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Chapter 233.4 - Abducted by a Mysterious Person

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     The man went walking ahead on his own, choosing not to hear another word the young lady was saying.

    Qing Yu saw that she was being purposely ignored and thought she might as well give up. But with things quietened down, she suddenly discovered something different about the place.

    The spirit energy in this place….. was thick and robust, at least ten times that of the Constellation Continent.

    She blinked her eyes in surprise. She had gone to the White Fen Lands a few years ago and although the spirit energy had been more than adequate, it was not as abundant as it was here in this place.

    In the short while since she came awake, she could feel that her powers had increased by quite a bit. Her powers that had been stuck at the Sacred Burial Arts’ seventh level for quite a long time had started to change, shooting up quickly through the stages in an instant. In just a short while, she had shot from the seventh level’s initial stages to the mid stages’ peak, almost breaking through into the final stages.

    The speed her cultivation was growing at was terrifying.

    Qing Yu suddenly seemed to realize something and the expression on her face was a little stunned for a moment.

    [Was this place….. the highest realm, the place they called Cloud Heaven?]

    [Could she really be that lucky! ?]

    Qing Yu suppressed her shock at that realization as she followed the man in front, unknowingly walking onto a bed of clouds, where grand and majestic palatial temple sat.

    When she first stepped into the main hall, it made her jump back it shock.

    For no other reason than the fact that the people in the great hall were dressed uniformly in black robes and white robes, standing respectfully with the bodies ramrod straight on both sides, their faces and bodies hidden within their robes, every single one looking like a dignified statue. They were all standing packed in neat rows, where there was at least three hundred of them.

    That was quite a majestic and awe inspiring sight.

    Just as Qing Yu was stunned by the sight of so many people in front of her, she heard the cold unfeeling voice of the man who had led her here. “Aren’t you going to pay your respects to the Temple Lord?”

    [Temple Lord?]

    Following the man’s gaze, Qing Yu could not help but look up to see the person seated high up on the elevated pedestal hidden behind layers of soft translucent silk curtains. The svelte figure of a woman could faintly be seen leaning back languidly, a sight beautiful as a painting.

    After the man said that to Qing Yu, he bowed respectfully to the woman up on the pedestal and reported: “Temple Lord, this is the woman who has not only killed our people, but also snatched the thing that my Lord seeks to possess.”

    The woman behind the veil let out a soft laugh, her voice gentle and melodious, exhilarating to hear. “A person from the lower realms? Haha. It looks like there are more and more capable people in the lower realms in the past few years. Raise your head so that I can have a good look at you.”

    Qing Yu was already standing at a lower level and it was making it hard for the woman up there to see her. Hearing the woman’s words, Qing Yu lifted her head up.

    But she had just raised her head and her flawlessly beautiful face had just been imprinted into the eyes of the woman behind the veil when it immediately caused the woman’s eyes to narrow sharply with a glint.

    [Why does this face….. look so familiar? It looks so much like that person she has seen a countless number of times.]

    [But, that person had clearly died.]

    [Just who is this woman! ?]