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Chapter 721 - Escaping Unscathed

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 721 Escaping Unscathed

    On the following day, the military announced in the People’s newspapers a piece of information about the abduction of Wen Xinya as well as the rescue process, including the terrorists’ details. There was also an analysis of the terrorists’ personalities. The entire society was greatly taken aback.

    The military stated that they were willing to disclose that information only because the terrorists had caused a great impact on society and the military did not wish for anyone to be doubtful of the military’s competency. They did not wish for the public’s impression of the military to be affected. Another reason was that they wanted to inform the citizens that the terrorists had already been punished by the law and that everyone could have a peace of mind. It also served as a warning to the other terrorists who had yet to be caught.

    The military’s decision to make the process transparent gained the approval of the public and several netizens also praised them for making such a decision. There were also lots of positive comments on the military’s Weibo page.

    Xu Zhenyu, who was in charge of the rescue mission, had garnered lots of attention. He turned from a wealthy heir to a responsible military Major. It was truly a tremendous change which was undoubtedly impressive.

    However, Xu Zhenyu’s performance this time was truly shocking. Some complimented. “That’s a true Chinese soldier!”

    Xu Zhenyu had also earned himself a massive number of fans because of his handsome good looks.

    Of course, everyone shifted their attention onto Wen Xinya at the end.

    The reports of the media speculating whether or not Wen Xinya had really escaped unscathed were still spreading like wildfire. However, the military’s stand and the analysis of the terrorists’ psychological state had both shown that the rescue was extremely successful and that the hostage did not suffer other injuries apart from some abrasions.

    The rumors of Wen Xinya getting raped had come to an end.

    Dumbfounded, Xia Ruya sat on the couch and exclaimed in bewilderment, “How did that happen? Why can’t I ever defeat Wen Xinya no matter how hard I try? Why does she always manage to escape?”

    Could it be that Wen Xinya really practices witchcraft, like what Ning Shuqian said?

    She shook her head uncontrollably. Although she had never believed in superstitions, she could not help but waver at the thought of Wen Xinya.

    Ning Yuya kept her eyes fixed on the newspapers and tightened her grip while her hands trembled. “No, that’s impossible! How could that be? Why would the military help Wen Xinya?”

    She had clearly plotted everything meticulously to the extent that Wen Xinya would have no way to shun, or so she thought. By then, Wen Xinya’s reputation would be ruined and she would then be abandoned by the Wen Family.

    But why did the military intervene?

    “It must be that rascal, Xu Zhenyu,” Ning Shuqian said, trembling uncontrollably in exasperation. She initially thought that her plan would work against Wen Xinya. Yet, the military sabotaged her seamless plan.

    Wen Xinya and Xu Zhenyu had always been exceptionally close and he was obviously the one behind it.

    Ning Yuya screeched. “I knew it. I knew right from the start that that bitch Wen Xinya and Xu Zhenyu are definitely in an illicit relationship with each other. Otherwise, why would Xu Zhenyu help her? That bitch still acts all high and mighty. She’s just a shameless slut who seduces men.”

    “Xu Zhenyu is not that powerful.” Xia Ruya interjected, staring at the newspapers in disbelief. She did not expect that Wen Xinya would be able to find a way to deal with the matter. She had thought about every possible solution that Wen Xinya could come up with, all except using the military. Well, she thought that Wen Xinya would never be able to get the military to help her because Xu Zhenyu was merely a military Major who might not be able to command much power. Given how arrogant the Xu family was, they definitely wouldn’t get involved either.

    Ning Yuya gritted her teeth in anger before sweeping the things on the coffee table onto the ground. “If it’s not Xu Zhenyu, who else could it be? It can’t be a coincidence.”

    Xia Ruya was at a loss for words, though she was certain that it was definitely not a coincidence. Suddenly reminded of something, she said, “I’m guessing that Wen Xinya definitely has a greater power behind her. I’ve already checked up on Wen Xinya a long time ago. I discovered that a one-of-a-kind car would often get into outside Lan Feng Institute to pick her up. Strangely, I can’t find any information about the driver.”

    “Ruya, you’re right. That must be it. Otherwise, there’s no way that Wen Xinya would be able to escape whenever we plot against her.” Ning Shuqian’s eyes lit up. She had known long ago that Wen Xinya had a powerful backer, especially since he was involved in the wipeout of Black Sunday. However, Ning Shuqian did not expect that Wen Xinya’s backer was powerful enough to convince the military. Ning Shuqian was still in disbelief.

    Appearing rather dejected, Xia Ruya said, “If that’s the case, it’ll be even more difficult for us to deal with Wen Xinya.”

    Although it was just a guess, they were certain that there was definitely someone else supporting Wen Xinya.

    Who is the man behind Wen Xinya? What exactly is his identity? What does Wen Xinya have to do with him? Why is he so willing to help her? How did he manage to communicate with the military?

    Her mind was flooded with questions and she felt extremely jealous and indignant. Her emotions seemed to have consumed her.

    Ning Shuqian was stunned beyond words. Xia Ruya was indeed stating facts.

    “Wen! Xin! Ya!” Ning Yuya barked, grimacing in anger, wishing she could swallow Wen Xinya whole.

    They remained silent and tension filled the air.

    Ning Yuya gritted her teeth and said, “Mother, Wen Xinya has harmed us greatly. We definitely can’t let it go just like that. Wen Xinya has such a powerful backer, but why is he staying so mysterious and secretive? I bet he’s just a shameful person whom we don’t have to be afraid of.”

    Xia Ruya thought about the guess that she had made about the person behind Wen Xinya. Finding Ning Yuya’s words to have made sense, Xia Ruya said, “Yuya is right. That man is so secretive, he definitely has something to hide. Wen Xinya is definitely shady too. That’s actually an opportunity.”

    That meant that Wen Xinya definitely had an Achilles’ heel and they’d definitely be able to defeat Wen Xinya when the opportunity came.

    Ning Shuqian’s eyes lit up and she said, “It takes time to deal with Wen Xinya. We don’t have to get too eager or impatient.”

    Wen Xinya landed me in such a sorry plight. I won’t let her off even if I’m dead.