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Chapter 135 - Order: Take Care Of Your Younger Sisters

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 135: Order: Take Care Of Your Younger Sisters

    “Imperial Consort, it would be better to be cautious.” Ye Jiuge was worried that Imperial Consort Xi was too fixated on revenge. The gains would not make up for the losses if Emperor Xuanwu were to deduce anything.

    “Don’t worry, I’m well aware of the situation.”

    Imperial Consort Xi was in no hurry for revenge. She was enjoying how the Empress loathed her but could not get rid of her. After some time chatting with Imperial Consort Xi, Ye Jiuge observed the sky getting darker. Making an excuse about preparing for the Alchemy Convention, she bid Imperial Consort Xi farewell.

    Although Imperial Consort Xi was reluctant to see Ye Jiuge go, she did not want to delay her, so she allowed Lady Hongxiu to send Ye Jiuge back.

    Not only did she gift Ye Jiuge a carriage full of things, but Imperial Consort Xi also gave her an “advanced placement” token for the Alchemy Convention. Ye Jiuge walked towards the Zilin Residence while playing with the red-colored token. Although she did not need it, she appreciated Imperial Consort Xi’s kindness.

    Song Bai stood outside the Zilin Residence. It seemed that he had been waiting for a long time. He said, “Eldest Miss, Old Master requests to see you in the study.”

    “Why is Father looking for me?” Ye Jiuge had not met Ye Yuxuan face-to-face for some time.

    “Old Master said that he has something important to discuss with you. I do not know the details,” Song Bai replied respectfully.

    “I see. I will head there in a moment.” Ye Jiuge gestured with her hand.

    “Yes.” Song Bai bowed and left.

    Just as Ye Jiuge entered the house, Qing Mama approached her and said, “Eldest Miss, Old Master is looking for you because of the Alchemy Convention.”

    Recently, Qing Mama had bribed an informer in the main residence, so she was better informed than before.

    “Alchemy Convention?” Ye Jiuge raised her eyebrow. She did not understand why Ye Yuxuan wanted to speak to her about the matter.

    “Oh, Eldest Miss, I heard that Second Miss is determined to win the Alchemy Convention. Recently, she has been very close to the Crown Prince, who has sent over many pill ingredients.” Zhen Zhu had made discreet inquiries to obtain this information.

    “The Crown Prince is quite good at winning people over!” Ye Jiuge could not help but laugh.

    “Winning over my *ss! Eldest Miss, it’s a good thing that you became clear-headed sooner rather than later and broke off your engagement to that douchebag,” Qing Mama said with disdain.

    When Su Yufeng had been sent to the Ancestral Shrine, and Ye Shanshan was confined, the Crown Prince had only sent over a palace maid to check on her. Now, the Alchemy Convention was coming up, and the Crown Prince had remembered Ye Shanshan’s worth. He was pursuing her proactively again. Double-dealers and back-stabbers like him are rotten douchebags. Ye Jiuge nodded her head in full agreement.

    After Qing Mama had helped Ye Jiuge to tidy up her, she said, “Eldest Miss, you should head over soon, or Old Master will get angry again.”

    Ye Jiuge brought Zhen Zhu with her to the main residence but entered the study alone to see Ye Yuxuan.

    “Why are you back so late? Where have you been today?” Ye Yuxuan asked unhappily.

    “I’m back late because Imperial Consort Xi requested my presence in the palace,” Ye Jiuge replied unenthusiastically.

    “Why am I unaware that Imperial Consort Xi invited you to the palace?” On top of his surprise, Ye Yuxuan felt infuriated. “You unfilial daughter, do you still see me as your Father? Why have you not told me about such an important matter?”

    Of course not! Ever since Ye Yuxuan’s tacit agreement when the Su Clan’s Old Master had laid hands on her, Ye Jiuge had hated him bitterly for his hypocrisy. If not for the fact that she would be condemned for patricide, she wanted to murder her obnoxious father.

    Ye Jiuge suppressed her anger and said coldly to Ye Yuxuan, “If you asked me here to speak about this matter, forget it.”

    Having said so, she stood up to leave.

    “Wait!” Ye Yuxuan shouted to halt Ye Jiuge. Speaking quickly, he said, “The upcoming Alchemy Convention will be held in the Medicine Refinery Valley. Away from home, you and your sisters need to help each other. You, as the eldest sister, should take good care of your two younger sisters…”

    “I will definitely take care of Fourth Sister. As for Second Sister, please find somebody more qualified than me!”

    What kind of joke is this? Asking her to take care of Ye Shanshan? She would be displaying benevolence if she refrained from finding a gulf and drowning Ye Shanshan.

    “What kind of attitude is this?”

    Ye Yuxuan slammed the table and reprimanded, “I know that you are upset about the incident with the Su Clan. However, away from home, you and your sisters represent the Ye Clan. I don’t care what kind of family conflict is going on. Outside, everyone needs to unite as one and defend and protect each other.”

    “Pft!” Ye Jiuge suddenly laughed.

    “Why are you laughing?” Ye Yuxuan questioned fiercely.

    “I did not expect Father to understand that we represent the Ye Clan’s reputation when we are away from home. I thought that we represented the Su Clan instead!” Ye Jiuge smiled and said.

    “What nonsense are you spouting? The Su Clan is the Su Clan, and the Ye Clan is the Ye Clan. How can you mix them up?” Ye Yuxuan responded with a dark expression.

    “Father, your actions contradict your words.”

    The Su Clan’s Old Master had brought his guards and aggressively called for her death. Not only did he want her to kneel, but he had also wanted to slap her. Ye Yuxuan had stood to the side and watched as though the Su Clan’s Old Master was the head of his family. Now, he dared to tell her that the Su Clan was the Su Clan, and the Ye Clan was the Ye Clan. His words disgusted her.

    Flying into a humiliated rage, Ye Yuxuan snapped, “The Su Clan’s Old Master is your elder. Why can’t you concede to him in his old age?”

    “Concede to allow him to kill me?” Ye Jiuge’s tone was as cold as ice.

    “He only said that. He wouldn’t really do it. You, on the other hand, are so stubborn at such a young age. How could you kill every single one of the Su Clan’s guards? The Su Clan’s Old Master was so angry that he fell unconscious after returning home and has yet to wake up, even now. If I weren’t around to put in a good word for you, those people from the Su Clan would have captured you and brought you to the Justice Department for punishment.”

    As he spoke, Ye Yuxuan’s confidence grew. He thought he had justice on his side. Ye Jiuge was only sitting here talking to him because he had protected her.

    “Is that so? If you are so capable, let the people from the Su Clan capture me and bring me to the Justice Department. We’ll see who will be punished!” Ye Jiuge sneered.

    Does he think that she is frightened? So what if she killed the Su Clan’s guards? It was their fault for coming to the Ye Clan to try to kill her. No matter what, she is in the right.

    “Fine, fine. I just said a few sentences, and you’re acting as though you have a deeply ingrained and long-standing resentment,” Ye Yuxuan said impatiently as he looked at Ye Jiuge’s face.

    She bore a remarkable resemblance to Yun Qiaoqiao, but her personality was completely different. Yun Qiaoqiao was gentle and submissive toward him. She would never disagree with him. Ye Jiuge had an unyielding personality like a raging inferno. If he were to say a single word, she could rebut with ten. Everything she said was like a spark capable of burning a scar.

    “Father, if you have nothing else to say, I shall take my leave.” Ye Jiuge did not want to hear any more of Ye Yuxuan’s nonsense.

    “What about the Alchemy Convention?” Ye Yuxuan demanded, unwilling to give up.

    “Father, don’t worry. I will take good care of Second Sister!”

    A sinister look flitted across Ye Jiuge’s face. After all, wouldn’t she be deeply disappointing her father if she were to refuse after he had used all kinds of methods to beg her to look after Ye Shanshan?