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Chapter 233.3 - Abducted by a Mysterious Person

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     To think that one could possibly sleep on a cloud. That was just incredible.

    “You’re awake.”

    Just as she was taking in her foreign surroundings with a measuring gaze, the icy cold voice of a man suddenly sounded behind her.

    And it was a strangely familiar sounding voice.

    Qing Yu turned around and saw a man in black robes approaching. “Since you’re awake, come with me to go see the Temple Lord.”

    When the man opened his mouth to speak again, Qing Yu was certain. [Isn’t this the voice of the person who made her lose consciousness with a sneaky attack?]

    But it was different now from the person who had been bundled head to toe in black robes till his countenance could not be seen at all. Although the man’s voice was cold and indifferent, his countenance was however rather good looking, pretty eyes and brows with cold hard features, making him look rather cool. Besides the fact that his complexion was a little too pale, he still looked rather pleasing overall.

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow and strolled casually over to the man, seemingly unafraid that the man would attack her again. Her lips parted slightly as she said: “Wouldn’t you say how you just forcibly bring a person to this place without even a single word of warning seems to be rather rude?”

    Seeming like she was intentionally trying to tease him, the young lady widened her eyes and leaned her beautiful face closer. “Don’t you know that skin contact between men and women is greatly frowned upon? So in what manner did you bring me here?”

    The man was startled by the sudden proximity as she leaned in close to him and he innocuously took a step back as he snorted derisively. “I have never seen any woman who is as frivolous and flippant as you.”

    Those words caused Qing Yu to want to scratch her head in puzzlement. [How….. has she been frivolous?]

    Tossing that statement, the man just turned around with a curt “follow me” and went walking off without even turning his head around.

    Qing Yu was speechless. “…..”

    The villains nowadays really act so self righteously indignant.

    But Qing Yu did not say anything but just followed behind the man, her eyes measuring her surroundings. He had probably noticed her wandering eyes as the man went on to say in an indifferent voice: “No need to waste your time. You won’t be able to get out of here. Even if you’re lucky enough to escape, you will not be able to go back down to the lower realms.”

    Qing Yu muttered a soft “Oh” and then continued to ask: “Then why have you brought me here? Is it because I am pretty looking and you started to have nefarious designs on me?”

    A corner of the man’s mouth twitched and he struggled to hold himself back for a good while before he managed to mutter in indignance: “Shameless.”

    He was probably feeling too angry inside to speak as his strides quickened quite a bit. Qing Yu could not help but laugh out loud behind, thinking that this guy was quite an interesting fella.

    “Hey, I’ll say. What is this place? Do all of you always sleep on clouds? Aren’t you afraid of falling off?”