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Chapter 233.2 - Abducted by a Mysterious Person

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Qing Yu had gotten them to wait outside for her as she was afraid that too many people might startle the divine beast’s remnant consciousness. Afterall, the divine beast showed it was not defensive towards Qing Yu.

    How could Lu Ji have expected that in just a short while, she would suddenly disappear completely.

    Hearing her utter those words, Zang Mai’s tone was stony as he said: “You wouldn’t be of any help to her even if you had come in. The aura that was in here was more powerful than the combined strength of the other two men who died. You are not his match.”

    “I am my Mistress’ weapon spirit and I will be able to sense her aura when she regains consciousness, which will lead me to where she is. As for you…..”

    “I am returning back to Cloud Heaven.” Lu Ji interrupted the youth. “Those people are from Cloud Heaven. Miss Qing….. must have been taken there. .I will go back and report this to the Overlord. He will know what to do.”

    [But, when the Overlord comes to know that she had actually allowed Miss Qing to be abducted right before her eyes, she would not be able to escape punishment.]

    Lu Ji’s fingers clenched up tightly and her eyes narrowed slightly as she tried to hide any expression from showing on her face.

    [She had not been able to protect the young lady who moved her heart. If anything was to happen to her…..]

    The aura surrounding her body grew depressing and Lu Ji did not say anything more. She raised a slim arm and drew a line through the air before walking into the dimensional portal that had opened up. That was the fastest way for her to reach Cloud Heaven.

    Zang Mai’s lips curled up and e glanced at the spot that Lu Ji had just disappeared from. “She’s rather concerned about the Mistress though.”

    Tearing a portal through time and space like that, if it was not done by people with unfathomable and profound cultivation, they would be severely injured by the turbulent surge within the dimensional tunnel. Although the woman’s cultivation wasn’t weak, but that would still affect her in some way.

    The youth lifted his elegant chin and sighed softly. “Oh my Mistress, even after being reborn into another world, your ability to attract people to you has not diminished in the slightest, and you’re even not sparing the women now.”


    At that same moment, after falling into an unconscious coma, Qing Yu was finally slowly coming awake.

    Her devilishly alluring phoenix like eyes blinked in a confused daze. [What is this place?]

    She moved her body seeking to sit upright. But she had just turned herself over when she suddenly found herself falling. The shock caused her to quickly snap back to her senses as she immediately righted herself.

    The feeling of finally feeling firm ground under her feet was great. Ever since she came to this world, she was always constantly falling at every turn, which made her life here anything but boring.

    It was only when Qing Yu felt the ground under her feet that she discovered that the place she had been lying on was actually a cloud. Her eyes involuntarily widened as she stared. [What kind of a place is this? Did she die and come to Heaven! ?]