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Chapter 717 - The Reports of the Abduction

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 717: The Reports of the Abduction

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    As soon as Wen Xinya woke up in the morning, the door of her ward was pushed open and Zhou Tianyu and Xu Tongxuan entered together.

    Wen Xinya noticed that they were holding a stack of newspapers and magazines. She then guessed that the media must have found out about her abduction and made a big issue out of it.

    Actually, she had already expected it. After all, nothing could be kept a secret in this world, even though the military and the Wen Family had been keeping the matter confidential. Besides, she had missed school for several days and anyone would be able to smell a rat just by paying attention to Old Mr. Wen’s behavior.

    Appearing rather awful, Zhou Tianyu said, “Xinya, the media released some reports about your abduction this morning and the news are spreading like wildfire.” She stopped talking and handed her a magazine before continuing, “You’d better see it for yourself!”

    Wen Xinya’s heart dropped and she knew that there would definitely be controversial news about her. The captions on the cover of the tabloids were written in yellow and read: “Miss Wen was abducted by three terrorists who asked for a ransom of 100 million US dollars!”

    It described the process of Wen Xinya getting kidnapped: “Recently, Miss Wen has been receiving massive attention because of all the wealth that she has acquired, namely the exorbitant assets that her esteemed maternal grandfather Old Mr. Mo transferred to her on the day of her coming-of-age ceremony, as well as the five percent of the Wen Corporation shares that Old Mr. Wen gave her on the very same day. She then went on to have a lavish and extravagant coming-of-age ceremony and became the most eligible heiress in the entire Capital city. As the old saying goes: You should never flaunt your health. On the 26th of March, Miss Wen was abducted by a terrorist at around 9:30 PM. The terrorist allegedly belongs to the bunch of assailants involved in the incident in the West Region. The military began their rescue mission in a bit to save Miss Wen and it was said that Xu Zhenyu from the Xu family took the lead in the rescue mission. I believe everyone who attended Miss Wen’s coming-of-age ceremony knows that the second Young Master of the Xu Family has now become a military Major.”

    Next, there was also some information about the rescue efforts, though it was not too detailed. Wen Xinya reckoned that the media probably did not manage to find any detailed information.

    However, the reporters then added in bold letters: “Five years ago, the granddaughter of the famed textile magnate in the city, had similarly been kidnapped and her abduction remains as a piece of hair-raising news even until today. Miss Wen was abducted for seven hours. What exactly did she experience during that grueling and terrifying period? Why did the Wen Family keep mum about the matter even after she has been rescued? Why are they so nonchalant about it? I believe the public must be curious as to whether or not Miss Wen has really returned home safe and unscathed.”

    Xu Tongxuan pursed her lips and said, “Xinya, you probably haven’t heard about the kidnapping incident of the textile magnate’s granddaughter before. That girl was rescued by the police three days after she got abducted, but…” Xu Tongxuan paused before continuing, “She had been physically abused and gang-raped… Her emotions were unstable even after she was rescued. The media then reported about her abduction and she hung herself afterward because she couldn’t take the impact.”

    Wen Xinya tightened her grip on the magazine and her hands trembled. The edge of the magazine was crushed and tattered. It was little wonder that Xu Tongxuan and Zhou Tianyu were both so nervous. When her scandal with Xu Zhenyu was revealed three years ago, she dominantly sued tens of media agencies to court and gave them a harsh warning. Hence, the reporters dared not mention explicitly about her and instead cited the example of the textile magnate’s granddaughter and directed it at her.

    Zhou Tianyu said, “Xinya, this is practically a scandal. The media is just insinuating that you have also been raped. I’m afraid everyone will begin to get doubtful and your reputation is going to get affected.”

    She felt that someone was intentionally going against Wen Xinya. Otherwise, the media wouldn’t have done such a thing and indirectly framed her.

    Wen Xinya took a deep breath and said, “I know. This matter has directly affected my reputation. No one is going to believe that I escaped unscathed after being abducted for seven hours. Besides… I’m not Xia Ruya. I’m not going to publish my pregnancy test report in order to prove my innocence…” she said in a hoarse voice. “However, if I don’t prove my innocence, this will become a permanent stain in my life. A woman’s reputation… can sometimes become a lethal weapon.”

    Xu Tongxuan stared at her pale face and dry lips. “What do you plan to do now?”

    Wen Xinya pressed her lips tightly and remained silent because she had yet to find a suitable solution.

    Zhou Tianyu said, “Why don’t you publish the reports from the hospital? That might stop everyone from doubting you.”

    Wen Xinya shook her head and said, “I don’t think that would work. After all, the Wen Family is powerful and authoritative. If I intentionally reveal my medical reports, others may use it to plot against me.”

    “Xinya is right. It’s not the right time to reveal the reports now.” Xu Tongxuan knew exactly what she was referring to. Previously, Ning Shuqian had colluded with her doctor to falsify her pregnancy and her medical records, thus affecting the trust that the public had in doctors. If she were to announce the reports out of the blue, Wen Xinya would not be able to clear her name if someone were to accuse the medical reports of being false as well.

    Zhou Tianyu said, “Nothing works, but we can’t possibly just sit back and do nothing!”

    A sullen expression formed on Wen Xinya’s face. She remained silent for a moment before saying, “It’s definitely impossible to sit back and do nothing. I’ll call Xu Zhenyu later and ask him if he can reveal the military’s statement of the rescue mission to the media along with the terrorists’ information. I believe the public has eyes to see for themselves. As for the rest… they must decide for themselves!”

    Si Yiyan had once shown her the information about the terrorists, and there were no records of rape in their profile. She believed that the public could deduce that on their own. Besides, making the process of the rescue mission transparent would effectively distract the public.

    This time, she could not resort to extreme or legal means to clear her name and had no choice but to employ the help of external powers.

    Xu Tongxuan smiled and said, “Although we can’t stop everyone from suspecting me or making speculations, we can at least stop the media from misleading the public into having doubts about your chastity. Besides, you’re the victim of the abduction and the media wouldn’t dare to blow things up if the process is divulged. After all, the media wouldn’t dare to challenge the military.”

    If the process of the rescue and the terrorists’ identities were revealed, it would mean that the military was giving the public an explanation for the assault. It would also cause an impact on society. And if the media were to keep harping on whether or not Wen Xinya had been violated, it would seem like the military were incompetent in rescuing the hostage and thus, cause the hostage to suffer terrifying treatment. The media wouldn’t be that silly.

    Zhou Tianyu said, “It might be hard to communicate with the military, though. I doubt Xu Zhenyu can do that just yet.”

    The solution would not work if the military refused to concede.

    Xu Tongxuan nodded with a grim expression.

    However, Wen Xinya was confident that Si Yiyan would be able to negotiate and do something to help.