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Chapter 136 - A Class-three Spiritual Medicine Can Nullify Mental Manipulation

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 136: A Class-three Spiritual Medicine Can Nullify Mental Manipulation

    “Ye Jiuge, let me repeat once more. Regardless of how you fight with each other in the residence, both of you still have the last name Ye. When you leave the residence, I want the two of you to …” Before Ye Yuxuan could finish speaking, Ye Jiuge had already walked away. She made him so upset that he threw a teacup from the table to the ground.

    He thought, This defiant daughter infuriates me so much! Ye Yuxuan panted heavily for a few breaths before heading to Shuimo Garden.

    As soon as Su Yufeng saw Ye Yuxuan, she asked him at once, “Old Master, what did Jiuge say?”

    “What else could she say? As expected, she expressed her unwillingness,” Ye Yuxuan told her sourly.

    He had already told her that, given Ye Jiuge’s willful temper, she would never agree to his request. However, Su Yufeng refused to believe him. She insisted that he should try to reason with her.

    “How could this child, Jiuge, not understand the principle of association through blood ties? What sisters do not quarrel at home? But, when you walk out of the house, in the eyes of the public, both of you belong to the same family. If you do not even help your own family, how can others think highly of you?”

    Su Yufeng expressed her exasperation that Ye Jiuge had acted contrary to her expectations. She even hoped impatiently that Ye Jiuge would change and behave according to her wishes.

    Ever since Gong Xifan had stood up for Ye Jiuge, she had been trying to gain favor with someone from the Gong Clan. But, when she’d asked around and managed to discover Gong Xifan’s address, he had already left.

    She’d heard that the Gong Clan would also send someone to attend the main tournament, which was to take place during the Alchemy Convention. Therefore, she wanted to ask Ye Jiuge to bring her daughter to call on a member of the Gong Clan. Her daughter’s character, appearance, and aptitude in alchemy should impress a member of the Gong Clan. They would see her in a new light.

    “Enough. What is the use of saying such words now? You better tell Shanshan to keep her distance from our disobedient daughter to avoid being harmed by her.” When Ye Yuxuan recalled the expression in Ye Jiuge’s eyes earlier, he could still feel his blood boil slightly.

    “Alright.” Su Yufeng nodded half-heartedly. She thought to herself that, since she was not able to achieve her objectives through Ye Jiuge, she could only exploit Ye Ruyi.

    It seemed that she should ask Shanshan to visit Yaoguang Residence on another day and spend some time winning over the little girl, Ye Ruyi.

    Meanwhile, Ye Jiuge was having a conversation with Ye Ruyi at Yaoguang Residence about the Alchemy Convention’s main tournament.

    “This time, as we are going to the Pill Production Tournament together, Ye Shanshan will approach you for sure and try to convince you to help her. This mother and daughter pair is extremely thick-skinned and shameless. You should be more careful about them.”

    Truth to be told, in a way, Ye Jiuge admired Su Yufeng and her daughter. There were such deviants in this world! After stabbing you a few times, because they did not end up killing you, they’d still have the gall to claim that they’d spared your life on purpose. Since you did not die, you should be thankful to them.

    “I do not want to talk to her!” Ye Ruyi’s small face was taut. Her eyes were filled with hatred.

    “Ruyi, when all is said and done, she is still your Second Elder Sister. If you refuse to treat her with respect in front of outsiders, I am afraid that others will find fault with you.” Fifth Concubine was aware that gossip could become extremely terrifying.

    “I could care less about what others say.” Ye Ruyi pulled a long face. Her expression showed her anger.

    She would rather let others condemn her. Even if this put her in an extremely dire situation, she still did not want to act as if she were close to Ye Shanshan.

    “There is no need to be afraid. I will be there!” Regardless of the kind of people that they were going to meet, Ye Jiuge did not plan to be civil to Ye Shanshan.

    “Right!” Ye Ruyi nodded forcefully. She knew that her Eldest Sister would surely side with her.

    Ye Jiuge also tested Ye Ruyi’s knowledge of what she had learned during her studies. After she discovered that Ruyi had a solid grasp of topics related to Pill Production processes, Ye Jiuge returned to Zilin Residence with confidence.

    “Eldest Miss, what did Old Master say to you?” Qing Mama walked up to her, carrying a cup of hot tea. The thing that worried her most was that Old Master had unleashed his wrath on Eldest Miss again.

    “Nothing significant. He merely spouted a load of rubbish.” Ye Jiuge sat down before taking a sip of the tea in a relaxed manner. After that, she asked, “I heard that you took Hua Die and Yu Die to activate their bones. Were they able to undergo the process smoothly?”

    “It went off without a hitch. Both Hua Die and Yu Die have Rank Seven Spiritual Bones. The Bone Activation Medicine that Eldest Miss gave them was indeed potent,” Qing Mama said excitedly.

    To the best of her knowledge, bones could be categorized into three grades: high, medium, and low. Rank Nine to Rank Seven were considered high grades, Rank Six to Rank Four were medium grades, while Rank Three to Rank One were low grades.

    With Hua Die and Yu Die’s attributes, if they had used a standard Bone Activation Medicine, then the highest grade that they could have reached was the medium grade.

    “Not bad. If they cultivate using Rank Seven Spiritual Bones, they will progress swiftly. If they encounter any extraordinary opportunities, they might even be able to advance further.” When Ye Jiuge had examined their bones earlier, she had already foreseen the result.

    “Eldest Miss, this revelation came at the right time. You can bring them with you when you attend the Alchemy Convention.” Although the attributes of these two young maids’ bones were decent, ultimately, they were not Spiritual Practitioners. They would not be able to help Ye Jiuge achieve the aura that Qing Mama envisioned.

    She sighed. If Old Master Yun Tianwei were still alive, he could have managed to find Spiritual Practitioners to serve Eldest Miss as her maids.

    “I am perfectly fine with Hua Die and Yu Die.” Ye Jiuge did not think that her status could be elevated by using Spiritual Practitioners as her maids.

    She placed her teacup down before heading toward the Pill Production Room. She aimed to produce some better quality Mind-clearing Pills so that she could avoid being affected by Su Junqing’s Mental Manipulation.

    “Your ordinary Mind-clearing Pills are useless against Su Junqing’s Mental Manipulation.” Zi Shang materialized gradually and used his snake tail to coil around Ye Jiuge tightly before saying coolly, “Today, when Su Junqing used his Mental Manipulation, it was spontaneous. Because of this, you were able to shake it off easily. If he made the necessary arrangements and put everything in place with careful thought before acting against you, it would not be so easy to escape his clutches.”Read comics on our

    “Then, what kind of pill can be effective?” Ye Jiuge furrowed her eyebrows.

    If she had known earlier that, after Su Junqing had devoured Xu Hansen, he would become this powerful, she would not have let Wan Ziyang and Ye Yu make life difficult for Xu Hansen.

    “Your Mind-Clearing Pills need to be at least Rank Three,” Zi Shang said.

    “In that case, I will need to become a Rank Three Alchemist before I can produce them. I am only at Rank Two right now, so I need to make considerable progress.”

    Ye Jiuge creased her brow. A full year had not yet passed since her meridians had recovered. When she considered that, she felt that she had already made some serious advances by becoming a Rank Two Alchemist. If she wished to advance to Rank Three, she would need to accumulate a certain amount of cultivation. However, Su Junqing had set his sights on her now. He was watching her covetously, like a tiger watching its prey. She could not wait until she reached that rank.

    “You do not need to be a Rank Three Alchemist to produce those pills.” As Zi Shang spoke, he sniffed Ye Jiuge’s hair.

    “How can I produce them?” The hot breaths that Zi Shang exhaled caused Ye Jiuge to feel a tingling sensation. She could not help but turn her head to the side.

    Ever since Zi Shang had punished her for having smelly hair, she’d washed her hair every day. She’d even gone as far as turning the Zixun Flower, a kind of purple blossom with a sweet fragrance, into a bar of soap to ensure that its aroma would linger forever.

    “If you beg me, I might feel kind enough to perform a good deed and tell you.” On the surface, Zi Shang’s expression was dignified. It was a pity that the tip of his flirtatious tail snaked along Ye Jiuge’s thigh, moving slowly upward…

    Ye Jiuge gritted her teeth before restraining the tip of his teasing tail by pressing down on it. After that, she showed him an adorable expression that looked quite pathetic. She used her most tender voice to say, “Chieftain Zi Shang, would you please explain it to your darling?”

    “Darling, you did well!” Zi Shang patted Ye Jiuge’s head in satisfaction. He told her, “If you use the Spiritual Flame to heat your small, inferior cauldron, you will be able to produce Rank Three Medicinal Pills.”

    “Are you referring to the flame that was formed from a fusion of Spiritual Energy from heaven and earth when you mentioned the Spiritual Flame?” Ye Jiuge blinked with her puppy dog eyes.

    “That’s right.” Zi Shang reached out with his hand to play with Ye Jiuge’s earlobe.

    Ye Jiuge did not move. She asked him another question: “The Red Lotus Lightning Flame, which was transmuted from the Godly Heartwood that I used in the past, is this also a Spiritual Flame?”

    “Of course. However, I do not know where the Red Lotus Lightning Flame is!” If he knew, he would have gotten his hands on it long ago as a toy.

    “Then, what is the point of being so long-winded with me!” Ye Jiuge changed her attitude immediately and became hostile. She slapped Zi Shang’s hand away with her palm.

    Tch! The Spiritual Flame was extremely elusive. She would be better off putting her efforts into cultivation. Advancing to a higher rank shortly sounded more realistic.