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Chapter 410 - Giving back the Earth Treasures!

Medical Master
     Chapter 410 Giving back the Earth Treasures!

    “Sit down?”

    Looking at the old man, He Gaoming on the auction platform snorted, “We don’t have time to talk to you here. Now hand over the Earth Treasures at once!”

    “The Earth Treasures?”

    The old man was stunned at He Gaoming’s words and asked blankly, “What do you mean, young man? I don’t understand.”


    Looking at the old man, He Gaoming smirked and said, “You didn’t know anything about me before you started robbing me. I’m a detective!”

    “You want to fool me by those little tricks?”

    “I’ve got the proof!”

    At this point, He Gaoming looked at the crowd at the auction house. Then he sneered and looked back at the old man again, asking, “You’d better ask your boss if he chooses to return the Earth Treasures to us now. Or I’ll show the evidence, making you spurned by Wulin.”

    “We really didn’t rob you. Why are you so aggressive?”

    The old man shook his head and sighed.

    He Gaoming frowned at his words and immediately turned to look at Fang Qiu.

    “In that case, I’ll make the evidence public. There are so many Wulin people here. Let everyone judge for us. At the same time let Wulin people know John Doe is not unreasonable. But if anyone tries to be unreasonable with me, I’m sure I’ll be even more unreasonable than he is!” Fang Qiu said.

    “Yes,” answered He Gaoming.

    Then, at once, he took out a stack of information from his bag.

    On closer inspection, it contained exactly the information he had unearthed about the Baoyi Auction House’s seizure of the Earth Treasures, several of which were printed with colorful photographs.

    He held up all the evidence in his hand and showed it to the old man.

    He Gaoming asked with a sneer, “Your boss wouldn’t want me to make the evidence public, would he?”


    The old man smiled indifferently and said, “As I said, we don’t have your things.”

    “Then I’ll let all Wulin people see if it’s true,” He Gaoming snarled.

    “More talk will get you nowhere.”

    Fang Qiu walked over He Gaoming to block him and looked at the old man in the eye.

    However, when Fang Qiu and the old man looked at each other, the latter showed no sign of backing down and walked straight to the auction platform.

    The auction platform was not big, only about five meters in diameter.

    When the old man got on the platform, Fang Qiu gave He Gaoming a pat and sent him off the platform.

    The next moment, two powerful auras came from Fang Qiu and the old man at the same time.


    The two looked at each other while their momentum surged.

    In fact, when the old man first showed up, Fang Qiu already knew he was a real seventh-class Martial Superior.

    Therefore, Fang Qiu had been always focusing on the old man, and he sent He Gaoming off the platform when the old man was on the platform, so as to avoid accidental injury.

    People in the eight squares around them all rose and craned their necks for something interesting.

    They were here for this fight.

    Now, the show was about to begin!

    On the auction platform.

    Aware that Fang Qiu, who was only a second-class Martial Superior but was not inferior to himself in terms of momentum, the old man slightly frowned and asked, “You want to have a fight?”


    “Hand over my Earth Treasures,” Fang Qiu demanded in a cold voice.

    “We have no Earth Treasures.”

    The old man shook his head indifferently, and then added, “If you really want to have a fight, then follow me out. It’s not proper to fight here. You can’t pay for breaking things here!”


    Fang Qiu grinned nonchalantly.

    After that, Fang Qiu moved his right foot and kicked the wall that led to the auction house’s backstage behind the old man.

    His internal Qi was shot out.

    The next moment, a loud noise spread out.


    Despite the distance of more than 10 meters, Fang Qiu made a big hole in the quaint wall with all kinds of carved patterns.

    “What about right now?”

    As his foot landed on the floor, Fang Qiu sneered.

    “You’re courting death!”

    The old man’s face darkened, and the amiable look all went, replaced by a trace of ferocious cruelty.


    He didn’t hesitate.

    With an outburst of internal Qi, the old man flashed and rushed directly at Fang Qiu. His skinny hands were carrying tremendous force, like a club falling from the sky, smashing straight at Fang Qiu’s head.


    Fang Qiu narrowed his eyes and went straight up to meet him.

    Of course, instead of using the power of a guru, he used the power of a second-class Martial Superior to collide hard with the old man.


    With a loud bang, the old man’s skinny arms and Fang Qiu’s fists collided.

    Normally, Fang Qiu was confident enough to handle a seventh-class Martial Superior with one pulse. Even if his punch didn’t hurt the opponent, it would at least force him back.

    But the old man was certainly not ordinary.

    His skinny arms were so steel that Fang Qiu felt a dull ache in his hands under the impact.

    “Iron Thread Set.”

    Fang Qiu frowned.

    He did not expect this old man to practice the Iron Thread Set which was lethal and the most suitable for the fighting with bare hands.

    Others might be afraid of it, but for Fang Qiu, it was just what he wanted.

    Fighting with a seventh-class Martial Superior with bare hands was the actual combat he most wanted.

    It was rare to meet such good actual combat!

    With a sudden impulse, Fang Qiu immediately shook his fists and clashed wildly with the old man.

    “Bang, bang, bang…”

    Violent clashes erupted from the two men’s fight.

    After hitting each other dozens of times, they both took a step back and marveled at each other.

    “How strong!”

    “I did not expect that someone could have trained the Iron Thread Set to such a degree. It’s almost indestructible!”

    Fang Qiu marveled at the old man’s martial arts prowess.

    “How can a second-class Martial Superior have so much power and so much internal Qi?”

    The old man was amazed at Fang Qiu’s great strength and abundant internal Qi!

    The surrounding martial arts practitioners of the capital had been gawking.

    Because the speed of the two men fighting on the auction platform was so fast that the audience could not be distracted.

    Crucially, both men’s internal Qi was so powerful that every time they collided, the air would explode and even send out sparks, just like two steel pipes colliding and looking extremely shocking.

    In such a collision, which normally could not be seen at all, all the martial arts practitioners on the spot looked at them, dumbfounded.

    The collision of fists and arms could produce sparks!

    Wasn’t that a joke?

    Fang Qiu kneaded his fist on the platform.

    In the collision just now, although he felt the pressure from the old man, it was not great, resulting in that he didn’t thoroughly enjoy himself.

    Although the old man’s Iron Thread Set was very strong and his internal Qi was sufficient, he still could not oppress Fang Qiu.

    In this case, continuing the fight wouldn’t make Fang Qiu improve much.

    So Fang Qiu decided to end the fight quickly!

    The old man opposite him clenched his fists.

    A stronger aura slowly diffused from him.

    Obviously, the old man mustered all his strength.

    It was quite tense.

    The real battle was coming!

    While everyone was nervous and focused on them, they both moved at the same time.


    With the whistle of the wind, less than five meters apart, the two instantly collided together again.

    Unlike before, this time both men exerted much greater force than before.

    With a single blow, the horrifying internal Qi ran everywhere.

    In the moment of the horrifying internal Qi explosion, in the middle of the auction platform, a one-meter high auction table was directly smashed into a cloud of dust, just like snowflakes.

    In the fluttering dust all over the sky, the two people again crazily bumped into each other.

    The scene was intense.

    This time, however, the two were no longer evenly matched.

    Fang Qiu even managed to keep the old man down.


    In the fierce battle, the old man was shocked!

    Every time he bumped into Fang Qiu’s fist, he could clearly feel that Fang Qiu’s strength was growing and that his internal force grew more abundant and stronger.

    Even he, a seventh-class Martial Superior, couldn’t completely offset Fang Qiu’s strength with all his might.

    How was that possible?

    Outside the platform, the people in the eight squares all stared at them.

    They saw Fang Qiu gradually getting the old man down. They only had a few dozen moves, and the old man was already pinned down by Fang Qiu.

    This scene shocked everyone!

    They didn’t expect the mysterious man John Doe to be so powerful.

    This old man was a seventh-class Martial Superior.

    He was overpowered by a second-class Martial Superior!

    This was incredible!

    In the shock of the crowd, Fang Qiu’s attack got stronger and stronger, and the old man was losing ground.

    As a result, he was forced off the auction platform and sent flying by Fang Qiu, slamming into the wall leading to the backstage and making a big hole in it.

    At this point, everyone present was dumbstruck.

    At the auction house, everyone stared in disbelief at the scene and at Fang Qiu. They even forgot that they were holding their mobile phones in their hands and their mission to broadcast the battle live on the Wulin forum!

    The battle was so intense that they were too stunned to broadcast it live.


    On the auction platform, Fang Qiu took a silent breath, clapped his hands, and looked nonchalantly at the old man who had been sent flying.

    At the moment, a lot of people swarmed around Fang Qiu, and some people ran up to the old man to help him out of the bricks.


    With two men’s help, the old man stood up, coughed, and looked at Fang Qiu on the auction platform.

    “Hand over my three Earth Treasures,” Fang Qiu said nonchalantly.


    The old man narrowed his eyes and asked, “How about having a talk?”

    “No need.”

    Fang Qiu sneered and shook his head.

    “Would it be good for us to offend each other like this?” the old man said.

    Apparently, he began to panic when he realized that he was no match for the mysterious man John Doe. Since the mysterious man had done this, he would not leave if they did not hand over the Earth Treasures.

    However, once he handed over the Earth Treasures, their auction house’s reputation would be tarnished!