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Chapter 413 - Everyone Can Give A Question!

Medical Master
     Chapter 413 Everyone Can Give A Question!

    At 10 o’clock, the people of the program group finally showed up.

    The first one entering the banquet hall was a middle-aged man with shoulder-length grey hair. He was wearing a hat, looking a little plump.

    He was followed by five or six people.

    With all eyes on him, the middle-aged man walked all the way to the stage in the middle of the banquet hall, and the men who followed him settled down at an empty table beside the stage.

    “Hello, hello.” As the staff gave him the microphone, the middle-aged man tested it and then put it down. Clearing his throat, he then raised the microphone again and looked at everyone present under the stage. “Good morning, contestants. I’m Li Huawen, the program director of this Young Physician of Huaxia Competition.”

    When that came out, there was a burst of applause.

    “Is Li Huawen going to direct this competition?”

    “My God, he’s Li Huawen?”

    Some people exclaimed.

    Someone asked, “Is he famous?”

    “Of course!”

    “He is the best director of all CCTV programs. Many of CCTV’s trending programs were directed by him. He was previously named as one of the top 10 program directors. I did not expect that he would be the director of the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition. It seems that our program is going to go viral!”

    On the stage. “Actually, the reason why we gather everyone here today is that we need to introduce our competition process and three judges of the competition to you. Well, without further ado, let’s get started.”

    Raising his right hand to the door of the hall, Li Huawen stated, “Let’s give warm applause to the three judges of our Young Physician of Huaxia Competition.”

    Hearing that, everyone started to applaud.

    In the warm applause, the banquet hall door slowly opened.

    Three old men came in.

    Two of the elders were hale and hearty, and one was in a wheelchair.

    With all the eyes on them, one of the old men pushed the wheelchair, and another old man walked side by side with him. They came to the round table near the stage and sat down.

    When they saw the judges, Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu were stunned.

    “Uncle Li?” Jiang Miaoyu exclaimed.

    Taking a closer look, Jiang Miaoyu found that the old man in the wheelchair was Uncle Li, Li Shan’s father. Fang Qiu just helped him treat his leg before.

    “He’s the judge?” Fang Qiu was amazed.

    “Now, I’d like to introduce you to our judges.” Li Huawen asked three judges to come on stage.

    The staff helped push Uncle Li to the stage, followed by the other two elders.

    “First of all, let me introduce to you,” Li Huawen shook hands with him, then introduced. “Highly-skilled doctor, Li Zhengtang!”

    As he finished his words, there was an uproar.

    A highly-skilled doctor?

    Because all the contestants on the spot excelled at traditional Chinese Medicine, they all knew that there were only 50 highly-skilled doctors in the nation.

    Each one of them was very powerful.

    People thought that the judges of this competition would be some school leaders, Chinese Medicine celebrities, and social media influencers.

    However, they didn’t expect that they would invite highly-skilled doctors to the show.

    “The second one.” Li Huawen walked up to the second elder, shook his hands, and then introduced, “Highly-skilled doctor, Huang Zhengren.”

    People couldn’t help but exclaim. Maybe all the judges were highly-skilled doctors.

    “The last one.” Li Huawen walked up to the third elder, shook his hands, and said, “Highly-skilled doctor, Yang Juanyong!”

    Sure enough, they were all highly-skilled doctors.

    The whole place was boiling with discussion.

    Everyone was shocked, excited, and clapping.

    They were all highly-skilled doctors!

    Normally, they couldn’t even see anyone of them. Now it was marvelous that they could invite the three of them.

    “Li Huawen really lives up to his name!”

    “No wonder he could be one of the top 10 program directors. He was even able to invite highly-skilled doctors.”

    “It’s really a show for Chinese Medicine’s development. It’s totally different from other shows where they choose a celebrity to be a judge for the sake of being popular.”

    “I’m so relieved now.”

    “This is the real Chinese Medicine competition!”

    The appearance of the three highly-skilled doctors made all the contestants let down their guard. It also swept away their worries of recording the show on TV or encountering some hidden rules.

    With the highly-skilled doctors here, one must be evaluated by his or her actual strength. The highly-skilled doctors had great strength and moral compass.

    Therefore, there would be no hidden rules.

    In the meantime, many people turned their heads to look at Fang Qiu.

    In their eyes, he might be strong, but he was not strong enough to compete with them.

    Others might say that Fang Qiu was popular and powerful and had done many great things.

    They thought the great things that Fang Qiu had done were just some regular stuff that they could also do.

    First of all, the Feeling Pulse Challenge.

    All the contestants in the hall could handle such a challenge.

    Apparently, it couldn’t prove that Fang Qiu was powerful.

    The second thing was that Fang Qiu turned down the show’s offer.

    However, what did turning down an invitation have anything to do with Chinese Medicine?

    And the last one was the thesis, which was the Qi paper that made a lot of Chinese Medicine doctors vent their anger and feel respectful.

    There was no denying that they were also surprised that Fang Qiu could prove the existence of Qi.

    They were also very grateful to Fang Qiu for writing that thesis.

    However, could this thesis prove Fang Qiu’s medical skills? The answer was no.

    In short, they were not convinced after Fang Qiu did all these great things because he never really showed his medical skills to the public.

    Therefore, some of them tended to believe that Fang Qiu got the perfect score by pulling strings.

    Therefore, at the moment of learning that there were three highly-skilled doctors as the judges, these people who questioned Fang Qiu all turned to look at him. It seemed that they were mocking him or provoking him.

    However, Fang Qiu didn’t care about this.

    “Good morning, young doctors.”

    On the stage, Uncle Li took the microphone. “Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long history in Huaxia and can even be said to be an ancient and profound medical technique. Five thousand years have passed, the traditional Chinese Medicine passed down by our ancestors has not disappeared in the long period of time, which means that the existence of our traditional Chinese Medicine is significant and can not be erased by time.

    “I believe that even in another 10,000 years, Chinese Medicine will still exist.

    “And it will be better than it is today, and it will save more people.”

    He asked all the doctors present, “Are you willing to devote yourself to Chinese Medicine?”

    All of them responded, “Yes.”

    “Do you dare to devote your whole life to Chinese Medicine?” Uncle Li asked again.

    All the people replied again, “Yes!”

    “Good,” Uncle Li said, nodding his head and smiling with satisfaction.

    “It’s not a competition, it’s a learning experience. There’s no winning or losing in this experience. As long as you learn more in the course of the competition, you win!”

    As he finished his words, all the people applauded loudly.

    He then handed the microphone to the second elder.

    “Hi, contestants. I’m your judge, Huang Zhengren.”

    Taking over the microphone, the old man smiled and beckoned.

    The old man was slender and beardless. His eyebrows and hair were gray, but he still looked hale and hearty.

    “I will not say much. You are the future of Chinese Medicine, and I am just the gatekeeper of it. I will be watching you,” Huang Zhengren said briefly and handed the microphone to the third elder.

    “Hello everyone, I am the judge of this competition, Yang Juanyong.”

    The old man was of medium build. Although he was old, his hair was still thick and black. Maybe he had dyed his hair. He was very tall, about 1.75 meters. Although he was thin because of his age, he still stood straight and looked imposing in front of all the people.

    “Since you’re here, act as a competitor.”

    Glancing at everyone, Yang said, “This is a competition, so you have to fight and strive. But you’re not competing with others, but yourself!

    “I don’t like arrogant students, smug students, and aloof students.

    “The reason why I say this is to remind everyone that Chinese Medicine is not only about skills, but also about your moral compass.

    “You need to behave yourself.”

    When he finished his speech, he gave the microphone to Li Huawen.

    “All right, thank you for your speech. Please take a seat.”

    Smiling, Li Huawen asked the judges to step down.

    People were applauding loudly for them.

    Every word of every one of them had a completely different meaning, but they had the same effect. They were actually warning and teaching them.

    After the judges left the stage, Li Huawen continued.

    “All right. Now I will give you an introduction of the competition process,” he said, holding the microphone.

    “Before that, would you like to look at the person sitting next to you?

    “Because after tomorrow, maybe they won’t be here.”

    People were stunned.

    “There are 340 people here today. You are from different provinces and regions, but you are all here for the same goal, to reach the final and to be the champion.

    “So, the first thing you have to do is get into the next round!

    “Tomorrow, 240 of you will be eliminated, and only 100 of you will be left!”

    When that came out, most of them gasped.

    Although everybody already knew the process, they still exclaimed as they heard the director say it out loud.

    Every single one of them just defeated thousands of competitors.

    Before they could enjoy their victory, they needed to move on to the next round.

    The next round would be more fierce, not because of the number of people being eliminated, but because everyone here was a strong competitor. Everyone was a strong opponent, and they were not easy to get eliminated as before.

    If they wanted to beat their opponents and move on to the next round, they had to show everything they’d got.

    However, because people here were all elites, even if they felt that the competition was cruel, they were still confident.

    “Now, let me introduce the rule of the next round.”

    On the stage, Li Huawen said with a smile, “The first match of 340-100 will be held tomorrow. Each of you needs to come up with a question. You only need to write one question about traditional Chinese Medicine. Tomorrow’s competition will use these 340 questions. If you get the answer wrong, you will be eliminated. In the end, the remaining 100 people will win.”