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Chapter 414 - You’re Starting a Fight!

Medical Master
     Chapter 414 You’re Starting a Fight!

    “One question each?”

    With Director Li Huawen’s announcement, everyone in the hall was shocked.

    Even the three judges were surprised.

    Although they were highly-skilled doctors, it was the first time that they saw a strange competition rule like this.

    However, on second thought, this rule seemed to be much more interesting than a normal exam.

    In order to compete for a better place, each contestant would certainly rack their brains to think of some particularly difficult questions, thus pushing tomorrow’s qualifying competition to a level beyond the reach of a general examination.

    In the opinion of the three judges, this was a great rule.

    But as for the contestants, there seemed to be some problems with this rule.

    “One question each, which means we can prepare before the competition starts?”

    “Although it seems impossible, we can’t guarantee that someone would pay others for a question to prepare an answer in advance.”

    “Yes, there is a problem with this rule. There are 340 people in the competition, and every 10 of them will be in a team. Doesn’t that mean that everyone will know the answers to at least 10 questions? Besides, if one person of the team leaks the question to the other team, then the number of people who know the answers will double. That is unfair.”

    People started talking about the problem of this rule.

    At this moment, Li Huawen opened his mouth on the stage, “I understand your concerns, but there’s no need to be worried. At 7 o’clock this evening, our staff will get into each of your room for interviews, so please stay in your hotel rooms after 7 pm and don’t go out.

    “As for the cheating problem, I’m sure none of the contestants here will.

    “In addition, the cameras installed in each room will be turned on this afternoon, which means the cameras have been turned off for the last few days. But tonight, what you do will be recorded and the cheater will be eliminated as soon as being found out.

    “If there are any contestants who are not used to or do not like being recorded, they can talk to the program group later and quit the competition.”

    Hearing that, everyone looked at each other.

    Who would have thought that there would be cameras in all the hotel rooms?

    The good news was they didn’t turn on the cameras before.

    Otherwise, it would be an invasion of privacy.

    Actually, before all the contestants came to the capital, they had signed a recording contract for the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition while they were ranked top 10 in every region.

    That clause had been specified in the contract at that time.

    Some people were cool with it, others were worried, and some others didn’t care about the cameras at all.

    Of course, most of them were talking about what kind of question they needed to set.

    The meeting lasted until lunchtime.

    Before lunch, Director Li Huawen announced that at 10 p.m, someone would collect a question from each contestant’s room. The specific recording time of the program was at 9:00 a.m tomorrow.

    The director closed the meeting after lunch.

    “What question are you going to set?” While they were walking out of the banquet hall, Jiang Miaoyu asked Fang Qiu curiously.

    “What?” Fang Qiu gave a smile and asked, “Are you going to cheat in the competition?”

    “Well, never mind. I don’t want to hear it,” Jiang Miaoyu snorted.

    “As you heard, the punishment for cheating is quite serious. If you are caught, you will be eliminated. Can I bear to see you being eliminated?” Fang Qiu said with a smile.

    “Humph, you’re so thoughtful,” Jiang Miaoyu replied.

    And then the two followed the people out of the hall and went back to their own rooms.

    On that day, there were 360 rooms, none of which had their doors open.

    Everyone seemed to be afraid of being mistaken for cheating.

    Even when they were in their own rooms, they didn’t dare to touch the phone.

    Everyone was racking their brains to come up with a question, so did Fang Qiu.

    There was no doubt that every contestant would set the most difficult question that they could think of.

    In addition, the more difficult their own problems were, the easier it was to eliminate other people, the greater their chance of promotion.

    However, what kind of question could they set to reach this goal?

    Back in the room, Fang Qiu walked around the room for a while. After he spent some time waiting for the food to digest and doing some exercises, he lay on his bed and began to think carefully.

    As a result, he thought of it until seven o’clock at night.

    During this time, Fang Qiu came up with a myriad of ways to set the question.

    Finally, at exactly seven o’clock, he decided and chose one of the most disgusting questions.

    “Knock, knock…” At this moment, there was a knock at the door.

    Fang Qiu stood up and asked, “Who is it?”

    “Hello, we are from the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition.” The sound came from outside the door.

    “What?” Fang Qiu raised his eyebrows and muttered, “Damn, this is just seven o’clock. I’m the first one to have the interview?”

    Even though he didn’t know why, since people from the program already came, he couldn’t just shut people out.

    Therefore, he got up and opened the door.

    Three men came into the room.

    A cameraman was carrying a video camera with two men behind him as if they were trying not to get into the camera.

    “Do we need to start the interview now?” Fang Qiu asked.

    “Yes.” The cameraman nodded.

    Fang Qiu went to get the chair and asked them to sit down. Then he sat down on his bed and said to them, “All right, let’s begin.”

    “Okay.” The cameraman opened his mouth and asked, “What do you think about the competition rule? People never see this kind of rule before. It requires students to set a question to each other.”

    “It’s good.” Fang Qiu thought for a moment, looking at the camera, and said, “The questions that come out of this competition system must be particularly difficult. This competition rule can not only show how much each contestant knows about traditional Chinese Medicine, but also arouse the ambition of each contestant. After all, the deeper they know about Chinese Medicine, the more difficult the questions will be.”

    “Do you prepare your question? What question are you going to ask?” the cameraman asked.

    “Well,” Fang Qiu said with a smile, “I can’t tell you about it, can I? I’ll be leaking the competition question if I do.”

    “It is well known that the 340 contestants who have come to the capital to take part in the recording of the show are among the top 10 contestants from all regions. They are all very competent. Do you have the confidence to fight your way out facing all these strong opponents? If you were asked to set a goal for yourself, how far would you think you could go?” the cameraman continued to ask him another question.

    “Well, I’ll try my best.”

    After giving it some thought, he said, “Speaking of setting a goal, I think I might be able to make it to top 100.”

    When that came out, a corpulent man standing behind the cameraman was impressed right away.

    He was the assistant director of the program group of the Young Physician of Huaxia Competition, and his job was to collect all kinds of materials for the show.

    Today, the reason why they interviewed Fang Qiu first was that they needed some materials to promote the show.

    As a result, Fang Qiu’s answer was so tactful that he did not see any flaw.

    However, just when he thought it was hopeless to find the breaking point, Fang Qiu actually said such words.

    Did he just say that it wouldn’t be a problem to make it to the top 100?

    That was definitely a talking point.

    The assistant director immediately drove the cameraman away and seated himself in the cameraman’s position, carrying the camera and asking, “You are the most popular one of all the contestants, and you are a great Chinese Medicine doctor. I heard that many of the contestants didn’t think that you were capable of the competition. What would you like to say to those who criticized you?”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu thought for a moment.

    “Are you trying to start a fight?” Looking at the assistant director, Fang Qiu gave a wry smile, then said, “Actually, I do have something to say.”

    “What is it?” The assistant director pressed him.

    “Go for it, guys!”

    Hearing this, the assistant director smiled even more happily.

    There were a lot of meanings in that, maybe what Fang Qiu meant was to encourage people. But now that it was on tape, it might mean something different after some editing.

    “Thank you for the interview.” The assistant director was quite satisfied with the interview. Because time was limited, he turned off the camera and led the people to the next contestant’s room.

    After walking them out of the room, Fang Qiu smiled.

    In fact, everything he said was on purpose.

    After the Qi thesis incident, he was ready to take the initiative to strike for himself.

    Since they needed to attend a show, then they must need some drama. And he could be arrogant.

    “Ha-ha, tomorrow morning, my question will definitely shock you all.”

    Laughing, he pulled out his chair and sat down in front of the table. He began to write out his question.

    Leaving Fang Qiu’s room, the assistant director immediately took out a piece of paper.

    On the paper, there was a list of names and room numbers, which he wrote down in advance.

    The first one was Fang Qiu.

    The second one would be Gu Shaoyu from the Gu family in Jiangdong city.

    Taking a look at the room number, the assistant director soon came to Gu Shaoyu’s room.

    “In the interview, Fang Qiu was very certain that he would be in the top 100 and encouraged all the contestants to go for it. Do you have any comment on that?” the assistant director asked Gu Shaoyu.

    “Oh?” Hearing the question, Gu Shaoyu smiled and said calmly, “We all need to fight for it, but it seems that Fang Qiu needs a little more encouragement than I do.”

    The assistant director was overjoyed at the answer.

    The first one was already so sensational, so the next one would be more dramatic.

    And then the assistant director kept encouraging the contestants.

    When Chen Ziju of the Chen family in Luoxi city heard the same question, he was very calm and even echoed Fang Qiu’s words, saying, “I do need to go for it.”

    The assistant director was frustrated.

    How could there be such a coward in these four prominent families?

    However, Li Sanxiao from the Li family in Huainan city just laughed and said nothing.

    Even so, the assistant director was pleased.

    After all, who could understand the true meaning of laughter?

    However, when he asked Leng Wenzhuo from the Li family in Jiangbei city, the only female among the four people from prominent families, she just gave a nonchalant smile.

    Although their responses were not so surprising, the assistant director was satisfied.

    After all, if all the people turned against Fang Qiu, it would be a great eye-catching point.

    He had even figured out how to edit the trailer. While things of the recording wouldn’t change, a slight change in the sequence of the images would immediately make it different. It would even give people a sense of tension between the contestants.

    Soon, after interviewing some important people, the assistant director just skipped those who were not important.

    It was 10 o’clock in the evening, so the staff of the show collected all the questions that the contestants set.