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Chapter 234.3 - Attacked at Nigh

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     [Hmm? A firm and solid cloud? No wonder one would not fall through it.]

    She sat cross legged upon the cloud as she toyed with a soft corner with one hand. She was here in Cloud Heaven and she wondered if she was a far distance away from that fella Lou Jun Yao.

    As that thought ran through her mind, her hand subconsciously took out the purple crystal orb the man had given to her. She tried imbuing the orb with her spirit powers to sense him, but unexpectedly, she did not get any response at all, like her powers had been a pebble thrown into the ocean, unable to stir up even a ripple.

    A corner of Qing Yu’s lips twitched. [What is happening?]

    [Would being in a different location need her to probe with her powers in a different way? Or has it been blocked…..]

    [Just the thought of that is so depressing!]


    “Temple Lord, are we going to leave that young lady from the lower realms like this?” A white robed old man asked respectfully.

    “Mm.” The woman behind the curtains affirmed.

    “Of what use would keeping that young lady be to us? To turn her into a puppet?” A black robed old man on the other side asked in puzzlement. “I cannot really see anything all that special in that young lady.”

    The woman sighed slightly and it was quite a long while before she asked in a soft voice: “Doesn’t anyone of you feel that she….. looks very much like a certain person?”

    Once those words came out, without knowing why, everyone subconsciously thought of a particular person.

    But that person…..

    That person was the goddess in the divine temple most favoured by god back then, and the most highly gifted one, endlessly envied by everyone.

    It was clear that she should have inherited the divine temple’s highest position but just as the grand succession ceremony was about to begin, that person had mysteriously gone missing.

    Over a few hundred years since then, no one has heard anything about that goddess.

    But whenever that goddess was mentioned, not to mention just the Bright Moon Temple, the entire Cloud Heaven would have heard of her. She wasn’t only the most highly gifted goddess in the history of the divine temple who was highly revered, she also had a mysterious and powerful might backing her up from behind…..

    So, what really happened back then?


    On the other side, Lu Ji had also reached the Dark Lands. She had fortunately progressed quite a ways in cultivation the past few years so besides a slightly pale face, she had not suffered much in the way of injuries, merely carrying a forbidding and chilly air throughout the journey. She was originally already a frostily aloof beauty all this time and seeing her carry a dark and gloomy face now only made her even more unapproachable.

    People from the Dark Lands she met along the way had greeted her but were all met with complete disregard, her steps moving extremely fast, carrying her past them like the wind.

    The people of the Dark Lands were left scratching their heads. [What could have happened? Why is she in such a frantic rush?]

    Although Lu Ji’s attitude towards them had never been all that friendly all this time, but she would usually at least nod in acknowledgement to them or respond with a few short words. Seeing her in such a mad rush today was a first for them and they thought that it was rather strange.