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Chapter 728 - 728 Ning Yuya Is Addicted to Drugs?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Ning Yuya’s body was kicked to the ground and her head ruthlessly smashed onto the edge of the glass tea table. She laid helplessly on the ground as throbbing pain spread from her forehead and warm blood flowed incessantly. The pain caused tears to flow continuously from her eyes.

    Ning Shuqian was stunned. Such a scene made her recall how Wen Haowen had slapped Wen Xinya previously—at that time, Wen Xinya’s legs crumbled and she took the opportunity to trip her, causing her head to knock onto the edge of the glass tea table like Yuya now, blood to flow profusely, covering half of her face in an instant, and made her look exceptionally terrifying.

    However, she only felt elated then.

    “Pain… Mother… it hurts so badly.” Ning Yuya moaned helplessly as she instinctively covered the wound on her forehead tightly with her hand, wanting to stop fresh blood from continuing to spew.

    Only then did Ning Shuqian reacted. She crawled to Ning Yuya’s side and took her in her arms. “Yuya, are you okay! You’re bleeding so badly…”

    Ning Yuya only felt that her wound hurt badly and that her head was spinning, but not that she was in a serious condition. She held Ning Shuqian’s hands tightly and said, “Mother… you’ve gotta think of a way to not let Father divorce you. I don’t wanna live a poor life. I don’t wanna go out dressed in cheap clothes from roadside stalls, don’t wanna meet people wearing accessories costing two yuan apiece, and don’t wanna eat vegetables bought from the dirty wet markets…”

    As Ning Shuqian heard Ning Yuya’s words, she really understood the kind of life that was facing her upon her divorce with Wen Haowen. She couldn’t help but feel a sense of panic and terror as that kind of filthy lifestyle she led before marrying into the Wen Family instantly barged into her mind.

    In her memory, she lived in that small alley filled with smells of oil, wood, urine, charcoal, sweat, and decomposing garbage. At the end of every spring, dirty houseflies flew everywhere, filling her ears with their buzzing sounds.

    There was also her mother, sitting before the dressing table putting on makeup. From far, she looked decent, but upon closer look, she appeared terrifying with her huge, gray dark eye circles, eyelashes like the legs of houseflies, as well as cosmetics of bad quality sunken in her wrinkles like the dry, cracked up ground in summer. Once she smiled, she also revealed the yellow stains on her teeth.

    And then, a room filled with disgusting love-making sounds rang and the beats of bodies slapping against each other reverberated…

    She couldn’t help but shiver!

    She had exhausted means and ways to scheme into marrying into a wealthy family to live a fine life, totally getting rid of the filth of her past. Now, she was about to revert to her original form, turn into someone similar to her mother, and live a dirty life…

    No… she didn’t even dare to think about it!

    Ning Yuya sobbed in a hoarse voice. “Mother… say something! If you divorce Wen Haowen, what should we do exactly? Without money, we can’t go to beauty salons for maintenance but can only use cosmetics of poor quality and we can’t go shopping all day—when we see something we like, we can only look at them through the glass doors and yearn for them like the majority. Mother… I don’t want to live such a life…”

    Ning Yuya started shrieking in agitation. Instantly, she started to break out in cold sweat. Possibly due to bleeding from her wound, her body froze up badly as she trembled incessantly, mucus flowing from her nose, and even her eyes were also upturned.Read more chapter at vipnovel

    The familiar suffering surrounded her in entirety as she instinctively curled herself up, holding onto Ning Shuqian’s clothes tightly as she muttered, “Mother… I don’t wanna lead such a life… otherwise… I… I’ll… die… I’ll die!”

    The sharp piercing pain on her arm instantly awoken Ning Shuqian’s senses. Only then did she realize that one of Yuya’s hands was grabbing her arm tightly, sinking her sharp nails into the flesh of her arm, causing heart-wrenching pain.

    She looked up and instantly froze up in shock. Yuya’s face was pale and she was breaking out in cold sweat. “Yuya, Yuya what’s happening to you? Don’t be afraid, I’ll get the doctor…”

    Ning Yuya felt slightly zoned out. When she heard that Ning Shuqian was going to get the doctor, she instantly grabbed her even more tightly in agitation. “No… don’t… don’t get the doctor!”

    Ning Shuqian was badly terrified by Ning Yuya’s current condition. “Yuya, what’s happening to you? Tell Mother now! Does the wound on your head hurt very badly? Wen Haowen that beast, he’s worse than a dog…”

    Ning Yuya was curled up and suffering badly, yet she still held onto Ning Shuqian’s arm tightly while murmuring, “Don’t get the doctor, can’t get the doctor… no…”

    Ning Shuqian couldn’t care less that her arm was bleeding profusely from Ning Yuya’s grip. She panicked so badly that she was at a loss of what to do. “Yuya, what’s happening to you exactly—don’t scare Mother… Mother only has you now, if anything were to happen to you, how can Mother continue living…”

    Ning Yuya’s gaze started to zone out as she shouted like a madwoman. “Give me… give me…”

    Ning Shuqian widened her eyes in shock as a thought came to her mind uncontrollably, scaring her so badly that her blood froze and she stood motionless, unable to move!

    She kept shaking her head, wanting to shake away the thought that suddenly came to her mind.

    However, it was for naught—that thought seemed to have sunk its roots into her mind and started to flourish rapidly…

    Cold sweat, mucus, trembling, and feeling cold…

    All these told her nothing but the truth!

    Yuya was addicted to drugs!

    Previously, she and that person had plotted for Fu Tianyang to kidnap Wen Xinya and inject drugs into her, making her addicted to drugs. At that time, her motive had stemmed from the fact that she knew the terrifying nature of drugs too well—it could destroy anyone.

    However, now, Yuya was addicted to drugs.

    Ning Yuya crawled on the ground and reached out, wanting to grab hold of her bag. “Bag… my bag… give me my bag…”

    Ning Shuqian suddenly kicked the bag in her hands far away in a fit, pressed Ning Yuya onto the ground, gave her two tight slaps, and scolded her hysterically. “You disastrous thing. I gave you huge sums of money when you went abroad so that you could lead a better life. Why did you use the money on drugs—why don’t you know how to love yourself?”

    Ning Yuya rolled on the ground non-stop, held her throat, and screamed, “I want…”

    Her behavior made Ning Shuqian assault her like a madwoman. “You idiotic thing, you’re a disaster. You can’t quit once you touch it. So many people avoid it like the plague and you went for it instead. You’re Mother’s life, by doing this… how do you expect Mother to continue living?”

    Ning Yuya shrieked and sobbed loudly hysterically as she sprawled onto the glass tea table, her shaking hands searching…

    Once again, Ning Shuqian gave her two tight slaps ruthlessly as she cried herself hoarse. “Do you know that drugs will first destroy your determination, turn you into a walking corpse, and then devour your soul, turning your body into that of a zombie, and finally wear your beautiful looks away gradually…”