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Chapter 234.2 - Attacked at Nigh

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 234.2: Attacked at Night

    [Divine Temple?]

    [Could it be one of Cloud Heaven’s five great powers, the Bright Moon Temple?]

    Lou Jun Yao had once told her that the voodoo grub and Emotion Devouring Curse he had been afflicted with definitely had something to do with someone from the Divine Temple, which was filled with a bunch of people skilled in evil and unorthodox methods, devious snakes who liked to employ sly and crafty schemes, all of them hated and repulsive.

    Although he was not all that good a person himself, he was still a lot more above board than that entire bunch.

    Although the Bright Moon Temple was seen to not interfere with any of the other powers on the surface, they were always secretly scheming and plotting against the various powers, not giving in a single inch to any of them. They went against the Dark Lands the most, seemingly unhappy to see the might of the Dark Lands being the strongest power, and was always trying to make them crumble.

    [So….. has she fallen right into the tiger’s den?]

    “Take her away!” The woman opened her mouth to say, not mentioning anything about wanting her to hand over the item the Crimson Gold Fiery Phoenix was guarding anymore.

    Although Yue Fen did not really understand it, he was used to obeying orders given to him, so he brought Qing Yu back to the place they were at originally.

    “How do you people intend to deal with me?”

    “Are you just going to imprison me here forever for me to await death?”

    “I heard you people mention the divine temple earlier. Is this place the Bright Moon Temple in Cloud Heaven?”

    Along the way, Qing Yu tried to speak to the man, but Yue Fen did not respond, not even a single word.

    But the fact that the young lady was able to guess that they were in the Bright Moon Temple had surprised Yue Fen. He paused in his steps and then said to her: “Since you know what this place is, then you know that you can forget about ever escaping from here.”

    Qing Yu laughed. “I have not thought of escaping as you people would not kill me afterall.”

    “Hmph. You’re so certain that you will not die here?” Yue Fen laughed scornfully.

    “Did you not notice just now, when that Temple Lord of yours saw me earlier, she lost her composure a little? From that, you can tell that there must be more to the story, and that I look very much like a person she knew.” Qing Yu had analyzed it properly.

    But it must be said, that Qing Yu’s intuition could be terrifyingly accurate at times.

    Hearing Qing Yu’s words, Yue Fen merely took it as a bunch of senseless ramblings and did not take it to heart. He brought her to the place they had been at earlier and immediately left with moody face.

    Qing Yu watched him leave in speechlessness. “…..”

    She had merely unintentionally struck the nail right on its head didn’t she? But did he have to hold it against her and show her a face like she owed him several million taels of gold…..?

    She shrugged her shoulders helplessly. Qing Yu then probingly touched the cloud she had laid on before. It was soft and fluffy, rather nice to touch. She then tried pushing her hand down on it a few times.