastly white chin could be seen, which made him look highly compelling.

    “Hand over the soul fragment you just took.” The man’s voice was chilly and cold, speaking without the slightest emotion.

    Qing Yu innocuously shifted her feet a step towards the cave’s entrance as her hands weaved a strange and unique sign behind her back. She arched up an eyebrow as she looked at the man and said to him: “What if I refuse to hand it over?”

    The man then replied curtly: “Then only death awaits.”

    “I wonder who will die first between us?”

    Qing Yu curled up the ends of her lips, and without waiting for the man’s response, her body was already moving. The five golden needles at her fingertips glinted under the darkness, and with a flick of her hand, they shot right through the air towards five different spots of the dark robed man’s body.

    One of the golden needles was actually flying straight towards the lower half of the man, aimed at a spot that could not be explicitly described here.

    “Shameless and despicable woman!”

    Even though the man’s expression could not be seen, just hearing his words spat out through tightly gritted teeth was enough to tell Qing Yu how enraged he was.

    Qing Yu blinked her eyes in innocence. [How was she shameless and despicable?]

    The figure of the man strangely disappeared from the spot he was standing in, easily dodging the five golden needles flying towards him. In the next instant, he appeared right before Qing Yu and his pale bony hand swiped across right in front of her face. She immediately felt an intense dizziness coming over her, which made her eyelids feel extremely heavy and they were drooping down over her eyes.

    In that instant just before she lost consciousness, there was only one thought that crossed Qing Yu’s mind. [She has miscalculated, and fallen prey to the opponent’s sneak attack.]

    Outside the cave, Zang Mai had detected another unfamiliar aura and was about to go inside when he unexpectedly received his Mistress’ instruction to not make any rash moves.

    In the end, after waiting it out for just a short while, he found that his Mistress’ aura had also disappeared as well.

    His eyes narrowed with a sharp glint and his body shot speedily inside. The cave was empty without a single person in there. He tried to call out to Qing Yu through their linked consciousness but he did not get the slightest response.

    She must be in an unconscious state at that moment, and that was why she was unable to receive his thoughts.

    The youth’s handsome looking face could not help but came to be tinged with a sliver of deep silent rage.

    [Damn it!]

    [To think that a person was actually able to take his Mistress away from right under his nose, that was absolutely unpardonable!]

    When the youth had charged right into the mountain cave in a fluster, Lu Ji came to sense that something was wrong. Self reproach showed on her face and she then said to herself: “I should have gone in together with her.”