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Chapter 730 - 730 Be Honest, Where Did You Fool Around At?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Wen Xinya didn’t know that Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian had fallen out over the divorce. She was currently enjoying her simple life.

    The incident of her being kidnapped by an extremist was still being reported by the media. Many reporters came to the hospital relentlessly, wanting to interview her exclusive news, and many reporters camped outside the hospital, wanting to surround the people coming to visit her. However, they had already toned down.

    Her head injury had already recovered fully and the wound didn’t hurt anymore. Although she couldn’t immense herself in rigorous revision, her daily conscientious learning had also reaped significant benefits. Moreover, she still had the help of Si Yiyan, the super hack, and totally didn’t need to worry about revision. Also… Zhong Rufeng also came to visit her at the hospital frequently, helping her in her revision at the same time. She felt that she had already progressed very quickly.

    Now, she had already started nourishment—every day, she took blood nourishing and brain enhancing supplements in different presentations. Mrs. Tan had also specially customized a series of nutrition plans for her.

    Her body was in the midst of a speedy recovery. Originally, she could have been discharged from the hospital to recuperate at home two days ago. However, once she thought about how after going back to the Wen Family, it would be inconvenient for Grampy to visit her, she would be trapped at home every day, and it would also be hard to meet Si Yiyan, she still stayed in the hospital, planning to stay until she couldn’t stay any longer.

    However, the doctor was optimistic about this. Thus, he didn’t insist on her discharge.

    After Mother He left the hospital, Wen Xinya took the opportunity to sneak into Si Yiyan’s ward.

    Si Yiyan wasn’t around. Wen Xinya couldn’t help but pout and curse. “Still not back at such a late timing. Not sure where’d he go to fool around?”

    She felt that later, she would have to inspect his body for another woman’s perfume scent, lipstick mark, etc…

    Thinking of which, she couldn’t help but sneeze. She lifted Si Yiyan’s tidy duvet and got into bed. Feeling that the two pillows were a hindrance, she playfully threw Si Yiyan’s pillow beside her feet.

    Wrapped in the elegant, crisp, and bamboo-like scent on Si Yiyan, Wen Xinya very quickly fell into a deep sleep.

    Wen Xinya awoke in a humid trance. She whimpered softly. “Si Yiyan…”

    Si Yiyan kissed her lips slightly and said in a low, blurry voice, “Xinya… we didn’t do it for a long time. I’ve asked the doctor, your injury isn’t anything major anymore and won’t affect us…”

    Before trying it, when men didn’t know how making love felt, they could resist no matter what. However, once they tasted it, they would be insatiable and hopelessly addicted, as if infected. Xinya had been injured during this period of time and, as he was afraid of hurting her health, he had been suppressing himself.

    Today, upon returning to the ward, he saw her lying down on the bed, sleeping sweetly hugging the pillow that he’d slept on. He didn’t know why he was unable to hold himself back…

    Before Wen Xinya could react, she was overwhelmed.Read more chapter at vipnovel

    Si Yiyan was very careful and moved gently. Concerned about her injury, he couldn’t let go of his arms and legs.

    Wen Xinya buried her face in the snow-white bedsheets which, against her glistening red cheeks and her blurry, charming eyes, made the session even more beautiful.

    Si Yiyan originally didn’t have a sweaty constitution. However, throughout the entire process, he perspired a lot—his forehead, the tip of his nose, his hair, his back, his chest, and his entire body was covered in perspiration… which flowed along his body and kept dripping onto hers.

    Following which, Si Yiyan indeed kept to his word and was very gentle throughout.


    After both of them cooled down, Wen Xinya didn’t feel sleepy despite the long time taken and her feeling rather fatigued. She felt lazy all over, satisfied like a cat that had been fed.

    Just then, Wen Xinya suddenly remembered something and stared at Si Yiyan fiercely. “Si Yiyan, where did you fool around at just now—you actually only came back so late?”

    She almost let him smoke through it. She secretly cursed herself for not being able to hold herself back, letting him had his fill before she interrogated him.

    Si Yiyan smiled, his eyes looking boundlessly exquisite. “Fool around?”

    To think that she even thought of that.

    Wen Xinya bared her teeth at him. “Quick, be honest with me. You’re not allowed to lie to me.”

    Of course, she believed that Si Yiyan wouldn’t fool around behind her back. However, she couldn’t allow Si Yiyan to do whatever he wanted freely as well—it was important to start instilling in a man that he was a property of a woman from the time that he was her boyfriend.

    This was to cultivate a habit in Si Yiyan to always tell her everything and report his whereabouts to her. Only by doing this would their relationship be even closer.

    Si Yiyan hugged her and said softly, “I took a trip back to the manor—there was a conference.”

    It was slightly inconvenient to stay in the hospital and hindered some things that he needed to do, after all. Thus, he had no choice but to go back to the manor.

    Wen Xinya pretended to be suspicious and asked, “Really?”

    Si Yiyan pinched her tiny nose. “No lies for you.”

    Only then was Wen Xinya happy. “In the future, no matter what happens, you’ve gotta tell me. Also, you’ve gotta let me know in advance where you’re going.”

    Otherwise, to not know anything like this, when she realized it, she would be very worried. Take for example his old ailment—previously, she didn’t know that he had such a condition and when she knew, seeing him laying on the bed, she panicked and didn’t know what to do. Till now, she still felt afraid thinking back.

    Si Yiyan purposely teased her and said, “Little miss bossy.”

    Si Yiyan was very clear that only when a couple was really intimate would they restrain each other like this—it was an act of concern. Thus, when Xinya displayed her concern for him, he was very happy and didn’t feel annoyed by Wen Xinya’s bossiness. Instead, he rather liked this feeling.

    Wen Xinya gritted her teeth and stared at him with slight ferociousness. “So, do you agree or not?”

    She said it with a feeling that if he disagreed, she wouldn’t let him off.

    Si Yiyan didn’t dare to disagree. He hurriedly hugged and kissed her. “Agree—why not. I’ll agree to anything you ask me to.”

    Such a simple request was easily fulfilled by him—why not agree?

    Wen Xinya knew that although he was coaxing her, he meant what he said and secretly felt touched in her heart. “You know what’s good for you.”

    The couple laid on the bed and chatted.

    Wen Xinya suddenly said, “Si Yiyan, I heard that at least 95% of the women in Country Z have never enjoyed a climax in their lives. Do you think… that people would be jealous of me for finding such a talented and capable man?”

    Si Yiyan gently raised her chin—this girl’s personality of liking to spew nonsense hadn’t changed at all. “Are you sure you want to discuss the topic of climaxing while laying naked in bed with a man?”

    Nonetheless, to be praised for his capability as a man, he still felt very accomplished and bursting with narcissism.

    Wen Xinya retracted her neck, feeling that she was putting up a bad act, and hurriedly said, “I’m praising you—I have no other meaning. Since my man is so capable, obviously I’ll have to praise him well…”

    Noticing Si Yiyan’s gradually deepening gaze, okay… she admitted that she was spewing nonsense which was getting worse. “I… my body has just recovered… so… so…”

    Si Yiyan said in a low voice, “You’ve gotta be responsible!”

    Wen Xinya sulked—she felt really sleepy…