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Chapter 133 - Palace Gates: Under the Effect of Mental Manipulation

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 133: Palace Gates: Under the Effect of Mental Manipulation

    “Are you threatening us, the Bloodthirsty Sect?” Su Junqing’s expression darkened, and his figure became more imposing.

    “You violated our agreement first,” replied the Empress without betraying any impression of weakness. “Your Bloodthirsty Sect initially promised me this vast swathe of territory. Now, it’s going to land in Dongfang Que’s hands, and you still have the nerve to say this to me? Let me tell you this. If you cannot satisfy my needs, I will announce what you did to the whole world, and we’ll see how your Su Clan survives in the Lei Kingdom in the future.” Her face was sinister, and madness filled her eyes.

    “Your Majesty, please calm down.” Su Junqing gave a Fist and Palm Salute and hid the murderous intent that flitted past his eyes.

    “Go back and consider this carefully: which is more important to you, the Bloodthirsty Sect or the Su Clan?”

    Then, the Empress summoned back the palace maids and court eunuchs. After following an old court eunuch out of the palace, Su Junqing finally loosened his tightly clenched fists.

    The Empress has gone mad. She hasn’t considered Imperial Consort Xi’s recent return to the palace or Dongfang Que’s recovery. It’s dangerous to lay hands on them right now, yet she wants to drag the Su Clan down into the water. It seems that this chess piece cannot be held any longer. He must think of a way to get rid of the Empress and the Crown Prince.

    Just as Su Junqing was about to climb into the Su Clan’s carriage, he saw a beautiful lady sporting the Flying Fairy Hairstyle descend from a wagon. Her long, thin eyebrows were delicate and pretty, and her eyes were shaped like peach blossoms. Her beautiful eyes were as limpid as ponds of clear water. Her cherry-like mouth curled into a faint but dazzling smile, and she looked like a fairy who had landed in the mortal world. People around her were involuntarily attracted to her. Even the eyes of the guards at the palace gates were glued to her.

    Beside the beautiful lady, a second woman dressed in a cerise palace dress stood respectfully. It was Lady Hongxiu, who served as the highest-ranked palace maid under Imperial Consort Xi. Su Junqing frowned. He’d heard from the Crown Prince that this Lady Hongxiu was an Intermediate Spiritual Practitioner with a Water Root. As she was one of Imperial Consort Xi’s capable subordinates, dealing with her would be challenging. He did not expect Lady Hongxiu to serve the beautiful lady respectfully. Who is this lovely lady?

    “Eldest Miss Ye, please, slow down,” Lady Hongxiu’s voice rang from a distance.

    Eldest Miss Ye – could it be Ye Jiuge? Su Junqing’s eyes narrowed. Although he’d heard that Ye Jiuge’s looks had been restored, he had not expected her to be so attractive. The Bloodthirsty Patriarch would love her. If he could help the Patriarch obtain her, not only would he remove a mortal threat, the Patriarch would also reward him. It would be killing two birds with one stone. As he thought about it, Su Junqing walked closer to Ye Jiuge.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, a housefly is heading toward you,” Lady Hongxiu said sarcastically.

    Ye Jiuge raised her head in surprise and saw a handsome young man dressed in a white brocade robe embroidered with gold at the sides. He was walking toward her with a warm and amiable smile. Ye Jiuge frowned; she hadn’t expected to see Su Junqing. How unlucky! Ye Jiuge did not wish to acknowledge him, so she walked toward the palace gates without so much as a sideways glance.

    Su Junqing, however, blocked her path. Smiling, he said, “Sister Jiuge, what are you doing at the palace today?”

    Ye Jiuge’s skin crawled, and she almost puked when she heard how Su Junqing addressed her.

    “Su Junqing, do I even know you well?” Ye Jiuge looked at him with disdain. It was almost as though the words “you are disgusting” were written on her face.

    “Sister Jiuge, are you still angry at my grandfather for being hot-headed? My aunt and cousin were insensible for instigating Grandfather to go to the Ye Residence. I apologize on their behalf. Sister Jiuge, I hope that you can forgive them.”

    Su Junqing’s voice was gentle, and his handsome face was filled with sincerity. A strange red light flitted through his eyes, which were looking directly into Ye Jiuge’s. Immediately, Ye Jiuge felt dizzy. She suddenly felt that she had made a big fuss over a minor issue. Her grudge was against the Su Clan’s Old Master and Su Yufeng, not Su Junqing. How could she take her anger out on him?

    “Sister Jiuge, you look as beautiful as a fairy who has descended to the world. Let’s get to know each other better in the future, okay?” Su Junqing’s voice was so soft and gentle.

    “Sure,” Ye Jiuge replied in a daze.

    Su Junqing was about to speak again when Lady Hongxiu realized that something was wrong. She quickly said to Ye Jiuge, “Eldest Miss, Imperial Consort Xi is still waiting for you. We cannot miss the time to visit the palace.”

    “Oh, right!” Ye Jiuge was slightly soberer.

    “Sister Jiuge, in that case, please go to the palace first. We can chat again later.”

    Su Junqing felt that this was a pity. If he’d run into Ye Jiuge somewhere else, he could have spent more time strengthening the Mental Manipulation’s effect.


    Ye Jiuge smiled at Su Junqing reluctantly then followed Lady Hongxiu into the palace. Once they were inside, Lady Hongxiu pulled Ye Jiuge into a corner and asked, “Eldest Miss, since when are you so close with the Su Clan’s Eldest Son?”

    “That’s not true! I just feel like Su Junqing is a good person. He’s different from Su Yufeng. I’ve misunderstood him in the past,” Ye Jiuge objected.

    “How can he be different from Su Yufeng when his last name is Su? Didn’t you detest him before? Why did you change your mind suddenly? You aren’t captivated by his looks, are you?”

    Lady Hongxiu could understand a young lady’s infatuation with a handsome man but falling in love with Su Junqing was definitely not right.

    “What are you saying?” If I were infatuated with someone, it would be Zi Shang.

    Thinking of this, Ye Jiuge also felt that something was wrong. How could she believe that Su Junqing was a decent person after he’d kidnapped Ye Ruyi, betrayed Ye Yunzhi, and used virgins’ blood to practice his cultivation technique?

    “Idiot, you are under the effect of his Mental Manipulation,” Zi Shang’s voice rang out coldly.

    “How is that possible?” Ye Jiuge did not feel anything at all.

    “That fellow is gifted at Mental Manipulation, and he has already reached the second stage. It’s reasonable for you to fall into his trap because you’re not guarding against him,” Zi Shang said coolly.

    “Then, why didn’t you remind me?” He is useless even though he is currently residing inside her body.

    “You’re blaming me for your stupidity?” Zi Shang did not inform her, deliberately. This silly girl would never learn from her mistake if he didn’t let her fall into Su Junqing’s trap once.

    Ye Jiuge knew that she was in the wrong and didn’t argue with Zi Shang. She took out her pill bottle and swallowed two Mind-clearing Pills.

    “Eldest Miss, what are you doing?” Lady Hongxiu exclaimed.

    She looked strangely at Ye Jiuge. What ailment does she have that she just suddenly starts eating medicine?

    “Don’t say anything. Consume two pills quickly, too.” Ye Jiuge poured out two Mind-clearing Pills for Lady Hongxiu before she said softly, “That Su Junqing used Black Magic on me just now. That’s why I suddenly thought that he was a good person. If not for your timely reminder, I would have fallen into his trap.”