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Chapter 138 - An Intoxicating Mouth-to-mouth Resuscitation

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 138: An Intoxicating Mouth-to-mouth Resuscitation

    “Little Dumb Dumb, if you needed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, why didn’t you ask me?” Zi Shang materialized in the lake, blithely swaying his long, inky snake tail. He drew Ye Jiuge close, watching over her protectively.

    His skin glowed faintly like a piece of jade.

    His dazzling face, which had always been incomparably handsome, was similar to an underwater Devil’s Snare in full bloom.

    Those purple eyes, in particular, had pupils that shimmered like the most beautiful crystals. They contained sharp glints that viewed everything in the periphery with visible disdain.

    He was as alluring as a water deity, whose arrival illuminated the entire murky lake reeking of blood.

    Even though Ye Jiuge was used to Zi Shang’s good looks, she could still not help herself from being captivated by him.

    “Do you want it or not?” Zi Shang smiled.

    She thought, Of course!

    As Ye Jiuge almost suffocated to death, she no longer bothered upholding her sense of dignity. She grabbed Zi Shang’s arm before sinking her teeth into his mouth viciously.

    She wished to thrust into his mouth and entwine her tongue with his forked tongue so that he would not desert her.

    Zi Shang was extremely pleased that Ye Jiuge had initiated their act of intimacy so enthusiastically.

    His long snake tail wrapped around her tightly. He held her in his embrace before they sank together to the bottom of the lake.

    Zi Shang’s cool lips were quite soft with a hint of faint fragrance. She could not stop kissing him, even if she wanted to.

    Once Ye Jiuge recovered her senses after such extreme difficulty breathing, she felt absolute bliss. Her head was dizzy, while her entire body was limp. She even felt oddly pleasured.

    That must be why certain perverted individuals loved erotic asphyxiation. It was indeed a very interesting experience. However, it was not something that she wanted to try again.

    They had already reached the deepest part of the lake and set their eyes on an underwater trough with an exceptionally sinister atmosphere and a strange, foul stench. This stretch of the underwater trough was so dark that she’d have to explore it blind. Normally, this would have terrified her. However, because she was focused on Zi Shang’s handsome face, Ye Jiuge was utterly oblivious to her eerie surroundings.

    All she saw was Zi Shang’s mesmerizing purple eyes, his straight nose, rosy lips, and the mysterious, exquisite demonic patterns on his body.

    Ye Jiuge had no clue that, in Zi Shang’s eyes, she was beautiful and enchanting in ways that affected him emotionally, just like a blooming white lotus.

    This underwater trough seemed endless.

    After half an hour, Ye Jiuge started to feel herself running out of oxygen again. She had no choice but to seek Zi Shang’s help to save her own life.

    Their bodies were entwined, one on top of the other. The act of them nuzzling each other in the lake evoked an inexplicable, ambiguous sense of romance.

    Before this, their mouth-to-mouth resuscitation had been purely innocent. Gradually, it turned into something slightly different.

    Ye Jiuge could feel that Zi Shang was teasing her flirtatiously.

    In the beginning, the soft, forked tongue had just experimentally skimmed her sensitive palate.

    When she did not shy away from him, he became bolder and engaged her little tongue in a dance.

    Ye Jiuge was actually against making out underwater. What should she do if Zi Shang accidentally sucked all the oxygen out of her?

    However, she could not resist Zi Shang’s experienced provocation. He toyed with her tongue in between the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. In catching their breaths, he insisted on making her lose herself in their passion. She did not even realize that they were no longer at the bottom of the lake.

    After hearing a splash, Ye Jiuge finally came back to herself. She pushed away Zi Shang, who was pressed against her tightly, before discovering that she’d ended up in a creepy cavern. Before her eyes, there were mountains and mountains of skeletons. The decomposed corpses of beasts towered ominously over them.

    In the dark cavern, a cold draft blew past them. It even carried the fetid smell of decay. It made her blood run cold.

    “If you feel scared, hug me tight!” Zi Shang made it clear to her that she could always find comfort in his arms.

    “Tch, I have seen more bones than salt in my lifetime. What is there to be afraid of!” She was just a little surprised.

    Ye Jiuge surveyed the area and discovered that the Fat Black Rat was lying on its stomach in a corner, so she struggled out of Zi Shang’s embrace and stepped onto dry land.

    She saw that the rat was casually sprawled over an unremarkable piece of bone.

    The bone was only as long as an adult’s arm. Compared to the large bones nearby, which had unnerved her, its appearance had no unique or distinctive features. There was nothing about it that was worthy of attention.

    “Black Fatty, why did you lie down here?” Ye Jiuge held the rodent up by its neck and asked.

    The Fat Black Rat disregarded Ye Jiuge. Eager to please Zi Shang, who was slowly swimming toward them, it looked at him and used its chubby paw to point at the bone repeatedly, as if it were presenting him with treasure. It squeaked, “Pipi!”

    Zi Shang assessed that bone with his impassive, purple eyes. He commented indifferently, “Acceptable!”

    Ye Jiuge’s interest was piqued. An object that Zi Shang thought was noteworthy would, undoubtedly, be anything but ordinary!

    She activated her Spiritual Eye and examined the bone carefully. She detected a flickering orb of light beneath the bone, similar to a flame.

    Bingo! she thought.

    Ye Jiuge infused the Lightning Snake Magical Whip with her Spiritual Energy and lashed the bone. A wisp of sinister, bone-chilling Spectral Flame emerged slowly from the fracture!

    It was a Rank-three Spectral Flame—the White Bone Flame!

    Although this Spectral Flame’s rank was considered low, it had unique abilities, which other flames that were Yang in nature lacked entirely.

    As the Spectral Flame had thrived amidst the abundant bones that were several thousand years old, it could absorb different kinds of grudges, unholy energy, and the life forces of ghosts. Therefore, its special attacks with dark attributes were terrifying.

    Anyone who was burned by a Spectral Flame would suffer from a serious illness as if possessed by a ghost.

    Other than that, if she used this Spectral Flame to produce various Yin Spiritual Pills, the resulting Spectral Spiritual Pills would have greatly enhanced potency.

    If Ye Yu, an assassin who worked stealthily in the dark, could consume these Yin Spiritual Pills as a supplement during his cultivation process, his cultivation would considerably expedite.

    The most important thing was that the White Bone Flame could become more powerful. If she could evolve it into the Spectral Flame of the Netherworld, it would not be inferior to Red Lotus Lightning Flame.

    Then, she would possess the Red Lotus Lightning Flame, the Spectral Flame of the Netherworld, and the Lightning Fire Needle. Such a glorious sight!

    As long as it still had potential, even though the process for advancing the White Bone Flame in rank would be extremely time-consuming, she would be undeterred.

    “Can I ingest this flame?”

    Ye Jiuge excitedly watched the sinister, faintly-burning white Spectral Flame.

    “Of course. Just absorb it here!” Zi Shang stood behind Ye Jiuge and drew up protective spells to keep her safe from harm.

    In her heart, Ye Jiuge suppressed her euphoria forcefully. She formed the Spirit Attraction Technique with both her hands before attempting to absorb the White Bone Flame.

    Since the White Bone Flame had been in this place for more than a few thousand years, it was not be willing to assimilate into Ye Jiuge’s body. It turned away, planning its escape.

    “I want you to come here!” Ye Jiuge shot a beam of Spiritual Light at it, forcibly drawing it into her.

    After Ye Jiuge absorbed the White Bone Flame, her expression became even more serious.

    Ingesting the flame was merely the first step. Her highest priority right now was taming it.

    Ye Jiuge manipulated her Spiritual Force and began to subdue the White Bone Flame.

    In the beginning, the White Bone Flame was quite well-behaved. It followed Ye Jiuge’s Spiritual Force to her Elixir Field.

    Afterward, she only needed to mark the White Bone Flame with her Cognitive Imprint before completing the subjugation process.

    Then, an explosive sound suddenly came from the White Bone Flame. It released an icy aura in a stream, which traveled along Ye Jiuge’s meridians, spreading rapidly through her body.

    Ye Jiuge promptly exerted more pressure to suppress the icy aura. Out of desperation, the flame spewed even more of its icy aura into her body.

    As the White Bone Flame struggled to break free, Ye Jiuge’s Spiritual Force expended a considerable amount of her energy. At this rate, her Spiritual Energy would be exhausted very soon.

    When that time arrived, she would not be able to restrain the White Bone Flame. It would set her inner body on fire until her entire body was burned to ashes.

    Ye Jiuge could not help but shiver. During a moment of absent-mindedness, countless apparitions suddenly appeared before her eyes.

    Ominous winds blew ceaselessly. Legions of ghosts wailed collectively, and the Main Gates of Hell opened slowly.

    An endless numbers of spirits snatched at Ye Jiuge’s legs and neck, trying to pull her to Hell.

    Ye Jiuge went numb with fear. She could not stop herself from shrieking.