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Chapter 129 - Bloodthirsty Patriarch

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 129: Bloodthirsty Patriarch

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    “F*ck, Elder Xu actually died.”

    The short man saw that Xu Hansen’s soul lamp was extinguished, and his face immediately changed as he carried it through multiple dark tunnels before arriving at the entrance of a vast cavern.

    Two guards stood at the entrance. Seeing him in such a hurry, they laughed, “Shou Hou, why are you in such a hurry?”

    “This is an important matter. Elder Xu’s soul lamp was extinguished.” A worried expression was plastered on Shou Hou’s face.

    The two guards looked at each other. Both of their faces were dignified. Then, one of them said, “Wait here. I’ll go and report this to the Patriarch.”

    “Ok.” Shou Hou waited right where he stood.

    After some time, the guard returned and allowed Shou Hou to enter the Patriarch’s cavern, after adjusting his robe. Upon entering, he saw how luxurious the place was. A red carpet covered the floor, and the room was full of fine wine and food while glowing pearls hung from the ceiling.

    In the place of honor, there was a large sofa on which peacefully reclined a beautiful woman in a red robe. On top of her body lay a dry, thin old man. His head was buried in the woman’s neck and he was greedily sucking her blood.

    Shou Hou couldn’t help but swallow hard after smelling the bloody stench. He raised his head and sneakily looked at the red-robed woman. Her skin was white as jade, and she had delicate facial features, long eyelashes like a small fan, and a red mole between her eyebrows, which made her even more alluring.

    After the old man dressed in black had sucked enough blood, he got up and looked up at Shou Hou. His face was skinny, like a dried corpse, with sunken eyes that contained unimaginable viciousness. He reeked of blood. This man was the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, an advanced Spiritual Master, who only had one step to go before becoming a Great Spiritual Master. He was also the most horrifying being on this mountain.

    He’d established the Bloodthirsty Sect by relying on his Mental Manipulation and Blood Spirit Arts, then accepted many disciples and taught them the evil arts so that they could go out searching for women with Spiritual Roots to make his blood slaves.

    The red-robed woman, who just had her blood sucked, pulled her skirt, and knelt. She curled up at the old man’s feet with her head resting on his thigh, just like a spoiled cat. The old man complacently petted the woman’s soft hair then looked up at Shou Hou and asked, “What happened?”

    “Reporting back, sir, Xu Hansen’s soul lamp was extinguished.” Shou Hou stepped forward and respectfully placed the soul lamp on the table in front of Bloodthirsty Patriarch.

    Bloodthirsty Patriarch picked up the soul lamp and glanced at it. His skinny, dried-up face flashed a cruel smile as he said coldly, “The Capital sure has a lot of talents if two of my disciples have been killed consecutively.”

    He put down the soul lamp and asked, “What did Su Junqing say?”

    “Reporting back, sir, Su Junqing wrote that several Spiritual Practitioners from the Justice Department found him collecting virgins and wouldn’t let him go. He also said that Yun Tianwei’s granddaughter, Ye Jiuge, kept opposing him so he wanted to ask the Patriarch to send some disciples with a profound cultivation base to help him,” Shou Hou respectfully explained.

    “Humph, Su Junqing really is trash. He couldn’t even deal with a few Spiritual Practitioners,” Bloodthirsty Patriarch snorted.

    “The Patriarch is right, however Su Junqing is all alone cultivating outside and can’t receive your instructions, so it’s normal for his cultivation base to be lacking. Even so, please forgive him for his filial piety, Patriarch. The status of his Su Clan is still very beneficial for our sect,” Shou Hou flattered.

    Although the Patriarch had enjoyed all the women with Spiritual Roots whom Su Junqing had sent, other girls also tasted good. After hearing of Su Junqing’s filial piety, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch couldn’t help but look down at that red-robed beauty and reveal a complacent expression. Then, he ordered, “Fine, call Liu Yunfei.”

    “Patriarch wants to send out senior sister Liu Yunfei?” Shou Hou was startled. Although both he and Liu Yunfei were advanced Spiritual Practitioners, she couldn’t be provoked!

    Most of the Bloodthirsty Sect’s disciples were men who usually cultivated using women’s blood—their favorites were women with Spiritual Roots. Since Liu Yunfei, a woman, could stand tall in this kind of sect, her ability was obvious.

    “That’s right. Isn’t Su Junqing looking for someone with a profound cultivation base? No one is more suitable than Liu Yunfei.” Bloodthirsty Patriarch waved then said, “Go, quickly.”

    “Yes.” Shou Hou quickly withdrew.

    After a short time, a girl in a pink robe arrived. She looked around 16 years-old and had a cute appearance, with two dimples that appeared on her cheeks when she smiled. She looked naive as she walked over, skipping around.

    “What’s the Patriarch desire in calling me here?” Liu Yunfei blinked her big eyes and asked.

    “Xu Hansen and Elderly Lady Xu’s soul lamps were extinguished. You need to go to the Capital to find their killers and help Su Junqing finish the mission I told you about before. Also, you need to bring back the girl named Ye Jiuge. Yun Tianwei’s granddaughter must taste very good.”

    The Bloodthirsty Patriarch revealed a sinister expression, and he began stroking the red-robed girl much more forcefully.

    “Meow!” The red-robed woman suddenly let out a cat cry, then gave the Patriarch a few unhappy hisses before turning away.

    “It’s my fault, little baby. I was too distracted and accidentally hurt my little baby.” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch did not want her to get upset because she had been hit. He went to coax the red-robed woman with a smile on his face.

    The red-robed woman slowly turned back and rested her head again on the Patriarch’s thigh, then looked at Liu Yunfei with watery eyes. Liu Yunfei looked at the red mole between the woman’s eyebrows. He suddenly pointed at her and said to the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, “Can you give her to me after I bring back this Ye Jiuge?”

    “Do you want her?” he strangely asked.

    “Yes, I like her face and that red mole. I want her skin to add to my collection.” Liu Yunfei revealed an innocent smile.

    “Oh, you like to collect the skin of beauties.” Bloodthirsty Patriarch Old Zu revealed a doting smile, then nodded and said, “after you return from your mission, I’ll give her to you. By that time, I should have sucked all her spiritual blood dry.”

    “No, if you suck her dry, she’ll turn into trash and I wouldn’t be able to skin anything.” Liu Yunfei pouted then put one leg in front of the other. A wanton expression appeared on her face.

    “Alright, alright, alright. I won’t suck her dry. I’ll leave her for you.” Bloodthirsty Patriarch was very tolerant with capable subordinates.

    “Good, then it’s settled.” Liu Yunfei bowed slightly then blinked at the beautiful red-robed woman and smiled. “Just obediently wait for my return.”

    From start to finish, the red-robed woman hadn’t said a word. It was if she could not understand what they were saying. Her watery eyes had no luster to them. Liu Yunfei did not care about this and she waved at her as she skipped out of the cavern.

    She looked in the Lei Kingdom’s direction and revealed a bloodthirsty smile, then eerily said, “Ye Jiuge, right? I want to see what skills you have.”

    Then, her silhouette disappeared in a flash.