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Chapter 411 - Live Auction!

Medical Master
     He knew exactly what the old man was thinking.

    But how could he let the old man have his way?

    Why wasn’t he afraid that he would ruin the auction house’s reputation while he was bullying the weaker ones?

    Now that he knew that he couldn’t beat Fang Qiu, he finally wanted to reason with him.

    Apparently, the old man was trying to make a deal with Fang Qiu and give some benefits to him, so that he could solve the problem perfectly.

    However, Fang Qiu didn’t care about any money.

    All he wanted was his treasures. He would never let go of anyone who dared to take away his things.

    “Turn nasty?” Looking at the old man, Fang Qiu said scornfully, “You’re the one who made me turn nasty.”

    The old man was stunned.

    “Would you give me back my treasures, or shall I go and get them myself?” Fang Qiu demanded.

    “You… Fine!” The old man held his breath, gritted his teeth but managed to remain calm. Then he waved his hand and said, “Take them out.”

    He had no choice.

    Even in his prime, he was not able to rival the mysterious man, let alone he was injured now.

    Although they had trained a number of martial arts practitioners in the auction house, there was no way that they could compete with the mysterious man.

    If they did, they would only get themselves killed.

    If they irritated the mysterious man, then they would probably end up getting something worse. By then, they would not just lose this auction house.

    They might suffer some incalculable losses.

    Since the mysterious man was so determined, the old man believed that he wouldn’t back down unless he got his treasures back. Besides, the mysterious man would fight for the treasures anyway. They didn’t have to take such a loss.

    The old man gave his orders.

    Soon, three men came out with the treasures.

    Among the three men, two of them were the people who robbed He Gaoming on that day. They were still dressed as before. Although one of them had changed his hairstyle, He Gaoming still recognized them right away.

    “Those men!” Seeing the three men, He Gaoming immediately jumped onto the auction platform, pointed at them, and said, “They robbed me and took away my treasures!”

    As the crowd came to their senses from the fierce fight before, they started to whisper to each other.

    “Did you really rob him?”

    “Since you have the guts to steal the Earth Treasures of the mysterious man, why don’t you just directly steal his Heaven treasure?”

    “They’re beaten by John Doe like that for robbing some Earth Treasures from him. If they dared to rob his Heaven Treasures, I bet he would even tear down the whole building.”

    “You guys are shameless. He had already agreed to auction, and you still set up a robbery?”

    For a moment, the onlookers were starting to criticize people of the auction house.

    In the meantime, on the auction block, Fang Qiu said to He Gaoming, “Take the treasures.”

    After He Gaoming jumped off the auction block, Fang Qiu added, “Settle a score with them!”

    As He Gaoming heard that, his eyes gleamed.

    He walked towards the men holding the treasures, taking away the three Earth Treasures. Then without any hesitation, he fiercely kicked their stomachs.

    He remembered what they did to him when they were at the toilet of the hotel.

    His stomach still hurt until now.

    How could he not avenge himself on this?

    The three men were about to hit him back.

    They were all men. How would they simply let He Gaoming treat them like that? Besides, he was no match for them.

    But at the next moment, they found that they couldn’t move at all.

    A great deal of pressure suddenly appeared and stopped them from moving.

    Under the pressure, they couldn’t even open their mouths, let alone fight back.

    “Bang, Bang, Bang…”

    “How dare you rob me!”

    “You even beat the sh*t out of me!”

    “I told you before, killed me if you could. Otherwise, I would definitely make it incredibly worse for you.”

    He Gaoming kicked and punched as he spoke.

    Fang Qiu just watched him beating those people.

    The injured old man wanted to stop him, but when he met the mysterious man’s eyes in the air, he decided not to interfere.

    He Gaoming didn’t stop until he had beaten them for three minutes.

    The three men who couldn’t move at all had already spurting blood.

    Obviously, they were seriously injured.

    “Clap.” He Gaoming patted his hands and looked at the three. “I’ll spare your lives today. Next time you dare to provoke my master or me again, I’ll beat the hell out of you.”

    He Gaoming held his head up high, turning around proudly and jumping off the auction block.

    “Master, your treasures.” He Gaoming beamed as he handed the Earth Treasures to Fang Qiu.

    “Hmm.” Fang Qiu reached out and took over Icicle Flower, which ranked the 54th, and Heavenly Scent Horn, which ranked the 46th.

    He Gaoming immediately put away the fiery fruit, which ranked 39th.

    Fang Qiu especially left the fiery fruit for Li Ji, and he had already asked Li Ji to take it from He Gaoming. Therefore, He Gaoming helped him keep it for a while.

    Li Ji also spoke to He Gaoming on the phone before.

    At that time, Li Ji chose the fiery fruit among the three Earth Treasures.

    Li Ji was tied up so he didn’t come to He Gaoming at the moment. He had asked He Gaoming to bring the Earth Treasure to him when he came back to Jiangjing city.

    None of them would expect this to happen when He Gaoming just arrived in the capital.

    Fortunately, they finally got the treasures back.

    Getting the treasures, Fang Qiu immediately pulled back his power.

    The three men who couldn’t move before immediately fell to their knees and all spat out a mouthful of blood.

    They were staring at He Gaoming with hateful eyes.

    He Gaoming just ignored them.

    The three of them didn’t dare to move.

    They knew that the strong force which caused them immobile was channeled by the mysterious man. Even the seventh-class Martial Superior was no match for him. They would be digging their own graves if they chose to confront him.

    There was nothing they could do. Under the circumstances, all they could do was to hold back their anger even if their teeth were broken.

    “How was this show?” Fang Qiu asked, glancing at the onlookers while holding his two treasures.Read more chapter on vi

    Everyone nodded subconsciously.

    This was definitely a great show.

    In addition to a fierce battle, they also put on a show of exposing the shameful behavior of the auction house. This was simply a revenge drama.

    “Since everyone thinks it’s good, let’s continue the show,” Fang Qiu said.

    The crowd was stunned.

    Continue? What else could they see?

    The mysterious man had already taken back his treasures and took his revenge. What else was he going to do?

    Just when everyone was confused, Fang Qiu raided both of his hands with the Earth Treasures. “Who wants Earth Treasures?”

    Everyone got excited as they heard that.

    “Are you going to auction the Earth Treasures?” someone asked.

    “The Earth Treasures are for sale. If I don’t sell them now, then when?” Fang Qiu replied.

    Then he turned to He Gaoming. “You’re in charge of this auction.”

    He handed the Earth Treasures to He Gaoming, then waved his right hand in the air, which made the cabinet next to an extremely luxurious chair on the second floor immediately fly and land on the auction block.

    Seeing what he did, He Gaoming immediately put the Icicle Flower on the cabinet.

    “The first item, the Icicle Flower, which was ranked No.54.”

    Glancing at the crowd, He Gaoming said, “The floor price is 500,000, and each additional price is 100,000 yuan.”

    “Let the auction begin!”

    He Gaoming really knew how to control the atmosphere.

    A lot of people in the room knew that the mysterious man only took cash for the sale, so many people didn’t dare to raise the offer because they didn’t have enough cash. As a result, the auction price of Icicle Flower was fixed at one million.

    He Gaoming seemed to see through people’s minds, he said while he was going to determine the buyer, “You can transfer money online at this auction.”

    When that came out, the price of the Icicle Flower raised again and eventually reached 1.5 million.

    The auction for the Heavenly Scent Horn became more intense because it was the last one at the auction.

    The final price also exceeded the Icicle Flower and reached 1.7 million.

    Fang Qiu was satisfied with the result.

    When the auction was over, the people who got the Earth Treasures transferred the money to He Gaoming on the spot.

    Seeing the auction going so well, the old man was regretful about what he had done.

    If he knew this would happen, why would he rob them?

    They were only worth millions. And he just ruined their reputation for them. How was he supposed to live in the martial arts world?

    Now that as he thought about it, the old man felt frustrated.

    He could only blame himself for underestimate the mysterious man.

    He didn’t know that the mysterious man could be so powerful!

    Now he had completely turned against the mysterious man.

    He hated him so much!

    Although he didn’t own the auction house, he took charge of it at the moment. And he was also a prominent figure in the martial arts world.

    The mysterious man just ruined his auction without showing any respect to him. He was furious.

    However, it didn’t matter even if the old man hated him so much, because everyone on the Wulin forum had gone crazy right now.

    They received the news that the mysterious man had rushed to Baoyi Auction House. Somebody even posted especially to ask the people present to provide live streaming for them.

    But no one responded.

    The more the situation maintained, the more curious and anxious people on the forum became.

    People were going crazy, saying, “What’s going on? Did the mysterious man win?”

    A lot of people kept asking.

    No matter how hard they tried to ask, no one at the auction responded.

    Just when everyone was getting restless, someone posted on the forum.

    “The mysterious man’s ranking rises again!”

    A person accidentally looked at the List of Martial Superiors and found that his ranking raised from No.989 to No.812.

    On the List of Martial Superiors, No.812: the mysterious man, John Doe.

    Record: Defeat “Yin Laoguai (strength: seventh-class with one pulse.)”

    Seeing the new List of Martial Superiors, the whole forum was boiling with discussion.

    Yin Laoguai’s real name was Yin Chen.

    Before that, he was ranked No.812 in the List of Martial Superiors.

    His strength had reached the level of seventh-class Martial Superior, which meant that he didn’t only develop twelve meridians, but also opened a super pulse.

    “John Doe beat Yin Laoguai?”

    “Damn, Yin Laoguai is in charge of the Baoyi Auction House. When the Baoyi Auction House announced that they were going to enter the martial arts world, they had especially posted that to inform the world.”

    “So, did John Doe really challenge the Baoyi Auction House?”