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Chapter 234.1 - Attacked at Nigh

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     After a long moment of silence, the woman’s voice sounded behind the curtains, tinged with an indiscernible emotion: “What is your name?”

    [How could there be two people who look so much alike?]

    Although Qing Yu was rather puzzled by the woman’s question, she kept a smile on her face as she replied: “Yu Qing.”

    She had always used that name when she had crossdressed as a man. [This woman’s got to be kidding. She still did not know whether this woman meant her any harm but has had her captured for some unknown purpose. She was naturally not going to reveal her real name to her so easily.]

    After she responded with those two characters, Qing Yu heard the woman ask: “Which character is the “Qing” in your name?”

    Qing Yu hesitated for a moment and then smiled before she opened her mouth to reply: “The Qing that means endearment between spouses.”

    The woman just sighed as if she did not hear Qing Yu’s reply. “Is it really all fated to be like this?”

    “What about the thing that you took? Hand it over!”

    Qing Yu’s eyes lowered slightly, as she hid the dark glint flashing within. The expression on her face looked a little confused as she raised her eyes. “What did I take?”

    Seeing the befuddled look on her face, the man who brought her here to this place stepped in to say in a grave voice: “You’re still trying to deny it? That thing that the Crimson Gold Fiery Phoenix was guarding. Once the item is taken away, it’s remnant consciousness would fade away. You were the only other person besides me to go into that mountain cave.”


    Hearing that, Qing Yu said without missing a beat. “Couldn’t you be the one who was coveting that treasure and have taken it away for yourself? You were reluctant to hand it over and as I was coincidentally passing by the place, you came up with this plan to find a scapegoat by pushing the blame entirely onto my head!”

    Suddenly stunned into a daze by Qing Yu’s unbelievable ability to twist up facts and to turn the accusation right back onto him, the man was unable to react for a good long while. When he came back to his senses, his entire body trembled visibly as he spat out hatefully: “That’s pure and utter nonsense! Absolutely vile and malicious slander! When did I ever take it! ? You had clearly…..”

    “Yue Fen, why did you start to become so hot headed? Hmm?”

    The woman commented in a soft voice, interrupting the man’s raging fit.

    The man immediately hung his head. “I beg for the Temple Lord to forgive my impudence. Yue Fen has overreacted.”

    “I will naturally believe that you will not do something like that. You are the most loyal disciple of the divine temple and you will never betray your Lord.”

    Yue Fen’s face looked genuinely moved for a moment and he said: “Your loyal servant is grateful for my Lord’s trust in me.”

    Qing Yu stood there listening in to their conversation, and she came to capture an important piece of information.